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Success Story: 1982 Peugeot 505 S Turbo Diesel

We auctioned this Peugeot 505 S Turbo Diesel back in August of 2022, but unfortunately, it didn’t meet the seller’s reserve. Thankfully we have a great Make An Offer system, so shortly after this one rolled over we received an offer on it. The seller and buyer were still just a little too far apart to make a deal happen. Well, fast forward to about a month ago and reader Jeff R is now the proud new owner of this Peugeot! The car just arrived at Jeff’s home in California. Turns out, he’s known this car for a long time and is very excited about giving it a good home. We want to thank him for sending us an update and for letting us be a part of finding a new home for this Peugeot! It was a long time coming, but we don’t give up easily here at Barn Finds.

Be sure to wish Jeff luck with his Peugeot in the comments below. Hopefully, he will keep us posted as he gets this car back into top condition.


  1. Avatar photo Howard A ( since 2014) Member

    Mazel-tov, always fun to hear GOOD stories, for a change. Kind of easy to spot the car in that “portable parking lot” with all the newer cars. I hope they have a good “mecanicienne” for that diesel, or better yet, Geomechs!! One question, did it come off the car carrier under it’s own power? Just kidding, best of luck to Jeff, and the classic car hobby LIVES,,,in different directions for some, that is.

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  2. Avatar photo Rick in Oregon

    Congratulations Jeff! I’ve got a similarly equipped 82, but yours has more options than mine does. Total of 6 505’s here and a 504 wagon too. Enjoyable cars to drive! Check out the North American Peugeot Owners forum on facebook, excellent bunch of knowledgably folks and a must for Peugeot owners!!!

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    • Avatar photo Peugeottogo

      Rick, I’m familiar with that wonderful group of Peugeot enthusiasts
      It’s my group :)

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  3. Avatar photo Truck Officer

    My Aunt drove one (gas). Her son a dentist had a garage of Ferraris etc, naught it for her, It was a great car and most comfortable seats, as most French badged cars have.

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  4. Avatar photo FOG

    Have one of these cars in my queue to get running again after sitting in storage for decades. Really hard to find parts.

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    • Avatar photo Peugeottogo

      Reach out to Rob with Javel in Dallas, Tx
      He’s been providing parts for years and recently acquired another distributors stock.

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  5. Avatar photo Archie

    I was service manager at a Peugeot store in 1982. I absolutely hated to see one of them drive into the service lane.
    Worse cars I have ever been around in my life and I worked thru GM’s worse years but those French cars were baddest of the bad.
    I once had 11 “Peugeot” rebuilt alternators put on a customer car with the Peugeot factory rep standing there. They were all bad so he told me to put a new one on the car. That one worked.
    Two weeks later the car came back with a bad alternator.
    The only good thing was the motors and transmissions. They were OK but the rest of the cars were junk.

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  6. Avatar photo Cdice

    I bought a new 505 Turbo in 86. I think it had 185hp which was pretty good for the hp malaise period. 4spd automatic. Interesting chassis engineering that was soft when slow but firmed-up when driven enthusiastically. 7 years and 120k miles later the tranny went kaput. It was. ZF and cost to fix was more than car was worth. Sold it for $500 and a tow to my independent Peugeot mechanic.

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  7. Avatar photo Troy

    I don’t know anything about these cars so i probably wouldn’t get one I hope its new owner enjoys it

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  8. Avatar photo Peugeottogo

    Hi all, I thought I’d update this thread on what’s been happening with the 505.
    As time has permitted since March, I’ve revamped the fuel system from the tank to the injector pump.
    The tank was in very poor condition, the fuel lines had been bypassed and the fuel filtration system is now back to stock with new proper lines and the tank has been treated.
    The other challenge thus for was wiring under the hood. Most wired circuits were rat damaged or removed completely. Have owned and still having several of these models at home provide wiring color, sizing and routing to replicate for this one.
    All fluids have been refreshed, including repairs to the power steering and air conditioning.
    I’m currently up front with rebuilding the cooling system and replacing the belts and idlers.
    I’ll end with going through the brakes, struts, shocks and steering components maybe by the end of the year.

    Peugeot’s are not for everyone, certainly if you are not mechanically inclined. Parts are easy to locate.
    Have own 12 505’s over the years and 7 of them being turbo diesels I’m savvy with these.

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