Success Story! 1987 AMC Eagle Wagon

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We recently heard from reader Jeremy in Oregon that his sweet AMC Eagle Wagon sold through the Barn Finds Classifieds! It actually sold back in August, but he forgot to let us know that it had sold. With less than 100k miles at the time of listing it, it is in amazing shape throughout and the previous owner had already done a ton of work to make it perfect. If you’ve not experienced an Eagle Wagon, they are well-built beasts that can go just about anywhere. Most were driven into the ground, so finding cleaning examples like this is quite rare. We want to congratulate both Jeremy and the new owner! And if you haven’t checked out our Classifieds, we highly recommend keeping an eye on it, so you don’t miss any of the great finds.

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  1. alphasudMember

    Nice score! I too listed one of my cars on Barn Finds classified and it sold in 4 days. The new owner is having me recommission it so he can fly out and drive it home. Story to follow when the winter weather breaks.

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    • Steve Clinton

      That’s what happens when you sell on Barn Finds.

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  2. Troy

    Awesome, I’m considering selling my 1993 F150 I have been watching what they are selling for on other websites and the high selling price is what is making me consider it. Now waiting for the snow to clear up so I can detail it and get some pictures.

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  3. Woodcodger

    I’m amazed that in all the listings of Eagles in the past few years, no one has commented on the gear boxes. The Eagle wagon I was fortunate enough to drive back in the day was about the smoothest, crispest manual I’ve ever experienced, second only to an MGB. Great winter car, fun to drive.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    I yearn for AMC to return!

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  5. Jace F.

    My father bought an AMC Eagle wagon when he was a teenager, back in the ‘80s. It was a complete pile of junk and he destroyed it even more. He jumped it in hilly fields all of the time. He drove it until it fell apart; he never changed/fixed anything. I think he bought it for under $400.

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  6. $ where your mouth is

    Wrong platform AND since you took it there, your victimhood and illusions are your only real reasons your not ‘living’ . .
    So, instead of propagating BS
    Stick to sharing info and enthusiam to AMCs

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    • Claudio

      Ahah you re funny
      Barnfind now has to kneel to amc !
      Get a life cause there isnt that much amc to love
      And this coming from a guy that had some of these inbred cars and thanks for showing your narrow mindedness

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  7. Troy

    Go live your life and enjoy what time you have left none of us are getting out alive so why worry.

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  8. t-bone BOB

    Location: Portland, Oregon

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  9. Charles13Member

    You know, it’s funny, I remember Breedlove coming to the track and taking home trophy after trophy and Money pots after Money pots with the AMC AMX and Javelin SST. The Hornet was a total surprise as was the Gremlin, cause for a fraction of the price you could have a street racer that would kill the competition as much as Breedlove did at the track. The AMC Eagle was a rare gem, just the fact this guy’s father took it out with such gusto proves it was almost idiot-proof, well almost. If you ever got your foot into a Hornet or Gremlin with a 360/727 torqflite with a good set of sticky tires and a positrac rear end you never forgot the rush, or like me, I dropped a 401 into my 74 and the rush was on. Now that being said, the 360 was good to have in one of these little eagle wagons too, all engine baby, all go!!!

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