Sun Baked 1952 Ford F3 Truck


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When it comes to patina, the dry hot sun of Arizona produces some of the best. This 1952 Ford F3 was parked out in the heat for many years. The owner at the time claimed it ran when they parked it, so the seller bought it and towed it home. After a little work, they had it up and running again. They have since listed it here on eBay.


The flat head V8 is the original and running great. The seller had a friend go through the mechanical and electrical systems to get everything working as they should. They also upgraded the brakes and built a custom exhaust, so this truck is fun and safe.


Other than adding the “General Store” logo, the exterior of this truck has been left untouched. This truck’s patina gives it a very unique look and is ready to be enjoyed. Would you drive this truck as is or finish the restoration?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Greg

    The only thing I would do is clearcoat it. Nothing else. It looks great

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  2. Jesse JesseStaff

    Looks like this one sold immediately after we featured it. The seller also has a nicely patinaed ’56 Cadillac convertible that might be worth a look.

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    • RogueInLA

      Only it’s not actually a convertible, but a sedan with a chopped top, as the listing states. So it’s cool, but no top.

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  3. Jesse JesseStaff

    Motor Trend Classic ran an interesting feature about one of these trucks. Take a look here.

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    • Bob

      Where is the link to the Motor Trend Article Jessie?

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  4. JP

    Love it! Gotta get me an Arizona truck some day. Love those flat heads too…

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  5. DolphinMember

    This is the kind of seller you want. Gets an old truck, brings to friend “who works on this old stuff”, who replaces all the important small parts and *rewires the whole truck, front to back*.


    Equally perfect is that he left it “mother nature finished”. Normally rust is not my preferred finish coat, but I like this. The big decision: clearcoat, as Greg said, lots of wax, or as-is? If I was in the market for another vehicle, I’d be OK with having to make that decision.

    The only way to make it more perfect would be to throw an old Offenhauser dual carb manifold with a pair of Stromberg 97s and maybe some aluminum finned heads on it…you know, dress it up, but keep all the old parts in case you decide to go back.

    Four bids, highest $3113.13, all cancelled, but the auction not stopped.
    Is it really gone?

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  6. scot

    ~ the Hanz-Lift story is very entertaining. i doubt i’ll be finding another but i have my eyes peeled.

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  7. rancho bella

    I see that part of the country and I get weak kneed……… the Az. Cactus, sand and rock………….prue cowboy heaven. Thank goodness it is a short drive for me. Oh’, and the truck…….dang. Doesn’t surprise me a bit, it was snapped up. These are hotter’ than a stolen six shooter………… didn’t read that Mr. Earp.

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  8. Sunbeamdon

    Dangme! Another one got away – I hope this varmit (seller) got what he deserved! I was seriously thinking about a run at it. How about retro’ing it with Ardun Heads???

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  9. jim

    the 6/3 posting for the Nebraska auction shows some ford trucks in the pictures.

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  10. Horse Radish

    NOTHING TO SEE here, move along…
    I mean the auction.

    With all the camouflage that paranoid E-bay puts on bidders and auctions, including nearly impossible ways to communicate efficiently,
    these PRIVATE AUCTIONS give me the W I L L I E S.
    There is only one reason, and that is SHILL bidding.

    Truck is alright, but with the bare minimum done and a cancelled bid of $3100 all the serious work AND money is yet to come .

    N E X T !

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    • Horse Radish

      A good friend of mine has a rust free ’51 (Ford) shell.

      Anyone ?

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    • Horse Radish

      I knew there was something:
      check this one :

      needs NO explanation

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      • Mike the Bike

        Yep, you called it Mr.Radish. Doesn’t seem to pass the smell test…

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  11. Rene

    Have not seen the inside, but would maybe do some work there. But I would leave the outside alone!

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  12. Gary R.

    I see $20,000.00. Just the way it sits right now. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS..

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  13. Connor

    I would leave it as is because it shows the history of the car

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  14. Marty Parker

    This is a ’51 or has ’51 hood or trim pieces.

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