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Sunburned Goat! 1969 Pontiac GTO

If patina is your thing then this 1969 Pontiac GTO may be just what you are looking for.  This GTO certainly has plenty of character, with an abundance of dings, dents, surface rust and baked paint and is currently available here on eBay in Colorado.  It’s currently bid to $4,000 at the time of this writing with over 100 watchers.

This old goat sports a 400 cui power plant that is said not to run.  It’s topped by a single Q-jet and shows air conditioning and power brakes.  No mention is made of a numbers matching drivetrain.  The engine compartment looks complete and small details like clips, fasteners, and connectors are present and look original and undisturbed.  This is important when undertaking a restoration.  The motor would have put out 330hp @ 4800 rpm when new with about a 10.5:1 compression.  A full rebuild won’t be cheap.  The condition of the automatic transmission is unknown.

The interior looks complete but is well worn.  This GTO is trimmed in gold and is Trim Code 252 according to the trim tag which is shown in the listing.  Strato-bucket seat covers are split, the dash is cracked, and the carpets are worn.  Additional photos in the listing also show worn door panels and a falling headliner.  Plan on a full interior redo for this old goat. Fortunately, everything needed to restore the interior is available in the after-market.  The radio is likely AM/FM and looks undisturbed.  The steering wheel is missing horn buttons and will need some help.

This car was originally finished in Paint Code 63F – Champagne and shows vinyl top moldings.  The paint is well worn and dents are visible in the quarters, doors, and fenders.  The urethane front Enduro bumper is worn but looks complete and restorable. Note the trailer hitch and CB antenna.  This was a working goat. The seller claims rust in the hood and quarter panels but clean and dry floors, trunk pans, and frame.  Assuming that this car has spent most of its life in the midwest, rust may be manageable.  The aftermarket is again your friend as body panels are readily available and can be obtained from several sources. Original wheels will accompany the car according to the seller.  A title is currently under request and the seller will convey as part of a sale. So here’s the question; at a time when patina is the rage, would you restore this GTO or would you take care of the mechanicals and drive as is?


  1. Troy s

    There’s patina then there is Patina. Looks like this old goat hasn’t been in service….for a while. I also get the feeling this GTO avoided the sporting life, just a nice car with good pick up. If you want to drive it looking like that at least get the hood to shut.,, add cherry bombs and become everybody’s favorite neighbor.

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  2. Stan Marks

    This doesn’t even qualify as patina.
    Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
    Go directly to the car crusher.
    Put this old girl, out of its misery.

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    • Stan Marks

      Gee, JB. I guess you told me.
      Thanks for the personal attack, a-hole.

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  3. Dan H

    Ready for Freiburger and Finnegan.

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  4. Desert Rat

    Put this old girl out of its misery? are you kidding me? This GTO is way to solid of a car to scrap, I’ve tackled much worse that what I see here. I would love to take on the GTO as the 69 is my favorite year GTO, just wish it had hidden headlights still if the price stays in the neighborhood it’s a bargain.

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    • Kahuna

      I agree… looks like original paint… means that there is no rust or unknown damage hiding on the body itself. If true that the floor pans are good then this is a really good car and should be saved. Though not running, the engine is there… rebuild it and the transmission. Costly, but not prohibitively in a car like this. Spend wisely on the restoration and this car will be worth more than you invested. A GTO is always a good restoration investment.

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  5. CJ Mason

    Base engine was 350HP.

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  6. Arthell64

    Looks like a decent restoration project.

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  7. Stan Marks

    I understand where you’re coming from, D.R.
    It might have to do with the fact that I think the ’69 and later models, are ugly. IMHO…

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  8. Desert rat

    Ok Stan now your just talking crazzy, 69 GTOs are ugly?? I’ll try to give you the “to each his own” pass but man these are some of the best looking cars every pend , period.

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    • Stan Marks

      D R, Do you know what IMHO means???
      (in my humble opinion).

      This car doesn’t hold a candle, to my ’65 GTO. IMHO.

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      • Paolo

        Ah! You meant IMHO in the IRONIC sense. I get it, not humble at all.

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      • Dan H

        I’m the humblest man I know. :~)

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  9. George Mattar

    I had a 69 GTO in much worse shape than this, but at least my car had options and a 4 speed. This is a run of the mill boring automatic car with a totally stupid vinyl top. They caused more rust than most folks know. The more you washed the car and let it sit in rain, the worse it got. Restoration costs here exceed value. 72,000 plus 69s made. Keep looking.

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  10. Tbone Tom

    Well worth a resto, I have fixed much worse. Buckets, console enduro bumper and a/c make it worth the money, I think at $4000.00 you can’t lose.

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  11. Carlos J Guzman

    $6800 decent price. yes.. needs alot of work.. but getting for way under 10k is important.. the color.. not bad.

    I like it.

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  12. AA McCrary

    I believe the text should read ‘350 HP when new’.
    This poor Goat would be hard pressed to find all those ponies now.

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  13. T-bone Tom

    I think it’s a solid buy, enduro bumper, buckets, a/c and looks to be really solid.

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  14. JOHN

    I only buy 4 speeds. Next!

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  15. T-Bone Tom

    I am 53 with a bad left knee, my days of wrestling with a clutch pedal are done. Automatic, sign me up…😀👍🏻

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  16. Stan Marks

    I hear you, Tom. I’m 76 and had a total left knee replacement.
    It ain’t easy getting old.

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