Super Shop Truck: 454-Powered 1974 Chevrolet C10


From 1/1/22 – Square body Chevrolet and GMC trucks are all the rage. Here is short wheel base 1974 1/2 ton Chevrolet C10 located in San Diego, California that is listed here on eBay. The truck has a Buy It Now price of $19,950 and the seller has included an option to make an offer. The listing has 22 days remaining before expiration. As can be seen in the picture above, the truck has been lowered but otherwise looks pretty unmolested.

The interior has been restored and looks excellent. This would make a great shop truck and fun truck to ride around town in on the weekends. The tan interior is a nice contrast with the dark brown exterior. The seller states that the truck has a working air conditioning system. The only other interior amenities appear to be tilt steering and an aftermarket steering wheel. The truck is titled in Arizona and the seller offers to help with shipping if necessary.

One of the more attractive features of this truck is under the hood. The truck is equipped with a 454 cubic inch V8 engine. The seller states that this is a factory big block but does not state that it is numbers matching. The engine has an aluminum manifold, aftermarket valve covers and an open element air cleaner. The truck looks to be in excellent condition with the exception that the speedometer is not working.

The C10 truck appears to be rust free and the tires are in good shape. The rear bumper has been removed and it looks pretty clean with the rear dual exhaust exiting on either side of the license plate. The seller states that the odometer reading is 119,000 miles. The chrome and trim on the exterior of the truck are correct and in good shape as is the glass. The bed shows signs of normal use so maybe that is a good sign that the truck has been driven and used regularly.


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  1. Stevieg Member

    Sharp truck! Odometer reading is irrelevant if speedometer doesn’t work, probably irrelevant anyhow because it has obviously been redone anyhow. Could be 519,000 & I wouldn’t care.
    A lot of money for the buy it now. If I were the seller I would make sure EVERYTHING works at that price.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    The right truck done right.

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  3. 19sixty5 Member

    I’d also look into the clicking from a rocker or a lifter. Super evident in the video. I’d say that the engine has been out at one point also… the evaporator box looks to be crushed and covered with tape. Other than that, cool truck!

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    • Camaro guy

      Yeah that’s pretty loud sounds like maybe a collapsed lifter or possibly a rounded cam lobe either way he should fix that before asking 19.5 K for it

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      • Dave

        Yes that clack is seriously loud, you can even hear it as he records the exhaust sound in back. I would have to assume the worst and make a much lower offer based on that unhappy motor.

    • Rodney

      So he is obviously just an owner not the builder of this truck.
      That click is tremendous.

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  4. Steve R

    Nice truck. This will never be a shop truck. It’s next owner will likely use it to take to shows and cruises, possibly for transporting the occasional bag of mulch from Home Depot. It’s not inexpensive until you compare it to desirable cars in similar condition from the same era. The sellers asking price is within reason and should sell. Based on the other cars he currently has listed and those he recently sold he’s in the business of selling cars, not sitting on them.

    Steve R

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    • Raymond Smith

      It says he is willing to listen to offers. I translate that into if you show up with 15K in your hand you will likely drive away with that truck. Unless there are some hidden ugly secrets I think $15K for this truck would be a real decent deal.

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  5. joe Haska

    Looks like a very nice truck, if it checks all the boxes after in person inspection, I would think the asking price ,is certainly in a negotiating range for buyer and seller. I do take exception to your description, that it appears unmolested , except for lowering. I don’t think, that is molesting ,it is an improvement to make it more desirable, to the buyer and demographic, that wants, this style of truck. I have been building and driving Hot Rods, Pick Ups and Modified Cars for over 60 years. And I get a lot of comments about, Why my cars are so low? Because they look cool and I like them. This answer is coming from a soon to be octogenarian (80 years old) who sill has low cars, and drives them everyday. Also, the newest car I have now is a 53 Ford F-100 and I will tell you it has a great stance. One of the the 3 most important things for a Hot Rod. I can use that term ,because I am old.

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    • Claudio

      Happy new year Joe
      Happy to have you with us on our car journey
      Rockin granpa
      Wish i had a dad to play with !

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  6. Lowell Peterson

    I believe those valve covers to be stock for crate series IV 454 from early 90’s? So looow HP, what trans? Nice truck!

  7. Joe Haska

    Claudio, Thanks for the comments. I am not a Grandpa, but I do have two kids, but we are always looking for some one else to play cars with us…..joe

  8. angliagt angliagt Member

    I’m guessing it won’t pass a California smog test,
    as it’s registered in Arizona.

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    • Lowell Peterson

      angliagt, no smog for 1974 vehicles in California

      • angliagt angliagt Member

        Oops! – I stand corrected on that.I still don’t like
        the dishonesty of the seller registering it out of state.

  9. Johnny C.

    Had I known how the prices of these square bodies would escalate, I wouldn’t have sold my ’73 for $6k three years ago! But… I could barely afford to feed my beast then… I can’t imagine doing it now!

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    • Howard A Member

      Don’t buy into the hype, Johnny, I don’t believe these outlandish prices for a second. I’m watching this Kissemee auction on the screen, okay, it’s clearly not W. Virginia, or Tennessee, I know people with money are going to congregate in Florida, but a squarebody came down the pike, like brand new,,,714 miles, BASIC truck, 6, 3 speed on the column, NO OPTIONS, allegedly sold for $30 GRAND!! Really? I’m sorry, I just don’t believe it. And the people buying them, all old men with their hands in their pockets clearly wanting to relive their youth, but to spend $30 grand on what was at one time, the LEAST expensive vehicle to have, now worth $30 grand? Yeah, yeah, it’s their money, blah, blah, but it sets a false value on others, and if it is bought on an”investment” basis, good luck. Their grandkids won’t be able to drive it, and the “investment” stops there. There could even be a bit of resentment toward ol’ gramps, pixxes away $30 grand on some old truck, when there’s Smartphones to be had,,,

  10. Lowell Peterson

    angliagt: DMV fees in California are completely out of control along with all state government policieis. One way to fight back is out of state LLC, or registration. On $40k purchase The difference from Ca to Az was a savings of $3400!!! In sales tax and registration.
    And thats not pointing to almost $5/gallon fuel costs!!

  11. Lowell Peterson

    HowardA , maybe you need to get learned up about inflation? By the way that $30 k home bought in the ’70’s of yours? What’s it worth? Would ya’ take $35k now? C’mon man! Lift the curtains and look around!

    • Howard A Member

      Baloney, I’ll do no such thing, I don’t care if I’m the last person standing on my views. Spending the equivalent of $30 grand ( my 1st home in the mid 80’s was $55g’s, by the way) you get a HOME, not a stinking vehicle. Inflation, pfft, more like spoiled brats that are brainwashed into thinking $100 grand is obtainable by the masses, well, padre, it isn’t, and these people that spend $30 grand on a mere pickup, it’s extremely selfish and I try and think how these people live if they can spend that much on a mere toy, while the world goes to Hades around them. And the “investment” money they spend, usually ends with them, as few will share that value when they are gone, so depends greatly what kind of person you are.
      Why I say this, as my grandfather got older and crabbier, he pixxed literally TENS of thousands of dollars into ,,,stamp collecting. My grandmother looked the other way, he amassed quite a collection. Well, my grandma died, and he shortly after, we tried to sell his stamp collection, and aside from a couple valuable ones, we took literally PENNIES on the dollar what he spent. So, he left my folks with a mess to clean up after they died, mostly monetary, like most and what he treasured, was practically worthless to us, and I feel the same will happen to these high priced seemingly classic, to us, vehicles. They will sit and collect dust.

      • Claudio

        Well , Howard , that happens to most hoarders
        Only a few happen to hoard junk that turns valuable
        And i agree with you on the high prices , i was raised with not much and have lived my life happy with what i made of it
        Whenever i get the urge to spend too much , i find an organization or someone that needs the essentials before i throw money into another useless plaything
        Giving back feels good

        I haven’t raised the rents in 3 years , it comes out of my pocket but it helps others out , could spend it on a car that i would use once in a while but why ?
        I guess our priorities change as we age , glass half full or glass half empty

        Yolo, dont forget it guys
        You only live once

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