Supercharged Serpent: 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10

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Though Dodge has manufactured lots of interesting and powerful rides over the years, the Viper is the cream of the company’s crop. I mean, seriously – who doesn’t love a menacing sports car with a V10 engine under the hood? Unfortunately, these serpents aren’t easy to tame, and this 1995 Dodge Viper that’s available here on eBay is an example that underwent revival after improper handling from a former owner.

This Viper is available in Sidney, Nebraska with a reconstructed title. In 2002, the seller purchased the vehicle from its previous owner, who crashed it after installing a Roe Racing supercharger. Items such as the bumper, hood, and suspension underwent damage in the accident, and because the hood costs $11,000 by itself, this crash totaled the convertible at the time. However, these items received repair, and the seller claims that “no one will know that you are driving a wrecked beautiful RED DODGE VIPER unless you tell them.”

For the most part, this Viper looks like it recovered pretty well, but despite receiving repairs, something doesn’t appear right with the hood – there are pretty significant panel gaps and the two front wheel wells are shaped differently. On top of that, the seller acknowledges that the hood has begun cracking.

For the most part, the cockpit looks pretty clean and original, with the only change being an aftermarket stereo system. The seller does recognize a few small issues, such as a non-functioning air conditioning system and fuel gauge, as well as a small tear in the seat stitching, but otherwise, the interior seems like it’s in pretty good shape.

Under the hood, there’s the supercharged 8.0-liter V10 engine, which pairs to a 6-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. The drivetrain has 32,408 miles on it, and the seller adds that it runs and drives great.

At the time of publication, bidding for this no reserve auction is at $20,200. Despite its history, would you purchase this supercharged Viper?

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  1. 8thNote 8thNote

    Something looks very wrong with the headlight fit. In one of the pics it looks like you can see daylight from the wheelwell coming thru the gap between hood and headlight. I know they didnt come from the factory that way.

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    • Sherminator

      Those gaps are strange but when I Googled 95 Vipers, I noticed they all look that way. Aerodynamic lights?

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  2. MitchellMember

    Wonder how much power that Roe Racing supercharger adds

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    • Slantasaurus

      Enough to wreck the car.

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  3. Rick

    Raggedy hood fitment and questionable bodywork? Check. Fuzzy eBay photos taken with a Polaroid Instamatic? Check. Supercar that’s been beat to death at 34K miles? Check. Hard pass….

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  4. Stangalang

    What Rick said..and easy pass

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  5. Arthur

    Kevin Barr wrote: “Despite its history, would you purchase this supercharged Viper?”

    Not unless I had the money and means to fix the chassis … or better yet, build a custom flat-panel chassis and transfer everything to it.

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  6. Chevelle guy

    hard pass .

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  7. jokacz

    As I recall, the introduction of the Viper was delayed because North American Rockwell had a problem producing hoods that fit. The beat goes on.

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    • George Louis

      To jokacz: Jan, 1992 was the first year of production, Hood supply was tight but did not delay launch of vehicle. I believe 8 cars a day were produced for the first year of production at the Mack Avenue Plant.

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  8. Francisco

    A/C “… probably needs a recharge.” Have I heard that before?

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  9. Richard Dobson

    No. No. No. Unless of course I want the drivetrain for a project car.

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  10. Beignet at the Beach

    When I worked for the factory I had to replace a couple of these hoods under warranty because of the cracking. In some places we found 1/4″ of filler. This due to the molds on the early cars being real sketchy. Body gap fitment is VERY adjustable, but you have to START with a correct frame alignment, AND then a full four wheel alignment that STARTS with ride height. These are not a car you can “set-the-toe-&-let-it-go”, or you typically wreck….and it takes about 8 hours just to do THAT..hmmm wonder if the accident happened right after a new set of tires?, (never mind the supercharger!)

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