Only Surface Rust: 1966 Dodge Polara 500

Barn Finds has definitively proven that rare does not always equal valuable, but that doesn’t stop sellers from trying! The owner of this 1966 Dodge Polara believes that the order code signifying white on white on white makes this a rare and therefore valuable car. Honestly, I find the rust on this 2-door Polara more interesting than the claimed rarity, so let’s take a look at this 1966 Dodge here on craigslist in Georgetown, Kentucky.

In 1966 the Polara was 213 inches long and was considered to be a luxury, full-sized car.  It was positioned beneath the Chryslers and the Dodge Monaco (but had the same body as the Monaco).  It was outfit with a any of the standard Mopar V8 engines, and this particular model has the 383 which provided 325 horsepower when new with the 4 bbl carb (12 mpg pushing this 4000+ lbs car.)

Now, onto the rust! The driver’s side front fender and half of the hood is covered in surface rust. Could this be fake “patina”? With those wheels I think that it’s possible (the owner says that he has the original wheels and hub caps). But maybe this was a replacement front fender and was repainted along with half of the hood and that paint work was sub-par.  The rest of the body looks pretty solid.

There is significant rust on the top and the rear quarter panel but even with all the surface rust, this Polara looks like a fairly nice candidate for restoration. It has power locks and windows, A/C, and the seller claims that the undercarriage isn’t rusted and just needs to be cleaned. I don’t see a rear window and the B-pillar on the passenger side looks like it may need some rust repair too. Chrysler built over 100,000 Polaras in 1966 (including the 2-door, 4-door, wagon, and convertible) so I have a hard time believing that this car is rare. Bigger engines were available too. The owner is asking $6500 for it. What do you think it is worth?


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  1. PaulG

    Not 6500

  2. Steve R

    He’s asking $6,500 for a $1,500 car, going into winter. Good luck with that. Maybe he will have a reality check, come next spring.

    Steve R

    • conrad alexander

      1500 is what I was thinking….its the rust I don’t see that would worry me

  3. Del

    That new back window if he does not have it ,is going to be expensive

  4. 86 Vette Convertible

    It also looks like the top is rusting off the right rear quarter panel.
    This is not going to be a cheap one and the seller is dreaming on what they think is possible and at what price.

    Good luck on a fairy tale price point.

  5. Russ

    it is a $ 500.00 junker at best

  6. dennis

    No way is it worth $6500 as it sits. Way too much work needed plus how bad is the interior and engine bay? You don’t show pics when you’re trying to hide problems.

  7. Miguel

    Besides it’s condition, it is not a very popular car.

    To ask big money, there has to be people out there willing to put in the work.

    I don’t see it with this car.

  8. JimmyJ

    Bought a 65 polara ragtop in 1993 for $350 drove it away and in better shape!

  9. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Not even $1500….said the mopar guy and yes the Polara became a C-Body car starting 1965 like the Fury name….

  10. Hide Behind

    They ruined the Polara 500 badge after 64, and these were not popular even then
    The 383 would still have old style small valve heads and while heavy on low rpm torque, skinny tire smoker, you would be pushing it to go 90 and best be on downhill for a long ways to get 11mpg.
    That said, these are Roomy and decent riding, but forget turns or stopping power of stock breakes.
    6500$ @this condition?¿¿¿ maybe to someone, lacking common sense with too many cents in pocket.
    If found really streight, well running mill , tranny and rear end. With decent interior, make a good low riders hydraulic sparker.

  11. Walter Joy

    As a new owner of a 1971 Polara Sedan, parts are rarer than hen’s teeth. Luckily mine has solid floors (haven’t fully cleaned it yet), but A pillars are gone. I was quoted $20000 for full repairs and to make it a body in white.

  12. Superdessucke

    I don’t think it’s worth it but I’ll bet he’s tried to get a lot more given the Mopar craze. Here’s a song about what he was possibly originally thinking, to the Danny Williams’ tune with the same name as this car’s awesome and very rare option package…

    White on white. Lace rims satin
    Brown rusty patches for big patay
    White on white. Lace rims satin
    My little Mopar is getting sold today

    You can hear us come blatting into town cranking up a Cream CD…she has been my only love since she was thirty three!

    I’ve been dreaming of this day and how rich I’d be…when they pushed her down the B-J aisle and threw big cash at me!

    White on white. Lace rims satin
    Brown rusty patches for big patay
    White on white. Lace rims satin
    My little Mopar is getting sold today

    I’ll be waiting to ride the high while Mopars are still cool…standing there oh so proud waving Galen’s broadcast tool!

    I’ll be holding back my sneers till she’s gone away…cause she’ll belong to someone else when the market says good day!

    White on white. Lace rims satin
    Brown rusty patches for big patay
    White on white. Lace rims satin
    My little Mopar is ge-e-tting so-ld … today!

  13. Ben

    That passenger side c piller is really crispy around the base.

  14. Gary

    I like the patina on the hood. Just keep that pattern all the way back and it would look great!

  15. Sheldon Braffman

    The car needs a complete rotisserie and frame-up resto. No way this junker is worth more than $500.

  16. Maestro1

    White on white is not unusual. The car, if it’s all there including the switching equipment and suspension (wrong order, sorry) is a $1500. car or less. I think we are looking at around $15,000.00 to get it to a driver. They were great cars worth fixing.

  17. Corey Irons

    Would a car like this completely restored fetch that much money ?

    • Mark

      Yes they can..Remember Europeans pay big dollar for American cars,they love them too..Canadians as well,and of coarse Americans !

  18. Tort Member

    Coronet, yes. this Polara, no! Agree, $1500 is plenty.

    • Mark

      This isnt 1995 anymore…I got $12,500 for a 65 Polara 383 ,original paint that was worn/faded no rust..

      I redid the front seats and carpet,rebuilt the carb on the 198,000 mile original 383 that sat since 1991 ! Heads were redone in 1989 at 185,000 miles !

      Car was red/maroon console..I added Magnum 500’s and new exhaust/brake lines etc..

      I bought it non running,from an Estate Sale for $4800..It was dirty,non running needing carpet and seats,brake lines,carb kit,tires/wheels and new duel exhaust ! Luckily I do the work myself and had most parts avail..Except new carpet kit,seat material ,tires and 2 DynoMax mufflers,best sounding exhaust on old Mopars !

      Like 1
  19. robert

    and 1800.00 is pushing it !!!!

    • Mark

      LOL ! $1800 for a roller parts 4 door today…I bet people think a Boss 429 Mustang is still a $3500 car or a LS6 454 Chevelle is a $3500 car or a Hemi Cuda is a $10,000 car ..Times changed kids !

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  20. Clinton

    Clearly looks like someone was going to town with a wire wheel on the paint.

  21. Just passing through

    Wow. Look like a demolition derby candidate to me.
    The price is around 6k high.

  22. Mark

    $3500 – $4500 car…

    These with paint and older interior,no engine rebuild on a 200,000 – 300,000 mile car like they all are as 5 digit odometer you cant tell the mileage are around $15,000 plus today..Restored ones are more..

    383 isnt 12 mpg,these get 25 mpg highway and easily can average 18 mpg…Most people can get 15.5 mpg easily and thats what they got with 3.23 axle !

    Sure 12 mpg flooring it from every light and spinning the tires..these were quick cars once they hooked up…Skinny 195 – 75 series 14 inch bias ply tires didnt hook up,thats why all old car tests are off,plus methods are different than today !

    These were also 3700 pound cars….My 68 300 is 3940 with the 440 TNT !

  23. Mark

    These drive better than GM and Fords of the era…These cars can handle and dont have the boat feel that Gm/Ford have..

    4 doors are asking $4500 for this condition..$14,500 for so so condition cars like this today…I got $12,500 for one needing paint and nearly 200,000 miles on the original engine…Gas tank leaked,drove great could still burn the tires off from a 20 mph roll… Totally restored its a $25,000 plus car !

  24. Shane F

    I am looking at a 65 in calif for $5600 with orig 413 in it and there is zero rust and an AC car and is not worth $5600 and way nicer

  25. James

    No way, no how this car is worth that. After a full restoring I could see paying about 8 grand. This is one of those times when the cost of restoration far out weighs the value of the car.

    • Draydog

      I’ve had my 1966 Dodge polara 500 2-door hardtop for 10 years wouldn’t trade it for anything love the car you guys can bash it all you want but when you go to Dodge car shows and you see 30 cuda and 20 Chargers and enough Challengers to just bore you to death you won’t find this one …car lol love it or hate it it’s fact..

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