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Survivor Stallion: 1976 Ford Maverick

1976 Ford Maverick Stallion

I have to say this is one of those rare times when an ad on craigslist that claims rarity is really right. Whether it’s rarity is enough to make it interesting for a purchaser is another story though, as sometimes cars are rare because very few people actually wanted them in the first place. Mavericks were popular low cost entry level Fords in their heyday, 1970-77. Ford made variants to attract buyers to what was essentially a cheap car, including muscular Grabbers, the 1972 only Sprint option to celebrate the Olympics, and the 1976 paint and trim option called the Stallion.

All celaned up

In this case we are looking at a 1976 Ford Maverick Stallion for sale in Toms River, New Jersey. Not many pictures, though. The seller says he found the Stallion in a barn in Massachusetts where it had been in storage for ten years. The owner has done maintenance, including new water pump, master cylinder, carburetor rebuild, belts and hoses “and much more…”.


It has only 51,500 miles, a good interior, unfortunately it’s got the six cylinder with three speed manual (on the tree) instead of the humpier 302 4 speed that was also available that year of smog equipment choked engines. Mavericks were everyday cars and most of them are long gone, and with only 5529 Stallions made in 1976, this is a somewhat rare and desirable car to Maverick fans. See fordmaverick.com for more information and a vibrant community of Maverick lovers.

Stallaion Colors

At least for me, Mavericks were pretty boring cars when they were new. But this Stallion is pretty and makes it at least attractive enough to look at more than once. But $8,000 for a Maverick?


  1. Jeff

    There was never a 4-spd manual on the US/Canadian Mavericks/Comets, 3-spd only.

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  2. B. Choate

    I thought that it’d be a cold day in hell before Mavericks, Vegas, Mustang IIs and the like became collectible. Now that they (sort of) are, I have to admit that they look kind of cool. Still suck as cars, though.

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    • Tom

      Only people that say that are people who have never owned one

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      • Jeff

        Had a Comet and a couple of MII’s and they do suck as cars. Still get another one though.

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  3. Slim Chance

    REAL 5mph bumpers.

    You could really “lay the wood” to any new plastic bumper car and get nary a scratch.
    Fit in any parking place? No sweat. Make the room you need.

    This is an urban assault vehicle.

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  4. Fred

    Didn’t think I like the styling until I saw the profile. It kind of “grabs” me. ’70 bumpers would improve it.

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  5. randy

    I have always liked the Maverick also, but this is a gelding, not a stallion!
    I did not check the price, but at around 2K, this would be a great first car for a motor heads child.
    Just checked the price, very funny Dr. Jones

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  6. MountainMan

    I have always liked these and the Mercury Comet from the same era. I think this one is overpriced by a few grand but it does look like it’s a nice one. During high school I had a 76 with the 302 from the factory and loved that car. Not too many years ago I had a 71 Comet GT with the 302, factory high back buckets and gears that moved it pretty darn quick off the line. The earlier cars certainly look much better with the slim bumpers but these are affordable and imho attractive cars. Widened steel wheels with dog dish caps and trim rings look best (like the sweet lil Vega from earlier today) but the wheels on this one look alright too. I have wondered if they will ever gain popularity and go up in value as the more common and more expensive cars become more and more expensive

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  7. jim s

    i like it with the 6cyl and 3 on the tree. does not look like it has a/c, not sure about p/s, but that is ok if it does not either. i remember seeing these when they came out. this is my idea of a daily driver. i hope the seller will post some more photos and is willing to take an offer. nice find.

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  8. Cassidy

    yes, it seems overpriced, until you really look at what you’re getting. And, since its a ’76, all that smog crap can get stripped off the engine so it can breath! Since the clutch assembly is already there, it wouldn’t take too much to pull the 6 and put in a 302 with a 4 speed. Leave the exterior like it is and have some fun with it! I need to go see how much money is in my piggy bank….

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  9. boxdin

    I’ve seen some pretty cool mavericks, the design has looked good over the years and can be made to be much better.

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  10. Howard A Member

    A Maverick is a Pinto on steroids. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Again, the Maverick was a good car for what it was intended. A basic 6 thin passenger car. It wasn’t until someone at Ford decided, “we can gussie up ANYTHING”, that this is what you get. Not a bad looking car, just now, as then, not a lot of appeal. Still, be great for shows and cruise-in’s. I’m sure you’ll have the only one.

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    • Stephen

      More like a restyled Falcon, actually. The Pinto had some modern tech (rack and pinion steering, OHC engines, transmission with more than three speeds) that the Mav never had.

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  11. Barry T

    I think the Maverick was a nicely styled car. The problem came when you had to drive it. My late mother in law had one and it handled very badly. And it was brand new at the time I drove it.

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  12. Vince Habel

    My nephew loves These.

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  13. Achman

    The only car my dad ever owned…that caught on fire. With me in it.

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    • randy

      I guess that means you won’t driving out to pick this one up, eh?

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  14. piper62j

    Wife and I bought a new white 75 Maverick. Ran good and seemed tight for the few years we owned it.. Only problem was it was white and road salt during the winter chipped the paint away from both rocker panels.. Had to paint the every spring.. Traded it for a Pontiac Phoenix..

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  15. Doug


    Had a super fast Hot Wheels Maverick back round 76-77. We raced em’ down our super steep walkway. We’d line up about 20 feet of track and put them in front of one another. If the 1st one couldn’t pull away we’d swap em’. That’s how they got eliminated. We finished with a ramp into grass because the concrete chewed the ‘tires’ up.

    We’re talking 10 boys some days, aged 6-12 or so. Hell Kmart loved it! We raced so much we literally would have to replace pieces of track that started getting roughed up as they were slow and bounced the cars around.

    Match Box always lost.

    Juz’ sayin’……

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  16. Jason Houston

    If it’s rust-free, 8 tall ones isn’t bad, esp. with a factory standard trans. I sold my 1970 with 16,000 orig. miles for $6,500 and that was 20 years ago. This is much rarer, at least as desirable with its attractive trim option, and can still be driven every day. I nod.

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    • randy

      If memory serves me, the std trans was std equipment, the auto was extra $$, on a lot of US cars back then. I do not think he’ll ever get his price.

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  17. Woodie Man

    Maverick, Pinto, Vega,,,meh then…meh now

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  18. Ralph Blair

    first car was 76 maverick stallion, 250ci inline six, 3 sp in floor, drove it over 200,000 miles with only have to replace the water pump. It wasn’t much on performance but was well worth the $3600 i paid for it. Great car, wish i had kept it and restored it.

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    • Kevin Kelly

      I also had a Ford Maverick Stallion. My Stallion was black/yellow. Had it for 8 years and solt it with 138,000 miles on the OD…….Paid $3600. Was a great car with a 6 cylinder 250 CID engine and 3 speed on the floor. Over time,this car did start to rust,though from our New York Winters. My Maverick was equipped with the Firestone 500 tires (had to switch to the Firestone 721’s). The 500 tires had a tendency for the steel belts to separate. Loved the car,thought. Wish I still had it!

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