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Survivor Truck: 1950 Dodge B-2

1950 Dodge Truck

The collector car market is always changing and evolving. One genre or model will be the hot thing for a while and then something new will spring up and take it’s place. One new trend we have been watching that has been a bit of a surprise, is the classic truck market. It’s one of the fastest growing markets right now and at first we weren’t sure why, but after some thought it made perfect sense! Unlike classic cars, which were often well cared for by loving owners, trucks were typically used hard and disposed of when they were past saving. They also offer utility that most classics just can’t. This 1950 Dodge B-2 here on eBay is the kind of truck we would want in our driveway. It’s nice enough to use everyday, but not so nice that you would feel bad running to the lumber yard in it.

1950 Dodge Truck Interior

I really can see the appeal of these old trucks, especially when you consider what new trucks cost. If you can do without all the fancy electronics and creature comforts, buying an old farm truck that is well sorted just makes sense! This one was parked in a barn back in ’92 and was just recently put back on the road. The seller has it running and driving, with some cosmetic and interior work already done. While I’m glad they have taken steps to preserve the metal and original paint, I’m not sure I would have clear coated it like they did. I think a light polishing and a regular application of wax would have been a better choice, as it would have given the next owner more options on what to do with the finish.

1950 Dodge B Series

While this truck won’t win any beauty contests, it looks like it could be a fun truck to cruise around in and I’m sure it will garner plenty of attention where ever you take it! However, I’m not to sure about the seller’s asking price of $14,500. This seems a bit high for a truck that isn’t a pristine survivor or hasn’t already been fully restored. Values are going up on these work horses, but I don’t see this truck being worth this kind of money just yet. So do you see truck values continuing to rise or is this just a passing trend?


  1. randy

    I say 5K max on this one. It does have an awfully silly face!
    Is that the original dash and gauges? I like them.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Well, I beg to differ. 1st prize in my beauty contest. Should have figured, Colorado (or California) I wonder if this has overdrive( chrome T handle under left dash) If not, it would be a handful on the freeway, but a great in-town ride. That is not the original dash, as the stock gauges were where the stereo is now, and that was just a metal panel ( or another glove box) in front of the steering wheel. Price is a little eye-opening, but looks to be the nicest unrestored one I’ve seen in a while.

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    • grant

      Pretty sure that T handle is the parking brake.

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  3. Cassidy

    nice truck! I’ll trade him my 1980 F-250, but he might not like all of its patina. I sure hope my truck has the same value!

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  4. guggie

    I sold my 1950 B2B 5 window Dodge 2 years ago , it made this one look like junk , and it had 23000 k original miles on it a true barn find from Vermont ,mine was green cab black box and yellow wheels . The best part of this deal was buying it and then the day it left my front lawn. The truck was just an old truck ,slow ,noisy ,hot in summer ( never seen snow ) got lots of thumbs up where ever it went . Didn’t use it much after several years ,and it mainly sat on the front lawn . One day I came home and an couple in their 60s was out looking at it ask if it was for sale ,took it for a ride ,agreed on a price drove it away next day. Wife told me they had one just like it when first married and had it for 16 years , sorry they ever sold it , glad they got mine , she went to a good home !

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  5. Matt Tritt

    Way too much for a half-ton! If it went for 8 it would be fair in my book. But at least it hasn’t been clear-coated. ;-)

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    • Woodie Man

      It has been clear coated! So wrong…..the clear coating I mean. Too bad.and ditch the junky seventies dashboard inserts

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  6. Cassidy

    I really like the exterior of the truck, but he or previous owner really did a number on the dash! Forget it, I’m not trading my F 250! :)

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  7. Charles

    Sweet old truck!

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  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    This one’s a good one to bring home. It may need a little work but that’s just fine. Fix it up and use it. And I prefer this model to the newer ones…

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  9. JW

    I love it just as is.

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  10. Matt Tritt

    That rear bumper is just wrong!

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  11. Mark S

    I like this truck, first of all I remember seeing on Jay Leno’s garage an add on over drive gear box that can be bolted behind the transmission it does require shortening the drive shaft but makes the vehicle receiving it way more drivable. The second thing is this looks like it was originally red, if it were mine it would get a drivers level restoration with a red paint job and black fenders. This truck would have come with a flat head 6 not known for burning tires but they were torquey and very bullet proof. And lastly there aren’t nearly as many of these around compared to fords and Chevys which makes them a little more interesting on car night.

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  12. Matt Tritt

    Totally agree, Mark. I happen to like the 3/4 ton version a little better but they had very slow highway speeds and no chance of fitting an OD. Why IS it that so many people these days feel compelled to modify old vehicles to suit their own tastes? How many of them would do the same to a Victorian dresser or Frank Lloyd Wright house??

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    • Mark S

      For me personally my idea of a resto. mod. is a car that has been restored with a few up grades. For example in my 51 dodge Mayfair hard top every thing is original except the master cylinder its out of a 94 truck I did this to have a two stage system. I have changed the head liner to black I installed some very nice dark grey leather seats, black vinyl with stained oak door cards, seat belts and 12 volt electrical. It will be repainted original colours I’m keeping original wheels and dog dish hub caps I cut out and welded in new metal where needed. The big thing is nothing that I have is done in a way that it can’t be reversed, and I have kept all the original parts. In know this a mild resto. Mod. Others take it farther and I’m ok with that. Every body has a vision of what they want in the end. Cheers.

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      • randy

        I am all for reversible mods. The owner, his children or whomever can come back later and put it back to original. There are a lot of early Bronco owners that cut the frames etc. to put in a different engine, those trucks will always have a lower value than an uncut specimen.

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  13. Joe Howell

    Nice old truck. My brother had a 53 with the same color scheme 20 years ago. A reliable old truck, it was good for short trips but not a highway truck by any means. It was most comfortable at about 45 mph. It’s drum brakes made you appreciate disc brakes.

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  14. Rex Rice

    These are tough trucks. The metal is thick & most mechanics are overbuilt. I found one in a barn in near perfect shape but all of the moving parts were stuck from years of sitting. After installing a good engine, I sold it to someone with more patience than I. Guess I spent too many years with old flathead Ford trucks.

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  15. Shannon

    The nice thing about this truck is that you can take the clear coat off, restore it to the original this truck has some potential and it runs!!! Bumper can be replaced. Thankfully we are now the new proud owners of this truck and can cruise main street to go get some icecream.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Terrific, Shannon! Thanks for the update — can you post some pictures?

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  16. Steve

    Still looks the same as the previous pics we have only had it for a few days. I am searching for the dash cluster bumper and drivers side panel to bring it back to original. Pics to come as we bring it back to original. Yes it has overdrive.
    Thanks Steve

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  17. Steve

    I have restored the gouges were they belong. Also now have the overdrive working. It is to bad they cut up the dash. I am looking for a blank that they had in smell of these trucks in place of the radio.

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  18. Steve

    Ganges oops! Some

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