SWB Stepside: 1963 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

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I don’t know what it is about 1963-1966 Chevrolet C10 short wheel base (SWB) stepside pickups but they just look great to me. This one is for sale in Escalon, California for a Buy It Now Price of $15,500 here on eBay. There are 27 days remaining on the listing. This truck even has 3 of its 4 original hubcaps. We appreciate Ikey Heyman finding this beauty for us.

The odometer reads 78,862 miles and this truck has been in the same family since new. The truck is painted in Crystal Turquoise which was a popular truck color in the 1960’s. My friend, Russell, had a 1965 C10 Fleetside that was black with this gold interior in high school. We put a lot of miles on that old truck driving the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana. He got his license before I did so I rode shotgun with him everywhere.

While the ad does not note the engine size, the truck is probably equipped with the base 230 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine which delivered 140 horsepower. The optional 292 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine produced 165 horsepower in 1963. The optional factory 283 cubic inch V8 engine provided 175 horsepower but not as much torque at the 292 cubic inch I-6. This truck looks original and unmolested. It even has the original spiral shocks and the “three on the tree” shifter has not been moved to the floor.

I like the patina and would put the motor back together and enjoy driving this truck in its current original condition. So, while the price is a little high to me, it is original and unmolested. What do you think the market price of this nonrunning C10 SWB Stepside is?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    In a perfect world you wouldn’t bother to unload it from the trailer until you reached my place. I’m really partial to this series. Even more partial if it was a ’61 with the Eyebrow hood. The 230 was a good engine. Not nearly as heavy as the 235 but it was a good puller just the same. If this came my way, I would try to clean it up and drive it while fixing the rest of it up. Very desireable. Six and manual transmission. Definitely run it bone stock. Unfortunately those two numbers to the left of the comma on the asking price are way beyond my budget…

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      No chilled cup holders? (aside from the little dents in the glove box door) and no adjustable ride control? ( aside from a ton of rocks in the bed) I agree, great trucks, no need to alter it one bit. These were good for 60 mph, fast enough for this old gal. Pretty basic, I don’t even see sun visors, arm rests OR a “power port” ( aka cigarette lighter). That would be a deal breaker for most people today. Someone came into a dealer and said, “I want the least expensive pickup you have”, and VOILA! Wouldn’t it be grand if life were this simple again? The way it’s headed, it just might.

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  2. Steve R

    It’s nice but overpriced. The market has moved on and now chases SWB fleetsides.

    Steve R

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    • Bob C.

      I second that. It does look pretty solid, though.

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  3. Mark

    Wasn’t this just sold somewhere recently?

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    • gccch

      Yeah, I thought I saw it on this site… Sold for $11k without the wheels and tires. Same pics used.

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  4. Mike Tockey

    This listing is fishy. The pictures of this truck are from Tennessee. This looks like someone just high jacked his pictures. Proceed with caution. I don’t think he moved to California and changed his Ebay ID.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Guess if you want no rust and unmolested, you pays for it. This one displays breathtakingly. I’d rebuild the mill, put new wood in the bed and drive. Every plumber, handyman and carpenter had one of these. we kept them going with a minumum of work. And the sound of that six with the punkin size 3 speed was unmistakeable. If I was looking for one this would be it. Good luck to the new owner! Stay safe.

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  6. PickinMember

    Yes, to answer a previous question this was recently sold on eBay by seller: nhraoscar299u.
    This seller even used all of the original pictures in this listing.

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  7. Hemidavey

    Cool truck! There are hundreds of engine swapped trucks for sale so I’d just fix it and enjoy. Sold my 63 last year so I know its overpriced. 8500 is about right. If you pay for repairs you will likely spend 2 grand to get it running plus brakes? King pins? Tierods? Shocks? The front fenders have considerable rust at bottom and thats tell-tale of things to come- very soon.

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  8. Joe Haska

    These trucks are in a market all by themselves and very popular right now, who’s to say what its worth? I would say, I think its too much, but depending on what you plan to do with it ,maybe not. One post said clean it up detail it and drive it, that might be the smartest thing to do, and it would protct your investment.

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  9. Andrew GernsMember

    This brings back memories. When I was six years old, my mother decided to trade in her old used Chevy wagon for “something useful.” This is what she came back with. In bright orange. (She had driven ambulances stateside during WW2 while Pop was in the army, and wanted something with some heft.) As the youngest of our brood, I was a bored kid in 1st grade when my mom came to pick me up. When I saw this truck, I thought I was the coolest kid around!

    I am tempted to grab this and relive those memories.

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  10. John S.

    Spendy… but oh so sweet! Shame on anyone who would modify this factory specimen!

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  11. Vance

    We all have regrets on vehicles that we didn’t pull the trigger on, and this one is mine. Moving to Arizona in 1993, I came across a 1966, short bed, original paint ( same color ), fresh interior, rebuilt 283, one owner truck. The only flaw it had was that since the rebuild the owner never drove it for years. The rear main leaked and that was the only issue. He wanted 2500.00 for it which really seemed ok, except I didn’t have the cash. Everytime I see one of these it still bothers me to this day. Kinda like seeing a girl you dated and let her slip away. Nice truck.

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    • Mike Brown

      I’m proud to say that I didn’t let either my girl or my truck slip away. I married the (literally) neighbor girl in 1987 AND, we still have the 1978 GMC K-35 that I bought wrecked in 1983. Since we’re old farm kids, we rebuilt the truck together, then used it as our date vehicle through our last 2 years of high school. The ol girl served as our limousine after our wedding and brought all 3 of our now adult children home from the hospital and has hauled everything from my drag car to the materials used to remodel our 100+ year old home. She’s (the truck, not the wife) been rebuilt/restored 3 1/2 times now. 3 1/2 because we’re half way through the 4th time. The original drivetrain is still present and being completely gone through for the 2nd time. The last 2 rebuilds were family projects and so is this one. However, this time our twin 4 year old grandsons are “helping”. The ol girl is a family heirloom and will always have a home!

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      • Gaspumpchas

        Great story mike thanks for sharing. Good stuff and you still have the truck. The family that plays together, stays together! Stay safe.

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  12. TimM

    This does look exactly like the one on here a month or so ago!! Another flipper???? Is a sweet little truck though but I know the purist will hate but I would go with a small block 350 and a five speed!! Then do discs at least on the front and drive the tires off it!!!

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