Sweet 1967 AMC Rambler 550 Rebel Wagon Survivor!

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This 1967 AMC Rambler 550 Rebel Cross Country Wagon is an absolutely stunning, all original vehicle that has been well taken care of. There are 18 bids putting the price at $7,000, and the reserve not yet met. It is located in Dearborn, Michigan. The seller has noted a VIN, a clear title, and 6733 original miles. They are very keen to mention that it is not a mistake, they are true miles. You can view more on eBay.

Powering this wonderful wagon is claimed to be the original 232 cubic inch, 6-cylinder engine with a 3 on the tree manual transmission. Together they have traversed only 6,733 miles. Thankfully though the tires have been replaced and along with them the hub caps. It has also needed a new fuel pump, which the seller has installed. Everything else is original. The carburetor has been rebuilt and the brakes work well.

Inside, the seller notes that a plastic seat covers have been installed from the factory. They mention that there are no cracks on the dashboard or steering wheel and that everything works. One small blemish on the car is on the left front fender, to which they say the original owner said a 2×4 fell on the car and dented it. That seems like such an insignificant issue when you look at the rest of the car.

While sometimes more uncommon cars can be somewhat less desirable, this car could end up being one amazing ride. It really will depend on the reserve price. This wagon does not seem to have a third-row rear-facing seat as some others might. This car does have the original spare in the cargo area, which is really spacious. This car is definitely worth a bid for a great, family cruiser to take everyone to shows.

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  1. Rock On

    Thanks guys, now I’m going to be humming this all afternoon.

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  2. LARRY

    If a 2×4 fell on a new car it would probably be totaled..I love this one and I don’t see a dent

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  3. dave smeaton

    I had one the same in the late 70s, paid 200.00 for it usedit while I wotked on the oil rigs for a few months and sold it back to the same guy I bought it from for 150.00,same drivetrain great car for putting around the backroads of Alberta,Slept in it a few times,lots of room.

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    • Little_Cars

      Me too, purchased a 70 Rebel wagon from the Telephone Co. for $175, sold for $150 less than a year later in 1981. Back seat had never been used and was kept folded down with a cage between the front bench seat and rear cargo area.

      Brentton, I don’t think ANY of American Motors wagons of this style would have the rigging underneath to support a third row, rear-facing seat. The AMC Guy, do you know?

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      • That AMC guy

        Yes they did make a 3-seat version, in fact I recently saw this on a ’71 Ambassador wagon which is basically the same car as the Rebel.

        The 3rd row is a rear-facing seat that takes the place of the rear under-floor storage area found on 2-seat models. The spare tire and jack are behind a cover on the right-hand side. (Earlier, smaller AMC 3-seat wagons had no spare tire since there was no room. They came with “Captive-Air” run-flat tires from the factory.)

        The problem is that AMC never offered rear heater or AC systems on these wagons so unless the weather is very mild you’re going to freeze or roast back there.

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      • That AMC guy

        I meant to add that the basic body of the big AMC wagons did not change from 1967-1978. It’s probably just as well they did not get hit with the ugly stick used to design the back half of the later 4-door sedans. (The late Matador wagons did of course get the “schnozz” though.)

        The Company made as few changes as possible to these wagons. They sold well enough to justify continuing production through ’78 but did not produce enough profit for fundamental updates. AMC never even fixed the issue with the 2nd-row seat where you had to awkwardly grab latches on both extreme ends of the seatback at the same time to fold it down.

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  4. George Mattar

    What a beauty. No stupid computers or TV screen so you can find Wal mart. When cars were cars.

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  5. That AMC guy

    Very cool wagon. Surprised to see the optional electric wipers on a car that otherwise has few options. The pre-emissions 232 should be pretty spritely with the manual transmission.

    The usual caveats apply – not only check the floors and chassis, but underneath those front fenders where trapped water can rust out the troughs. Front suspension uses upper trunnions. They should be OK with that little mileage but grease is probably dried out – keep ’em lubed and they’ll last near forever, ignore them at your peril! All rubber parts and seals are suspect due to age and non-use.

    Additionally, the transmission has non-syncro 1st gear, manual steering is an agonizingly slow 6 turns lock-to-lock, and brakes are undersized. (I’ve driven V8 Rebels that came with larger diameter drum brakes and it was still a pretty scary experience.)

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  6. Dan

    So cool and aptly named…I would indeed drive it cross-country, if I could afford it! I live close to Dearborn, and if anyone is interested, I’d be happy to perform an inspection.

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    • alan r leonardMember

      hey Dan..you mind checking it out for me????

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  7. Maynard Keller

    Nice time capsule! Usually wagons were used hard, but this one looks very nice.

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  8. Dwight

    I had the same era in a sedan. I could literally climb in the engine compartment and stand on the ground on either side of the engine. (Of course I was younger…and thinner…in those days.) If you look at the engine compartment in front of the oil filter and fuel pump…you can see the ground beneath the car. Try that in any of today’s cars.

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  9. Rustytech RustytechMember

    I can believe it is a low mileage wagon but there is a lot of missing paint from an engine with just over 6k miles. Still a very nice wagon.

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  10. PatrickM

    Well, here we go, again. Just too far away. Almost the perfect car for my current desires. These Rambler engines were great. That 232 c. i.converts to 3.8 litre Price might be a short stretch, but, I think I could do it. Rats, Again!!! Well, BF, keep ’em comin’, I’ll keep looking.

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  11. Ted

    I too had one of these with a 304/ps/pb combo. I’m liking this for a T-10/bigger brake upgrade but not at this ask, too rich for me. Nice to see the interest in it though. I’ve been trying to find a way to discount the mileage but this thing is clean, engine has had it’s life pressure washed off that’s about all I can see.

    Regardless of provenance, look at the bidding after the seller ended the auction and raised the price significantly, this car is going to go for huge money.

    Not that it matters but it would have been interesting to see a paper history of what this car hasn’t done in the last 4 decades.

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