Back To Black: 1972 AMC AMX

This AMX first appeared on Barn Finds in March 2021. At the time, it was unrestored and in fairly rough condition. It didn’t find a new home, so the seller decided to do a major refurbishing of the automobile…. more»

390 V8 Go Package: 1968 AMC AMX

The AMX was a 2-seat GT-style muscle car built by American Motors from 1968-70. At the time, it was one of only two U.S.-built 2-seaters, the other being the more expensive Chevrolet Corvette. This ’68 edition was built for… more»

Original Go Pack: 1970 AMC AMX

Stunning. That’s the best word that I can use to describe this 1970 AMC AMX. The presentation of this classic pony car is close to perfect because the owner has only recently completed a restoration on this gem. It… more»

Rare Go Pack Option: 1969 AMC AMX

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, car manufacturers were using some interesting marketing campaigns to call attention to the high-performance vehicles in their lineups.  One of the more memorable campaigns was the first generation of the Dodge Scat… more»

390/4-Speed: 1969 AMC AMX

If a buyer wanted a high-performance American two-seater in 1969, they had two choices. They could opt for a Chevrolet Corvette, but the AMC AMX offered an interesting and far more affordable alternative if the budget didn’t stretch that… more»

Rust-Free Project: 1968 AMC AMX

Delving into the world of rust repairs can be daunting for some people, and more than a few have thrown the whole idea into the “too hard” basket when they’ve decided to embark on a classic restoration. That’s what… more»

No Reserve: 1973 AMC Javelin AMX

Sometimes we can buy a project car with all the good intentions in the world, but various circumstances mean that the project can stall before it starts. That is the case for the owner of this 1973 AMC Javelin… more»

Custom Color: 1968 AMC AMX 390 4-Speed

Buying a classic car can be a stressful experience. There will always be a nagging question in the back of a buyer’s mind about the physical state of the object of their desire. These can include wondering whether its… more»

Pierre Cardin Edition: 1973 AMC Javelin AMX

After 1970, the AMX became a performance option on the Javelin, gaining a back seat in the process. It stayed that way through 1974 when AMC got out of the pony car business due to a saturated market and… more»

401 V8 Roller: 1973 AMC Javelin AMX

When the AMX was born in 1968, it is was a GT-style, 2-seat version of the also-new Javelin and it gave American Motors something of a competitor to the Chevy Corvette. Sales were light, even by AMX standards, so… more»

390 V8 Go-Pack: 1969 AMC AMX

In the mid-1960s, AMC was toying with building a 2-seat GT-style car that could compete with the Chevy Corvette. But since American Motors had fewer resources than GM, they waited until the Javelin pony car was about to see… more»

Rare 390 Go Pack Optioned 1969 AMC AMX!

Even though American Motors Corporation has been gone for over 30 years, many of its cars still retain a significant following. The AMX is one of those cars, and a very nice example has recently come up for sale… more»

Go Pack Equipped Project: 1969 AMC AMX

The AMX may be the holy grail of all AMC performance cars – unless you overlook the one-year wonders, The Rebel Machine or the S/C Rambler. It was the only GT-style, 2-passenger car to come out of the AMC… more»

390 V8 Project: 1968 AMC AMX

American Motors joined the “pony car” war in 1968 with its new Javelin. It was based on the platform used by the Rambler American compact. But they went one step further and created the AMX, too, which used a… more»

Black Beauty: 1969 AMC AMX

The AMX was a 2-seater companion to their 4-seat pony car, the Javelin, from 1968-70. After that, it was a performance option on its bigger brother. It was a true GT-style car, not just a Javelin with 12 inches… more»

Power Tour Veteran: 1977 AMC Hornet AMX

When it comes to malaise era muscle, most enthusiasts begrudgingly acknowledge the Cobra II or King Cobra as one of the barely discernable bright spots on a bleak landscape. But it seems the AMX Hornet, conceived with a similar… more»