Arctic Cat

Vintage Snowmobile: 1965 Arctic Cat 100D

Arctic Cat is a brand of snowmobile (and other off-terrain products) that has been around since 1960. The company was started by one of the founders of Polaris, which would become one of its main competitors. The 100 was… more»

Kiddie Cat: 1986 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat

This is yet another strange case of a 6′-5″ tall guy liking tiny vehicles. Why is that? I usually gravitate toward small vehicles and I was ready to throw down $1,200 on this 1986 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat for… more»

Man Cave Cleanout: 1973 Arctic Cat Cheetah

The seller of this 1973 Arctic Cat Cheetah isn’t looking for much scratch for this vintage snow machine, asking a measly $300 for what’s claimed to be a “man cave” find in Pennsylvania. The description notes the elderly owner… more»

Snow Hog: 1974 AMF Harley-Davidson 440

Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into Snowmobile Finds, it’s still mainly a car-based site. I can’t help but think of these classic snowmobiles now that a few million of us are locked into winter a month early. We saw… more»

Snow Kitty: 1973 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat

So yeah, 2020 has thrown us yet another curveball with winter coming basically a full month earlier than usual here in the upper-Midwest. With that kick in the… uh.. gut, I couldn’t resist showing the first snowmobile here on… more»

Traction Control: 1966 Arctic Cat Cub 2×2

This ultra-rare machine may be lost on a few of you, but if you’re like me – and your family and friends hope that you are nothing like me – you love these unusual two-wheelers! This is a 1966… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Arctic Cat Snowmobile

This Exclusive is a bit different than our typical find. It might not be a classic car, but this vintage snowmobile is definitely a barn find and it has a cool story to boot! I’ll let reader Glewnn K… more»

Wet and Wild: 1980 Arctic Cat Wetbike

This 1980 Arctic Cat Wetbike is all original and is listed on eBay with an opening bid of $800 and there is no reserve. It’s located in Homestead, Pennsylvania, just 8 short miles from bustling downtown Pittsburgh. The Wetbike was… more»

All Grunt, No Glory: 1966 Arctic Cat Cub

Look what Bob G found for us listed on eBay. It’s in Salem, Oregon and the bidding is under $700 with 4 days left. Choices were limited before the coming of the ATV if you needed to haul stuff… more»