Junkyard Auction!

It is pretty rare for an entire junkyard to be up for auction at one time. Well, on Monday, November 15th, it becomes reality. This awesome collection of cars and trucks is being offered by Dickensheet & Associates where… more»

BF Auctions Are Back – List Your Car Today!

We are excited to announce that BF Auctions are back and we’re kicking things off with a bang by auctioning off multiple large collections. First, we had the seven-car Indiana barn liquidation and then there was the triple Challenger… more»

Auction Down Under: Shannons Summer Classic

Shannons is one of Australia’s premier auction houses, and their auctions are always eagerly anticipated. They always manage to be able to produce some pretty special vehicles for their auctions, and their upcoming Summer Classic is no exception. There… more»

Barn Collapse Collection For Sale!

What happens when life starts falling all around you? Well, in the case of these classic cars, you sit and wait for rescue. A hefty collection of more than a few dozen cars have been flattened by a collapsed… more»

Auction Fever! The Wenzel Collection

Have any of you gotten a vehicle from an auction? That’s a dumb question, of course some of you have. If you have, let us know what they were in the comments section, inquiring minds (like mine) want to… more»

Michigan Muscle: Over 60 Cars At No Reserve

Many of you may already be aware of this upcoming auction, we featured it a while back here, but this auction, which includes Chevelles, Corvettes, Camaros, Fords, and many other cars (and tons of parts) is quickly approaching on… more»

Revisiting The Epic Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction

The amazing story of Pierce, Nebraska’s auction of leftover inventory from the Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership amazed automobile enthusiasts around the world in 2013. Barn Finds reader Rob suggested we revisit the topic of the many low-mileage 1960s Chevy pickups… more»

Jaguar Land Rover Auction Of 100 “Affordable Classics”

I got an email today from my fellow Barn Finds writer Jeff Lavery with a link to a story about this auction. Oh my. Oh, oh my. My favorite genre of car is British “normal” cars. Yes, I know… more»

Gervais Museum Auction: Something For Everyone!

I don’t care what kind of barn finds (ok, in this case quonset hut find) you like, the Gervais Family Museum auction coming up this August has something you’re interested in. The full listing is here on and I would highly encourage all… more»

February 10 Estate Sale: 9 Classics In Virginia

Watching what happens to a car collection after someone dies and there isn’t interest in it from the heirs has made me reconsider what cars I’m hanging on to. Any of you go through that same process? When I… more»

Guess The Price! 2017 Dallas Leake Auction

Many of you know that one of my part time jobs is as an independent contractor for Leake Auctions. I drive vehicles for prep, placement, and on the block for bidding. Everything from classics to exotics, lifted to lowered,… more»

Auction Alert! The Original Quaker Steak & Lube

My heart sank when I clicked on this reader-submitted auction tip and realized it was for the original Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Quaker Steak opened in 1974 in a barely-altered Quaker State service station, and… more»

Empty the Barn! 19 Car Estate Sale

Imperial. Chrysler’s highest model designation, and rightly so. From the Latin Imperium, Imperial means “Of the Emperor,” and who reigns more supreme than an Emperor? Unless you call your luxury car the “Deity,” Imperial tops them all. Perhaps, like… more»

Huge Auction Hoard: Tons Of Trucks, Two Porsches, A Ranchero And Cushmans?

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jon for this cool auction find! This must be one of the most eclectic vehicle auctions ever, with everything from 15 (!) Dodge Power Wagon (or similar) trucks to what looks like a beautifully… more»