Huge Auction Hoard: Tons Of Trucks, Two Porsches, A Ranchero And Cushmans?

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jon for this cool auction find! This must be one of the most eclectic vehicle auctions ever, with everything from 15 (!) Dodge Power Wagon (or similar) trucks to what looks like a beautifully refurbished, or even maybe original, late 50’s Cushman scooter. The auction listing can be found here on craigslist, and is located in Reserve, New Mexico (interesting town to hold an auction in). 

Here’s one of the Power Wagon (or similar) trucks — I’m sure some of the experts on here can give us details, although the listing has this one as a 1953.

I wonder how this one acquired that green shade? Maybe airport or fire work? I can’t quite make out the writing on the door, darnit.

There are also 15 1940s to 1950s Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge medium duty trucks listed. I actually think this one is a 1960 after doing some research, but I’ll bet an eagle-eyed Barn Finds reader can correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve seen a lot of these recently get converted to giant pickups with the addition of an appropriate bed. Besides, if you like later or smaller trucks, there are 14 1950s to 1960s Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge pickups including a 1966 El Camino that unfortunately isn’t pictured.

“Two of these things are not like the others, two of these things just don’t belong…” There are two Porsche 914s included in the auction, of which only one is pictured. For a brief moment when I saw the fender flares I thought 914-6, but then I saw what looks like a V8 aftermarket air cleaner under the engine cover. So who knows what lurks in the shadows? I admit to liking the flares and rear spoiler, but I’m an vintage IMSA lover anyway.

There are also 13 various “battery powered work carts”, including presumably this Cushman.

Here’s a 1958 Ranchero. Certainly looks restorable, doesn’t it?

I’m pretty sure this is a 1960 Ford pickup. Again, this certainly could be roadable, even as a restomod, without too much difficulty. Or restore it, if you want to go that route.

Finally, there’s this Cushman scooter which looks to be in tremendous shape. I think it dates from the late 1950s as I found a 1959 online that was very close in appearance. What a cool vintage ride? Which one of these vehicles would you like to bid on given the opportunity?


WANTED 1973 – 74 Pontiac Ventura Parts or entire car Contact

WANTED 1950-80’s Alfa Romeo , Aston, AC, Ferrari, Iso, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati, etc. Also 66 Toronado, 63-5 Riviera, 70-72 Firebird, round headlight Studebaker Avanti, and XK120 SE roadster Any condition, anywhere, instant top cash, finders fee happily paid- thanks! Contact

WANTED 1964 Mercury Comet caliente 4 speed. Pref maroon tan interior Contact

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  1. Sam Sharp

    I’m really tired of being poor. This auction is yet another example of why I am poor.

    The “Cushman” is an OMC iteration of what Cushman thought the teen agers of my generation wanted. Not the Honda 50, 90, 160, and 250/305 Scrambler and the 305 Dream. The engine didn’t even sound like a Cushman.

    One of the rich kids at our school got a new Cushman with the ‘non-Cushman engine.’ Numerous school yard debates were held as to the breeding and lineage of this scooter. I just ain’t right was the verdict.

    Some guys would put a 48 Ford piston in the original Eagles. They’d pull 60 on the highway. 45 is plenty for me at my age now. These things were treacherous in the handling dept. Don’t even try to countersteer at speed.

    Still, the Eagles were and are still lots of fun.

    • Sean Warnke

      I own a 1964 Cushman Super Silver Eagle which has an OMC engine. Finest running scooter I’ve ever owned. I also own a 1952 Cushman Eagle that has a Cushman Husky engine. I don’t have a favorite engine between the two of them. They are both very well built engines.

    • GaryC GaryC

      Here is a 1962 Cushman Eagle that we put a hotrod Briggs engine in. I built an ignition system that would advance and retard the timing as needed. The thing would run 100mph (by the speedo) probably more like 80mph. You’re right don’t even try to countersteer.

  2. Sam

    Is that a Cushman suicide shifter for the adolescent that isn’t ready for a full size hog?

  3. JW

    The Power Wagon and the Ranchero would be my choices.

    • Glen

      The 60 Ford pickup is another nice one.

  4. Brakeservo

    There are very few places left in this country where one can feel really isolated. Reserve, NM is on of ’em! I suspect there will either be some great bargains, or unknowing locals who have watched too much (un)Reality TV will bid these things beyond any reasonable value! I’m semi-close to Reserve . . . might just have to go watch, “just for fun” or so he says to she who must be obeyed . . .

  5. Ehare

    The Alice Chalmers tractor/grader must be super rare. I can’t remember seeing one before.

    • glen

      My initial thought was it’s an amazing homebuilt grader.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Actually Allis-Chalmers built a lot of those graders. They were used by counties and municipalities to maintain small areas where it was impractical to use a full-sized grader. They were based on the WD-45 tractor and built throughout the 50s. Dad bought a surplus one for a little more than a song. We used it to level off the rather expansive farm yard which could get quite rutted and torn up. Local tractor club has it now and uses it for the same purpose.

  6. Bobsmyuncle

    Tyrone Fire and Rescue

    Sector 3

    Station 3

  7. angliagt

    In this case,you can’t say there’s “No Reserve”.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m not a big Ranchero fan but that ’58 would almost have to go to my place. My brother is more partial to those and since he lives in Las Cruces I’ll forward this to him. Myself, I’m very partial to ’57 and ’60 Ford pickups, so you know where my attention is here. That Chevy 3-ton is a ’60 incidentally.

  9. Jay E.

    This could be a good auction, as I recall there is not much in Reserve, NM. That T-500 grader looks really clean. Wish It were closer, the freight is more than its value. The WD45 would be very light duty as the blade will lift the front end and slew you sideways with all but the lightest cut.

  10. whippeteer

    But is it a “No Reserve” auction?

  11. whippeteer

    The Duece and a Half is from Tyrone Fire and Rescue. There is a Tyrone Volunteer Fire Dept in Hachita, New Mexico.

    • Brakeservo

      Tyrone is just ouside of Silver City. Hachita must be 60 – 70 miles away, if there are even a dozen people left there I’d be surprised. Why would anyone think the Tyrone Fire Dept is in Hachita? By the way, I’m in and out of Silver City and Tyrone at least every other week.


    It’s my understanding the M-37’s were not Power Wagons, just M-37’s. I believe the Power Wagon was for the later, regular
    , pickups. The yellow medium duty Chevy truck may have a 60 hood. I know the 63 and e:arlier windshield on the pickup’ s wrap around the side of çab much more.
    The 64 and later windshield is much flatter like this one.
    Nice find, looks like lots of fun vehicles.

    • Barney Goofry

      The hood should wrap around
      Like the ’61 Ford truck. You see more
      ’62-’66 hoods swapped onto ’60-61s, but I like the early ones better.

  13. Bob C.

    I think the yellow chevy truck is newer than a 60, because wouldn’t it have a more curved windshield like the white Ford pickup?

  14. JoeT

    The 914 looks to have had a V-8 conversion done.

  15. sluggo

    I think theres some cool stuff there, be interesting the back story on prev owner. But I think being a remote area of the US will limit the bidding for most of it. A lot of commercial sellers of the heavy duty equipment dont move much very quick in places I have seen when they are old.
    I pick up equipment trader magazines sometimes and know a few places local and doesnt seem the inventory turns over much. Especially with taxes and equip depreciation for business and farms, But still for gearheads this is cool stuff.
    Nice find and thanks for posting.

  16. Robert

    The Chevy is a 1960.

    • Russ

      Robert the eye ball hood is correct for1960 but the windshield says 1962 and a half.they had the eye ball hood until late 62 on 3 ton utility trucks it’s not a half-ton pick up or seadan delivery they have different rules. 😎LATER

  17. Russ

    I bleive Bob correct I use to own a 60 apache panel/seadan delivery 144in weelbase-highly modified. I believe the 3 -ton Chevy is a 62 and a half .i think that’s when they started the what i call regular windshield instead of the wraparound one that’s on 60-62 generation.but I’m not an expert I’m guessing based on passed old Chevy experience which was a wild one !(PS I think yellow was for the utility trucks).!😎👍


    Russ and Robert, the Cab of the truck is 64-66. If you google pictures of 63 and earlier the windshield wraps around, and changes the geometry of the door. The 64-66 on the medium duty, pick-ups,and Suburbans, is much flatter.
    Yes, the hood and grille are from a 1960. The rest is not. I own a 1965 C60, and a 1966 C80

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