Avanti II

1 of 100: 1985 Avanti II

The Avanti was the car that refused to die. After Studebaker suspended production of the Avanti in late 1963 as part of its extended wake, interest in continuing the car surfaced. Two former Studebaker dealers bought rights to the… more»

No Reserve Starter Classic: 1987 Avanti II

While most Avanti enthusiasts are hungry for the early production models, the later cars represent a low-cost point of entry into classic car ownership with dirt-cheap maintenance and tons of exclusivity. This later Avanti II is from the era… more»

Summer Drives Only: 1981 Avanti II

When it comes to Avantis, the multiple chains of ownership and different styling that appeared over the years forces enthusiasts to think long and hard about which iteration they want to park in their garage. The earliest models, built… more»

Runs, Drives, and Stops: 1984 Avanti II

This 1984 Avanti II is a project-grade example that runs and drives but will need a thorough mechanical reconditioning. The interior remains in fine shape, highlighted by a set of sharp Recaros, and the bodywork is sound if not… more»

Spotless and Original: 1975 Avanti II

Sometimes fate will smile on a particular model of car, and that is the case with the Avanti. Originally designed, built, and released by Studebaker, it could very easily have disappeared when the parent company collapsed in a heap…. more»

Late Production Model: 1988 Avanti

Lightning can strike twice, as we have another late production Avanti up for sale just a few days after featuring a black on black example. This 1988 model doesn’t have mileage that’s quite as low as that car’s, but… more»

10k Original Miles: 1985 Avanti II Touring Coupe

As time wore on, the Avanti brand somehow continued to survive, despite multiple changes in ownership and a serious dilution of the original formula. By modern standards, it’s truly incredible Avanti managed to survive for as long as it… more»

Parked 15 Years Ago: 1977 Avanti II

This 1977 Avanti II entered garage storage 15 years ago under its own power, but now obviously has fallen on hard times. This is ironic considering the Avanti brand fell on hard times repeatedly since its inception, despite utilizing… more»

The CEO’s Car: 1990 Avanti Touring Sedan

There’s always a lesson to be learned and here’s mine for today, a 1990 Avanti, four-door sedan, located in Columbus, Ohio and available here on eBay for a current bid of $4,450. The lesson for me is that while… more»

Sun Burned Series II: 1984 Avanti

This 1984 Avanti is one of the later cars that was built during yet another ownership change in the company’s tumultuous history. Following Studebaker’s exit, a variety of owners and ownership groups attempted to keep the Avanti name alive,… more»

Rare Ride: 1985 Avanti II

We here at Barn Finds love a truly rare vehicle in good original condition, and this Avanti II looks like it would live up to that. It just so happens to be for sale here on craigslist out of… more»

Hand-Made Classic: 1982 Avanti II

In an era of mass production, a hand-built prestige vehicle like the Avanti II was always going to struggle for survival. Automotive history is littered with manufacturers who have tried to achieve this goal, but have fallen by the… more»

Barn Find Stude: 1967 Avanti II

As has been reported on these pages many times, the Avanti went through a variety of ownership and design changes after Studebaker pulled the plug. This example is a 1967 model, otherwise known as an Avanti II, and is… more»

Hand-Built Classic: 1967 Studebaker Avanti II

I guess that the owner of this Avanti II has referred to it as a Studebaker for convenience, but by the time this example was produced, it was no longer a Studebaker, but the product of the Avanti Motor… more»

Too Beautiful to Die! 1987 Avanti LWB Coupe

The elegant and futuristic design of the original 1963-64 Studebaker Avanti gave birth to numerous Avantis of one sort or another offered on and off through as recently as 2006 (thanks to danjedlicka.com and wikipedia.org for some details). This… more»

Accident Victim: New Mexico Barn Find Avanti II

Avantis are a curious car, with different generations representing another chapter the model’s tumultous history. The genuine, Studebaker-built early cars perhaps carry the most prestige, as later models were built by a variety of ownership groups with increasingly ordinary… more»