Avanti II

Three For One Avanti Projects!

The Studebaker Avanti is one of those rare cars that had an afterlife in the wake of the company’s demise. The Avanti Motor Car Co. was formed in 1965 and would soldier on into the 21st Century, hand-building no… more»

Powered By Chevrolet: 1975 Avanti II

In 1961, Studebaker executives had high hopes that the developing Avanti personal luxury car would help save the company. But they didn’t build enough of them before Studebaker ceased U.S. operations two years later, so the new car didn’t… more»

Studebaker Lives On! 1980 Avanti II

In the annals of U.S. automotive survival, the Avanti story is a very noteworthy one, especially seeing this limited-purpose, highly esteemed model, still in production as late as 1980 – eighteen years after job one rolled off of then… more»

The Avanti Lived On! 1980 Avanti II

When Studebaker ended U.S. production of its automobiles in late 1963, the short-lived Avanti touring car would be one of the casualties. But only for a short time. Two Stude dealers bought the name and equipment to continue making… more»

Loewy Lovely: 1974 Avanti

As time marches on we forget more of our past.  New generations see an item and know little of its origin.  Take for example this immaculate 1974 Avanti II for sale on craigslist in Kirkland, Washington for $26,500.  Few… more»

History Lives On! 1982 Avanti II

When Studebaker closed its South Bend, Indiana manufacturing plant at the end of 1963, everyone who had been following the new Avanti thought that was the end for the car. While Studebaker would keep building automobiles in Canada into… more»

Tent Find: 1983 Avanti II Coupe

The Avanti was one of Studebaker’s last attempts at staying afloat in the 1960s. But unfortunately, it was too little too late to make much difference and U.S. production ceased at the end of 1963. The brand would continue… more»

Rare 4-Door Luxury Sedan: 1990 Avanti II

The 1963-64 Studebaker Avanti was a personal luxury car that came along too late and in too few numbers to help save the company, which stopped making cars after 1966 (1963 in the U.S.). But a pair of Studebaker… more»

Rare 1984 Avanti II Touring Coupe

The Avanti almost certainly holds a unique place in automotive history. It is one of the few models that have soldiered on in production for decades after the company that spawned it sank into bankruptcy. In fact, it was… more»

1 of 100: 1985 Avanti II

The Avanti was the car that refused to die. After Studebaker suspended production of the Avanti in late 1963 as part of its extended wake, interest in continuing the car surfaced. Two former Studebaker dealers bought rights to the… more»

No Reserve Starter Classic: 1987 Avanti II

While most Avanti enthusiasts are hungry for the early production models, the later cars represent a low-cost point of entry into classic car ownership with dirt-cheap maintenance and tons of exclusivity. This later Avanti II is from the era… more»

Summer Drives Only: 1981 Avanti II

When it comes to Avantis, the multiple chains of ownership and different styling that appeared over the years forces enthusiasts to think long and hard about which iteration they want to park in their garage. The earliest models, built… more»

Runs, Drives, and Stops: 1984 Avanti II

This 1984 Avanti II is a project-grade example that runs and drives but will need a thorough mechanical reconditioning. The interior remains in fine shape, highlighted by a set of sharp Recaros, and the bodywork is sound if not… more»

Spotless and Original: 1975 Avanti II

Sometimes fate will smile on a particular model of car, and that is the case with the Avanti. Originally designed, built, and released by Studebaker, it could very easily have disappeared when the parent company collapsed in a heap…. more»

Late Production Model: 1988 Avanti

Lightning can strike twice, as we have another late production Avanti up for sale just a few days after featuring a black on black example. This 1988 model doesn’t have mileage that’s quite as low as that car’s, but… more»

10k Original Miles: 1985 Avanti II Touring Coupe

As time wore on, the Avanti brand somehow continued to survive, despite multiple changes in ownership and a serious dilution of the original formula. By modern standards, it’s truly incredible Avanti managed to survive for as long as it… more»