Backseat Driver: 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Shorty

The famed VW Beetle was still selling strong in 1974, but the Cabriolet or convertible version showed under 13,000 copies made. This is one of them and is said to have been professionally shortened, so it’s even smaller than… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

Original Paint: 1971 Volkswagen Beetle

July 30th, 2003, was a significant date in automotive history that passed with very little fanfare. On that day, the last Type 1 VW Beetle rolled off the production line in Puebla, Mexico. This brought down the curtain for… more»

Australian Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet Shed Find!

Some sheds will produce more than a single pleasant surprise, and that seems to be the case with this VW Beetle Cabriolet. It was found hidden away in a shed in West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia. This is… more»

Ultimate Sleeper: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

One glance at the dropped ride height and the genuine Fuchs wheels should be enough to tell you that this 1957 Volkswagen Beetle isn’t totally original. However, those features are the tip of the iceberg with this classic. I… more»

No Reserve Ragtop: 1961 Volkswagen Beetle

In the classic car world, values can fluctuate like the stock market. Certain trends or factors unknown can cause the values to skyrocket depending on the genre. Muscle cars and Porsches have seen these trends. Volkswagen Beetles seem to… more»

Black-Plate Bug: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Some say that an original Beetle is the most recognizable car in the world. Even young children know one when they see one! This beige 1967 “De Luxe”example is up for sale right now, here on craigslist, from sunny… more»

Porsche-Powered! 1969 Safari Dune Buggy

There are probably three different ways that you can build a dune buggy. The first would be to do what I did with a friend years ago and mash something together from a discarded VW Beetle, tools needed? A… more»

Daily Driven: 1959 Volkswagen Beetle

Owning a desirable classic that you can use as a practical daily driver is a great experience, and that is what the owner of this 1959 VW Beetle has been able to do. The car came to the US… more»

Owned Since 1973: 1965 Volkswagen Beetle

When I am looking for a classic car, one of the most promising attributes that I tend to look for is to find one that has been the subject of long-term ownership by one individual. That is precisely what… more»

From The Barn To The Weeds: 1962 VW Beetle

This one’s a bit rough. And the seller is a bit vague. And there aren’t a lot of pictures. OK, so let’s look at it anyway, after all, it is the one time omnipresent VW Bug. This 1962 example… more»

Oval Window Cruiser! 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

Early Volkswagen Beetles have a ton of appeal and get attention wherever they go. This 1956 is probably no exception with its lowered stance and accessories, it is sure to turn heads. The seller says they found it sitting… more»

South Of The Border: 1994 VW Beetle

We found this 1994 Volkswagen Beetle here on Craigslist in Austin, Texas. These VW’s dubbed “Mexican Beetles” carried the nostalgia of “The Love Bug” coupled with slightly upgraded interior and updated fuel injected 1600CC which was added in replace… more»

Tiny RollsWagon: 1969 VW Beetle

Need a little luxo-posing in your life? Can’t afford that new Rolls you have been eyeing? Well here’s a solution on the cheap, a 1969 VW Beetle with a “RollsWagon” nose piece, located in Tuxedo Park, New York. It… more»

Oval Down Under: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

Talk about a car you really don’t see every day, this one has to be in the top 10! It’s a right-hand drive, oval-window model and it hails from Sydney, Australia! It’s up for sale here on eBay Australia… more»

Red Light District Edition? 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Are you ready for an interesting story that may or may not be totally true?  Have you ever heard of a Volkswagen Beetle that had its interior package named after a “red light district?”  That is the claim attached… more»

Stalled Restoration: 1959 Volkswagen Beetle

This 1959 Volkswagen Beetle is a stalled project that ran when it was parked. It has been dismantled for restoration, but it is a complete car that the next owner can really put their own personal mark on. The… more»