Bright Orange 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

If you were a teenager in the 1970s or 1980s, there’s a fair chance you tooled around in a VW Beetle. That’s because zillions of them were around and they were cheap as dirt. Detroit finally began to seriously… more»

BF Auction: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

UPDATE – The seller made some adjustments and the clutch noise went away so they have relisted the Beetle with a lower reserve! Being forced to part with a classic project due to circumstances beyond your control is a… more»

No Rust And Highly Original 1958 VW Beetle Deluxe

1958 marked the 20th anniversary of the Volkswagen Beetle, with The People’s Car still meeting the objective of remaining cheap and simple, holding true to the concept it was originally designed for.  This ’58 model has a great story… more»

Lot Of 4! 1970 Beetle, 1973 Bradley GT Plus 2 More VW Creations

‎ If you’ve been in the market for a nice Beetle and have room for three other drivers on the same chassis, this may be your lucky day as just about everything regarding this lot of four Volkswagen cars… more»

No Reserve: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Few vehicles in automotive history can be considered truly legendary. The Ford Model T was one, and the Volkswagen Beetle was another. Both cars rolled off the line in enormous numbers, providing affordable transport for the masses. This 1967… more»

12k Mile Survivor: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Built between 1938 and 2003, the VW Type 1 (aka Beetle or Bug) is one of the world’s most recognizable vehicles. That’s because of its shape and more than 21.5 million were built across the globe. They came into… more»

Nice Driver: 1973 Volkswagen Beetle

Never is a strong term to use in conversations as it implies something absolute, but the seller of this 1973 VW Beetle goes there and claims his car has not ever been operated in the snow, salt, or even… more»

Three Owners: 1960 Volkswagen Beetle

Any guesses as to how many 1960 Volkswagen Beetles are for sale tonight as I write this? lists a couple; Hemmings and Auto Trader another six each; and others are probably lurking at more obscure venues – all… more»

Spare Engine Included: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle demonstrated admirable longevity. It remained in production well beyond expectations when the automotive world and technology had passed it by. It was not many years ago that buyers could find them for mere pennies, but they… more»

1 of 200: 1973 Meyers Manx SR Kit Car

Bruce Meyers set the recreational vehicle world on fire in the late 1960s with the Meyers Manx, a dune buggy kit based on a shortened Volkswagen Beetle undercarriage. That success led to the development of the Manx SR (short… more»

Rare Split Window! 1952 Volkswagen Beetle

The VW Type 1 (aka Beetle) was one of the most tenured names in automobile history, with more than 21 million copies assembled from 1939 to 2003. For the first dozen or so years, the Beetle used a split… more»

AutoStick Transmission: 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle

With competition finally coming from U.S.-built subcompacts. Volkswagen kept working to improve its bread-n-butter car, the Type 1 Beetle. In 1968, they introduced AutoStick, a manual transmission with an automatic clutch. And in 1971, they brought out the Super… more»

4-Seat Dune Buggy! 1967 Volkswagen Berry Mini-T

Built by Berry Plasti-Glass Works in the late 1960s, the Mini-T was a kit car modeled after the Ford Model T. Based on a ‘67 VW Beetle platform, this edition is especially interesting and rare as it’s a 4-seater… more»

Convertible Collection: 1970s Volkswagen Beetles

The VW Type 1 (aka Beetle) may be the most produced automobile ever at 21.5 million copies. That’s 50% more than the Ford Model T of the early 20th Century. The first production “Bug” was built in 1949 and… more»

Estate Find: 1971 Bradley GT Kit Car

Kit cars have been around for a really long time, with a few of the earliest examples dating back to around the turn of the twentieth century.  But it seems like the interest sort of skyrocketed in the fifties… more»

Indian Red Driver: 1960 Volkswagen Beetle

This 1960 Volkswagen Beetle is said to wear a rare paint code known as Indian Red, which the seller claims was only sold in 1960. The color itself is quite attractive, slotting in between in-your-face signal red and some… more»