Sun Bug Edition; 1974 Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle

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The Sun Bug was a special edition of the venerable Volkswagen Type 1 (aka Beetle). It was offered from 1973 to 1975 as either a sedan with a metal sunroof or a typical convertible. All the photos online show these cars painted Harvest Gold – so it may have been the only color. This nice example from 1974 looks practically new and has only 13,800 miles put on by its single owner. Perhaps only needing someone new to love it, this Bug is available here on craigslist for $28,500 in Yucaipa, California. What a great tip brought to us by Tony Primo!

No specific production numbers seem to be floating around regarding how many of these Sun Bugs were built, much less imported to the U.S. which we assume was the primary market. Besides the nifty gold paint, the upholstery is made of special velvet-cord material that coincides with the exterior color of the Beetle. The dashboard sports wood veneer trim and the steering wheel has extra padding and detailing. Lemmerz GT wheels are part of the package, but the main draw is the steel sliding roof – no hack job here or a canvas pullover.

We’re told this Sun Bug was sold new in Southern California and appears to have lived there all its life. Besides the sunroof, this Beetle also has air conditioning (working) that was not commonly found in VWs from this era. The AM radio proudly wears the Volkswagen name. This is a simple but cool ride!

This vehicle has been driven an average of just 275 miles per year. That implies the car was only brought out for special occasions and rides in nice weather. The paint and interior look completely original and – if so – this might be one of the nicest, low-mileage Bugs left on the planet. The asking price sounds a bit stiff, but the cost of restoring a rough example would easily cost this much or more.

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  1. JDC

    That is one nice clean little bug. I didn’t realize prices had climbed so much on Beetles, but if one deserves top dollar, I’d say this is it!

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  2. Jon Calderon

    I’m def not a Beetle guy, but I love this car! In SW Fl, you GOT to have AC. Not a collector, but I think the price is very fair, even though it’s WAY out of my reach. 👍

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  3. GarryM

    Yikes, that seems like a lot for a newer gen Beetle. But, it has a lot of desirable features, has been well cared for and low miles.

    The curved windshield means its (to me) a “Super Beetle” which is not a basic model. I tested one back in 1973-74 while I as shopping around for a new car at the end of my post-secondary schooling. The Beetle was impressive in many ways but underpowered so I passed and bought a domestic compact.

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  4. Jack M.

    Wow, the a/c compressor is almost as big as the engine! I bet that you are going to notice when that is running.

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  5. GuernseyPagoda

    Every Sun bug that I have seen had the “4 spoke” wheels(instead of the regulars on this car). I’m guessing they changed them out. I prefer the other wheels.

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  6. Marshall

    Air condition is quite simple on a bug. You roll the windows down an roll back the sun roof. You are spoiled..

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  7. MTB

    I bought a new 74 Beetle Sun Bug in Toledo.
    Drove the heck out of it. Made it to southern CA. Didn’t have AC. What a great reliable fun to drive car with lot’s of memories.

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    I purchased one of these for my Daughter a few years ago. The smiles for Miles is amazing, its a great car and you could drive it across country(Canada) as long as your not in a rush. LOL
    I think they only made 3000 total. regular beetle, super beetle(like this one) and convertibles
    They have a very rear shifter knob and rear “SUNBUG” emblem if the dealer installed them.
    This one looks like a nice car!!!

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  9. PiorateMike

    If the photos are of the actual car, it is a “Super Beetle” The curved windshield is the hallmark of the Super. The front suspension uses struts, more like a more modern car instead of torsion bars like the regular Beetle. The price seems steep, but it also appears to be an excellent example. I owned a ’74 Super, and it was an excellent car for me.

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  10. BrianT BrianTMember

    I looked at one of these in Connecticut in ’74:with every intention of buying. That intention changed when the dealer offered me nothing for trading in my 1965 442. I don’t mean he offered a low trade in, he offered me $0.

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      Brian, looking back do you now regret missing out on that bug, and keeping the 442 a while longer?

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      • BrianT BrianTMember

        It would’ve been nice to get it but I sold the 442 and bought the Gremlin.

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      • Bamapoppy

        Brian, $0 for the 442 but you sold it and bought a Gremlin. So, you got burnt by the VW guy and didn’t want him to make a commission on selling the Bug? I understand. I’ve owned 2 Beetles but not a Gremlin.

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  11. Dave G Lund

    I used to be a bug fan and actually owned a SunBug until I grew tired of spending so much time and money in the VW dealer. I absolutely loved the steel sunroof but most of the time you couldn’t use it because air coming in caused a harmonic vibration that would drive you crazy. The Super Beetles had a steering gear vibration that was called normal.And then the clear coat began to peel. And then there was the service! When I only point out a VW to my wife she mentions something about over my dead body!

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