Mite with Bite! 750 lb 1958 Berkeley SE492

Race Physics 101 states that, if you want to go twice as fast, you can either halve the weight or quadruple the horsepower. Every pound eliminated makes a car easier to accelerate, brake, and pitch through corners. This adorable… more»

Lost Storage Space: 1959 Berkeley SE492

At a time in England when “men in sheds” produced a number of now-obscure cars, Berkeley gained a reputation for building fun-to-drive sports cars at budget-friendly prices. You have a chance to own one of these buzzy little cars… more»

Austin Engine Swap: 1958 Berkeley Racer

Despite appearing for sale with some regularity, the 1950s Berkeley Sports was made in limited numbers, with just over 4,000 built. Powered by engines ranging from 18 to 50 b.h.p., these were extremely clever cars that made extensive use… more»

It’s A Berkeley With A Quiz For You!

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F., who found the ad for this 1956-58 Berkeley SA322 or SE328 (we’re not sure) here on craigslist. The car is located in Pensacola, Florida, and is selling to the best offer by… more»

Powered by Renault: 1958 Berkeley Roadster

Buying an old race car is always such a romantic idea, especially if it’s a car you had seen racing back in the day. That’s the story this seller tells, reminiscing that he spotted this beaten-up 1958 Berkeley Roadster… more»

Game Changer! 1958 Berkeley SE328

As frequent Barn Finds readers know, Berkeleys are small, motorcycle engined British sports cars that have largely fiberglass bodies and a steel central tub. They also tend to be found in dilapidated condition, usually without an engine. If an… more»

Trailer Justified! 1958 Berkeley 328

Thanks to long time submitter Peter R. for this great find! For once, I won’t complain that someone left the car on the trailer when putting it up for sale–there are no wheels or hubs included with the auction,… more»

4,690 Miles? 1958 Berkeley SE328

While there’s a little bit of conflicting information regarding this car, we do know it’s a Berkeley SE328, which was produced from January 1957 through April 1958 (this is a 1958) and it’s got the “export spec” raised headlight… more»

British Berkeley Project: 1950 Berkeley T60

This cheeky little devil is in Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom and is listed on eBay. It’s a 1960 Berkeley T60 and yes, gasp; it only has three wheels! We all know that when a 3-wheeler has it’s single tire in… more»

45 Years In Storage: 1960 Berkeley B95

This is a 1960 Berkeley B95 and it’s in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of just over £2,000 ($2,872) and four days left on the auction. These are unique cars, there’s no… more»

Three Wheels Or Four? LGBSC* Sprite and Berkeley Finds

We had two readers submit Little Green British Sports Car* finds yesterday. First up, we have a 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite with a lot of mechanical improvements but that hasn’t been driven a lot recently and needs some cosmetics. Jim S. sent us… more»

Off The Road For 40 Years: Berkeley SE328

Although Berkeley’s are unusual and relatively rare, I’ve noticed that they seem to come up quite frequently as barn finds. Between their fiberglass bodies that don’t rust and their tiny size, I think they get tucked away in places… more»

Reader Find: 1958 Berkeley

From Don L. – Hi guys, I ran across a “fresh” ad for a lot full of old cars in Orange County. I was the first one there and managed to buy a few of the cars. One of… more»

British Motoring Monday: 1958 Berkeley Project

The first time I ever saw a Berkeley it was hanging on the wall of a foreign car repair shop in Raleigh, NC. Turns out the shop owner had it and had run out of convenient storage places, wasn’t… more»

Cycle Power: 1957 Berkeley SA322

With today’s high gas prices, a motorcycle powered sports car sounds like a good idea to us. It is not a new concept though as Berkeley Cars was cranking them out back in the fifties. The first in their… more»

Baby Bristol: 1957 Berkeley SE 492 Sports

UPDATE 1/21/12 – Did not meet reserve at $3,030 with 17 bids. If the price tag of the AC Bristol was a little overwhelming for you, then you may want to consider this little guy. We admit that a… more»