Unusual Three Wheeler! 1959 Berkeley T60

Ever heard of a Berkeley? We have covered them here at Barn Finds before but I have to admit, I’ve missed those posts. This example is a bit special as it’s a three-wheeler – how unusual! Let’s take a… more»

Two-Stroke Racer: 1957 Berkeley SE328

If you recognize this little car, it’s probably because we featured it when it was listed for sale and then again when we bought it! We quickly went through the brakes and got it running again. It’s great fun… more»

Auction Finds: 1954 Austin Healey 100 + Berkeley SE328

A fairly obscure listing for what looks like a farm auction in Delaware, Ohio has a few project-grade sports cars that could go cheaply if the current bidding action holds up. The listing includes what looks like a restoration-worth… more»

Barn Finds 1958 Berkeley SE328!

A few days ago, we featured a Berkeley SE328 that reader Ikey H tipped us off to. Shortly after Russ D wrote it, we realized that this little rarity was right here in Boise, Idaho. We’ve been on the… more»

Car Plus Trailer: 1957 Berkeley SE328

Berkeley Cars Ltd. was an English producer of sporty microcars and had a relatively short span in business – 1956 to 1960. One of their cars was the SE328, which stood for Sports Edition and the engine size (328… more»

Motorcycle Powered? 1958 Berkeley SE 492

If you don’t know what a Berkeley SE 492 is, don’t feel bad about it. I’d never heard of of one either. All of us that are car people don’t want to admit that something slipped in under our… more»

READER AD: 1958 Berkeley Sports SE 492

At 750 pounds, this 1958 Berkeley Sports SE 492 isn’t a Lotus, but it follows Colin Chapman’s famous quote, “Simplify, then add lightness.” This outstanding project car is a Barn Finds Reader Find and it is located in incredibly… more»

Box of Parts, Box of Gas! 1958 Berkeley SE328

And now! In this corner! From Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England… weighing in at 605 lb… the 1958 Berkeley SE328! This particular SE328 hails from Hubbard, Ohio in the Eastern flatlands of that fine state. The listing here on, asks… more»

Mite with Bite! 750 lb 1958 Berkeley SE492

Race Physics 101 states that, if you want to go twice as fast, you can either halve the weight or quadruple the horsepower. Every pound eliminated makes a car easier to accelerate, brake, and pitch through corners. This adorable… more»

Lost Storage Space: 1959 Berkeley SE492

At a time in England when “men in sheds” produced a number of now-obscure cars, Berkeley gained a reputation for building fun-to-drive sports cars at budget-friendly prices. You have a chance to own one of these buzzy little cars… more»

Austin Engine Swap: 1958 Berkeley Racer

Despite appearing for sale with some regularity, the 1950s Berkeley Sports was made in limited numbers, with just over 4,000 built. Powered by engines ranging from 18 to 50 b.h.p., these were extremely clever cars that made extensive use… more»

It’s A Berkeley With A Quiz For You!

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F., who found the ad for this 1956-58 Berkeley SA322 or SE328 (we’re not sure) here on craigslist. The car is located in Pensacola, Florida, and is selling to the best offer by… more»

Powered by Renault: 1958 Berkeley Roadster

Buying an old race car is always such a romantic idea, especially if it’s a car you had seen racing back in the day. That’s the story this seller tells, reminiscing that he spotted this beaten-up 1958 Berkeley Roadster… more»

Game Changer! 1958 Berkeley SE328

As frequent Barn Finds readers know, Berkeleys are small, motorcycle engined British sports cars that have largely fiberglass bodies and a steel central tub. They also tend to be found in dilapidated condition, usually without an engine. If an… more»

Trailer Justified! 1958 Berkeley 328

Thanks to long time submitter Peter R. for this great find! For once, I won’t complain that someone left the car on the trailer when putting it up for sale–there are no wheels or hubs included with the auction,… more»

4,690 Miles? 1958 Berkeley SE328

While there’s a little bit of conflicting information regarding this car, we do know it’s a Berkeley SE328, which was produced from January 1957 through April 1958 (this is a 1958) and it’s got the “export spec” raised headlight… more»