Go-Kart Fun: 1958 Berkeley SE328

I could recount the entire history of the Berkeley Coachworks Company (headquarters: Biggleswade, England) – first using its expertise molding caravans from what we now call fiberglass, to making tiny sports cars that a few crazy people tried to… more»

Tiny But Ferocious: 1958 Berkeley SE-328

When you look at the postwar automotive world, it is easy to find examples of just how fertile the human mind can be.  Some of these automotive pioneers, both from large companies and those that were going their own… more»

Should I Adopt This Pair of Berkeleys?

I am appealing to the Barn Finds community to help me decide whether I should bid on this pair of Berkeleys. I am knee-deep into a multi-year restoration of an S328. Parts are slightly rarer than hen’s teeth. Yet… more»

Hayabusa Swap? 1959 Berkeley Roadster

Ah, the quirky Berkeley. Known as the SE328/492, these tiny two-seaters remain an oddity in the collector car marketplace. Is it worth saving this one, which has a few parts still attached to it but is largely a bare… more»

Microcar Project: 1958 Berkeley SE328

Run by Charles Panter and located in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England, Berkeley Caravans was making glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass) travel trailers in the 1950s. Having developed an alacrity with GRP but also suffering from the seasonality of trailer sales, Berkeley was… more»

Motorcycle Powered: 1960 Berkley B95

This isn’t the first Berkeley that we have covered but they’re a rare breed and don’t surface often. Besides their rarity, I chose this 1960  B95 subject because I liked the way it looked and thought you would find… more»

Tiny Terror: 1960 Berkeley B95 Race Car

Berkeley Coachworks, run by Charles Panter, was diligently making fiberglass caravans (travel trailers) in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire but its bean counters were broadcasting that all was not well with its accounts. The business was too seasonal. Panter appealed to Lawrence… more»

Pint-Sized Fun: Pair Of Berkeley SE492 Roadsters

Sometimes an advertisement can present a wealth of information yet leave some details mysterious. In this case, the “what” is obvious: a pair of beautiful Berkeley roadsters, one 1959 and one 1958, listed here on Craigslist. The “where” is… more»

Two for One: 1958 and 1959 Berkeley Roadsters

Now, you may have heard people say, “two cars, one price.” But have you ever heard, “two cars, one price, one garage space?” That’s what the seller of these two Berkeley roadsters is offering. The cars, a 1958 SE328… more»

Honda Powered! 1958 Berkeley SE328

OK, who has heard of a Berkeley? No, not the famous California university, a Berkely micro sports car produced by Berkeley Cars Ltd of Biggleswade, England. I certainly hadn’t and thus the reason for taking a look at this… more»

750 Lbs + 127 HP = Insane 1958 Berkeley SE492

Update 9/10/21 – We have featured this little racer a few times over the years but it has resurfaced once again here on craigslist for $6,000. Thanks go to Otto M for the tip! From 2/6/19 – Race Physics… more»

Unusual Three Wheeler! 1959 Berkeley T60

Ever heard of a Berkeley? We have covered them here at Barn Finds before but I have to admit, I’ve missed those posts. This example is a bit special as it’s a three-wheeler – how unusual! Let’s take a… more»

Two-Stroke Racer: 1957 Berkeley SE328

If you recognize this little car, it’s probably because we featured it when it was listed for sale and then again when we bought it! We quickly went through the brakes and got it running again. It’s great fun… more»

Auction Finds: 1954 Austin Healey 100 + Berkeley SE328

A fairly obscure listing for what looks like a farm auction in Delaware, Ohio has a few project-grade sports cars that could go cheaply if the current bidding action holds up. The listing includes what looks like a restoration-worth… more»

Barn Finds 1958 Berkeley SE328!

A few days ago, we featured a Berkeley SE328 that reader Ikey H tipped us off to. Shortly after Russ D wrote it, we realized that this little rarity was right here in Boise, Idaho. We’ve been on the… more»

Car Plus Trailer: 1957 Berkeley SE328

Berkeley Cars Ltd. was an English producer of sporty microcars and had a relatively short span in business – 1956 to 1960. One of their cars was the SE328, which stood for Sports Edition and the engine size (328… more»