Euro Spec Model: 1997 BMW M Roadster

The world of European cars in the United States has a long history, with the best versions of otherwise decent cars being kept overseas. When individuals began importing gray market cars in the 1980s, it was basically a way… more»

Sport Package Survivor: 1988 BMW 325iS

The E30 chassis 3-Series is a car near and dear to my heart, as this is the model that started me on the path to becoming a rabid car enthusiast. I’m sure most of us have a vehicle in… more»

Long-Term Owner: 1988 BMW M3

BMW enjoys a rich history of motorsport success, producing what is acknowledged as one of the most powerful engines in Formula 1 history. It also secured many titles in International Group A Touring Car racing, and it was for… more»

Bubble Car Survivor: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

Like Triumph’s Amphicar and Fiat’s Jolly, the BMW Isetta has a “coin of the realm” quality when it shows up at auctions. Once parked on the lawn at Bonham’s or Gooding, these cars are almost guaranteed to bring three… more»

Atlantik Blue Driver: 1969 BMW 2800

BMW is known predominantly for its hot-rod two-doors (see the M3) and its high-powered sedans (enter the M5). But in the early days of its emergence of a competitive automaker capable of competing with the best that Europe and… more»

The Ultimate Bimmer: 1979 BMW M1

The BMW M1 is a car steeped in history, not only for its place in BMW’s family tree but also in 1980s racing culture. Produced in exceedingly low numbers, this is one of the more desirable BMWs ever made… more»

Immaculate AWD: 1989 BMW 325iX

All-wheel drive used to be a much more exotic offering on automobiles sold in the U.S., registering as a mere blip across most models sold in the middle 80s. Fast forward a bit and that has all changed, with… more»

Fuel-Injected Project: 1974 BMW 2002tii

BMW’s splendid 2002 two-door sport sedans enjoy broad appeal. Nimble and snappy performers even in stock form, their sturdy engineering accommodates myriad modifications from mild to insane. With never-restored specimens like this readily available, the 2002 offers a visceral… more»

Fancy Miata? 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster

That may not be a fair title, comparing this 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster to a Mazda Miata, either for Miata fans or BMW fans. Mazda regenerated interest in small two-seat roadsters with its Miata, the best-selling convertible two-seat sports… more»

Ultimate Driving Machine: 1988 BMW 535i

Well, this is a first for me, I’ve never covered a BMW 535i, and actually, I don’t recall ever covering a BMW. No barn find here but this is a sharp looking 1988 535i and the seller claims that… more»

8,000 Original Miles: 1975 BMW 520i

The BMW 5-Series hovers on the cusp of collectability, but for the time being, that status is reserved for the Motorsports variant known as the M5. While sedans are generally less collectible than two doors, the 5-Series’ challenge is… more»

V12 Six-Speed: 1991 BMW 850i

One of the rarer BMW models sold in the last 30 years is the car you’re staring at here: a V12-powered, six-speed manual equipped E31 coupe. Otherwise known as an 850i, this three pedal-equipped example is one of less… more»

Museum Find: 1968 BMW Glas 3000 V8

This coupe represents the last gasp for Glas as a standalone company. Shortly after Glas introduced its V8, the company collapsed into the waiting arms of BMW – a victim of the voracious capital needs afflicting automakers. If this… more»

Project E12: 1977 BMW 530i

Is the BMW E12 the best sports sedan ever? Maybe not, but for the era, it was pretty close. Its most worthy competitor was probably another BMW – the 2002. Alfa and Lancia were making sporty saloons too, but… more»

Nicole Auto Conversion: 1986 BMW Alpina C2 2.5

In the world of old-school BMWs, the Alpina badge represents an exceedingly desirable specimen. Similar to Mercedes-Benz with AMG and Porsche’s relationship with RUF, the Alpina namesake was effectively as close as you could get to a factory-backed tuner… more»

All Original Survivor? 1969 BMW 1600

The BMW Neue Klasse of sport sedans was a revelation when introduced, offering sharp handling and respectable acceleration out of limited displacement. While we tend to gravitate towards the 2002 and E9 coupes as the darlings of this era,… more»