Fast Hauling Pair: Rare BMW M5 Touring Wagons

When it comes to forbidden fruit, few vehicles get European car enthusiasts more excited than a wagon version of a high-performance model line. This listing is for a pair of E34-chassis BMW M5s, a model that was never imported… more»

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Bavarian Oddball: 1989 BMW Z1

Though many folks are familiar with BMW’s Z3 and Z4 models, the first BMW Z Series model was the Z1, a funky roadster with a production run of approximately 8,000 units. Additionally, the Z1 was never offered in the… more»

Triple Matching R-Series: 1967 BMW R50/2

BMW’s R50 motorcycle is a timeless design, seemingly trapped between eras as a wartime machine and one of the predominant grand touring bikes of the 1950s. Its long production span certainly contributed to that, stretching from 1955 to 1969…. more»

Korman Turbo Equipped: 1982 BMW 320i

This 1982 BMW 320i is a U.S.-spec car that benefits from some very cool in-period modifications, including a Korman turbo kit and rear disc brake conversion courtesy of a Euro-spec 323i. The car retains a largely stock outside appearance… more»

Clean Euro-Spec Sedan: 1980 BMW 520

This 1980 BMW 520 is a desirable gray-market example, meaning it was originally intended for European audiences before somehow making its way to the United States with its desirable features intended for overseas consumers still intact. This 5-Series is… more»

Cheap Tii Project: 1974 BMW 2002 Tii

This listing is for a cheap BMW 2002 Tii project that has plenty of needs. The car was previously disassembled for rust repair, work that never actually took place and left in pieces with the chrome trim missing. However,… more»

Corvette Powered: 1991 BMW 318is

While BMW’s classic E30 3-Series platform is a competent performer right out of the box with its silky inline-six powerplant, many enthusiasts have sought better performance while preserving the classic shape. The most popular swap tends to be the… more»

Dakar Yellow Survivor: 1995 BMW M3

I’ve made little secret of my love for the BMW E36 M3, having now owned two of them with my latest acquisition last summer. This example is the car I’d like to own, as it’s the same year as… more»

Big Coupe Driver: 1987 BMW 635CSI

This 1987 BMW 635CSI is an attractive example of BMW’s premier grand touring coupe, with just under 100,000 miles and lots of spare parts included. It also has some visual enhancements that may indicate this is a European-market specimen,… more»

9k Mile Red Beauty: 1972 BMW 2002

BMW’s 02 Series was available in a variety of exterior paint colors, with the company offering various bright and eye-catching colors for the sporty coupe. This past September, I wrote about an Inka Orange 2002 that was a major… more»

Bubble Find: Like-New 1997 BMW 740i

This 1997 BMW 740i in Gogolin Slaski, Poland is currently sealed in its own plastic bubble, where it has been isolated from pollutants and anything else that might damage it. After spending the past few decades of being protected… more»

$11K in Maintenance: 1988 BMW M5

This 1988 BMW M5 is a one the more iconic sports sedans ever made, still revered today for its performance and everyday livability. The seller of this example claims he has just completed nearly $12,000 in recent maintenance but… more»

Drop Top Rarity: 1971 BMW 1602 Convertible

  If you’re a fan of BMW’s classic 2002, you have likely found the idea of a convertible version appealing at one point or another. Sadly, BMW didn’t officially import a drop-top version of its classic two-door sedan, and… more»

Junkyard Find: BMW-Powered 1988 Mercedes Hartge F1

As someone who routinely rescues rare vehicles out of junkyards, finding a car like this is on a whole other level. This may look like your bread-and-butter W124-chassis Mercedes-Benz 300E, but it’s actually a completely bonkers one-off built by… more»

Ultimate Driving Machine: 1989 BMW 325i Touring

I’m sure I’ll always have a soft spot for station wagons. My high school (and beyond) car was a 1992 Honda Accord wagon. While of the same era, the only common ground between my Honda and this 1989 BMW… more»

Numbers Matching Tii: 1973 BMW 2002

This 1973 BMW 2002 Tii is a nicely preserved example that remains highly original despite a repaint from its original Sahara paint job to the current red finish. The car is not only numbers-matching, but it also retains what… more»