Tii Warehouse Find: 1972 and 1974 BMW 2002s

What is it about cars stored in dark, cramped warehouses that gets our attention? Well, it’s likely the potential of discovering a long-hidden rarity or parts stash, or perhaps it’s just the allure of florescent lighting… more»

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Sunroof and Jade: 1976 BMW 2002

This $950 BMW 2002 is a desirable sunroof model that wears one of the more popular paint shades and sports a manual transmission. The car itself is fairly battered and clearly someone’s unfinished project, but getting… more»

No Funny Business! 1972 BMW 2002

The Seller instructs the Reader: “Price is Firm! No Funny Business.” Obviously, this is a serious matter for serious-minded buyers und should be approached as such. So German. Well, you’re going to have to be serious… more»

Manual Swap Candidate: 1973 BMW 3.0CS

When we find examples of BMW’s pretty E9 coupe, they’re usually rusty heaps past the point of redemption or precious survivors worth every dime of their high selling price. This 1973 3.0CS seems somewhere in the… more»

One Repaint: BMW 2002 Tii Survivor

Check out the bidding on this survivor-grade 1973 BMW 2002 Tii – it’s already crested $20K with more than four days left on the auction. This is the going rate for clean round-taillight 2002s equipped with… more»

BMW Diesel Equipped: 1984 Lincoln Mark VII

The Lincoln Mark VII already is an appreciating classic, thanks to its combination of Ford 5.0 V8 power, rear wheel drive and mild exotica attributed to fancy bits like air suspension and digital clusters. However, for… more»

Monday Motivation: 1970 BMW 2500

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent my weekend on the road in my ’73 BMW Bavaria driving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and back, and everything was going swimmingly until, about 18 miles from… more»

Barockangel: 1957 BMW 502

I’m writing from the road today, having traversed California from North to South in my Bavaria to attend the tenth annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet in Van Nuys yesterday. It’s a fun show, and well attended,… more»

The Flying Brick: 1985 BMW K100

This fun 1985 BMW K100 looks to be in shockingly good condition, thanks to long-term garage storage by the widow of the previous owner. These early K bikes were perhaps one of the purest forms of… more»

Package Deal: VW Karmann Ghia & BMW 2002

We tend to be wary of sellers that set hard-to-reach terms in their advertisements, so tread carefully with this one: a package deal-only sale of a 1974 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia and a a 1972 BMW 2002. Both… more»

Estate Sale Find: All-Original 1988 BMW 535is

The E28 platform BMW is among the most loved of the 5-Series lineup: comfortable, quick and a deft handler for a family car, the 535is was the next best thing if you couldn’t afford the upkeep… more»

Restoration Debate: 1970 BMW 2800CS

BMW’s beautiful E9 coupe is one of the fan favorites of the vintage Bimmer crowd, but finding the right car is essential for a happy ownership experience. The mechanicals are not complicated, but the bodies are… more»

Gordon Gekko’s Garage: Jaguar XJ6 & BMW 325E

As many of you know, I dig 80’s imports – and own a car like one of the ones featured here. It seems this garage or storage building in Western Massachusetts houses some leftovers of 1980’s… more»