Patina’d Sport Package: 1983 BMW 320is

This 1983 BMW 320is is a pleasingly grungy sport package car, equipped with all of the desirable goodies it left the factory with. As of late, the E21-chassis 3-Series is enjoying a nice uptick in interest, thanks to its… more»

Original Bubble Car: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

It was the appearance of the original Iso Isetta that caused the world to coin the phrase “bubble car.” It was a term that seemed to find its way onto many other micro-cars of the era, but the Isetta… more»

Collector Grade Example? 1989 BMW M3

The seller of this 1989 BMW M3 claims it is a collector-grade example with just 87,377 miles. For the E30 chassis models of BMW’s famous performance coupe, the term collector-grade carries very real connotations these days as the true… more»

Storage Locker Score: 1987 BMW M6

Somewhere in Arizona, a dusty BMW M6 sits awaiting another shot at living. Apparently somewhat of a Storage Wars-type find, this M6 is offered with very little information on a website apparently specializing in the sell-off of storage unit discoveries… more»

Nicely Restored: 1974 BMW R75/6

There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom that you get when you throw your leg over a motorcycle and hit the open road. To do this is one of the most enjoyable and involving motoring experiences that… more»

Preserved Sport Package Car: 1982 BMW 320i

This 1982 BMW 320i is a preserved sport package example, with all of the desirable “S” components still attached and possible low mileage of under 50,000. There are some possible discrepancies to the mileage claim, but the seller is… more»

Two For One: 1972 BMW 2002Tii + BMW 320i

While most newer luxury vehicles incorporate excessive integration of technology, this wasn’t always the case, especially for BMW. Older models produced by the company combined handsome styling and nimble handling without an overwhelming amount of comfort features, which is… more»

Tii In The Weeds: 1972 BMW 2002

This 1972 BMW 2002 Tii is listed by the son of the previous owner, who sadly isn’t going to have time to restore the car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run, it doesn’t roll, and it has rust in a variety… more»

Ran When Parked: 1988 BMW M3

Prices for the E30-chassis BMW M3 have thankfully begun to adjust a bit, particularly as it relates to driver-quality cars. This 1988 model isn’t presented as being anything other than a fair quality example, but it’s not entirely clear… more»

Cheap 1974 BMW 2002 Project

While I have a hard time ignoring everything German and vintage (hence why fellow editor Jamie flagged this 1974 2002 for me), your appetite for big projects can wane after a while. Currently, I blame the on-again off-again Mercedes… more»

Well-Loved Driving Machine: 1989 BMW M3

Much has been written about the long-lived nature of cars developed by BMW’s in-house motorsport division, particularly the E28 M5 and E30 M3. Of course, these are maintenance-hungry engines, but the basic rule of thumb says if you treat… more»

Smoke Damage: Charred 1988 BMW M3

This is gut-wrenching – the sight of two desirable BMWs, sitting in a driveway covered in soot. Of course, it’s a scene I’m sadly familiar with, as my 1987 BMW 325is lived through a garage fire where it was… more»

Baur Spec: 1985 BMW 320 TC2

As the resident BMW enthusiast, I’m always undecided where I stand on the novel Baur conversion cars. They sport a unique combination of roof panels and pillars, affording a combination of open-air experiences. However, they never seem to command… more»

No Reserve Land Shark: 1986 BMW 635CSI

BMW’s E24-chassis 6-Series remains one of the better choices still available for reasonable money if a German hobby car is on your list. The 635CSI often gets overlooked next to the glorious M6 of the same generation, but the… more»

Engine Swap Candidate: 1969 BMW 2002

Despite being a massive project, this 1969 BMW 2002 is a desirable round taillight car equipped with factory air conditioning. And really, once you get past the part about it needing an engine dropped in, there’s not much here… more»

Track Car Build: 1990 BMW M3

Some of the insanity around E30 M3 prices has begun to calm down, with less than perfect cars sticking around for longer periods of time 0r selling for far lower prices than a few years ago. Now, that’s not… more»