$875 Will Make This 1979 Bradley GT Yours!

This 1979 Bradley GT looks like a potential bargain at just $875, but that assumes you’re interested in this particular type of kit car. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since bringing the highly-original Kelmark GT from Georgia to… more»

GT40 Replica Kit: 1965 Volkswagen Ferrer GT

It’s amazing how influential the Ford GT40 was when first introduced. From how it set the racing world on fire and spawned numerous dogfights with Ferrari, to the modern day re-creation that never lost a step when it came… more»

Fresh Motor: 1976 Bradley GT

A Kelmark or a Bradley? That’s the question on my mind, especially after getting involved with the sale of a very solid Kelmark GT from the large Georgia collection I’m helping to market. This Bradley GT is a claimed… more»

Garage Find Kit Car: 1974 Bradley GT-2

Many times, I pass up on featuring kit cars like this Bradley GT-2 because they are in such horrible conditon it seems unlikely anyone would take it on. That’s not the case with the 1974 example, which is a… more»

55+ Collector Cars For Sale: 6/10 Auction in Minnesota

Though the term collector car is used almost excruciatingly often, it can sometimes be interpreted quite literally: what one person collected, and is thus, a “collector car.” However, in the case of an auction happening this Saturday in Spring… more»

Not For Tall People: 1972 Bradley GT

Here’s a car you don’t see everyday, at least a finished one! This is a 1972 Bradley GT and it’s in Staten Island, New York. It’s listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of just $3,500; less… more»

Refined Fiberglass: 1972 Bradley GT II

Listed here on craigslist in Buffalo, New York is this Bradley GT II sitting on a 1972 Beetle pan. The seller has it listed at $4,250, which seems like a great deal for a completed car.

287 Miles: 1977 Bradley GT

Kit cars have always been fascinating to us. You can get supercar looks, common and cheap components, and featherweight handling. At the same time, their underpinnings tend to be rather bland. If you are good at tuning VW Beetles,… more»

Demo Model: 1974 Bradley GT

You don’t usually think of kit car builders making demo units, but when kits were big back in the ’70s, most of the builders took new demonstration models to events all over the world. Listed here on craigslist in Macon, Georgia and parked… more»

Budget Sports Car: Bradley GT

Our readers have sent in a lot of these over the years, but we have yet to feature one. Kit cars are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought this Bradley GT project looked clean enough and the… more»

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