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55+ Collector Cars For Sale: 6/10 Auction in Minnesota

Though the term collector car is used almost excruciatingly often, it can sometimes be interpreted quite literally: what one person collected, and is thus, a “collector car.” However, in the case of an auction happening this Saturday in Spring Valley, Minnesota, I’m guessing the auctioneer wants you to pay collector car money. Find the car listing here on Spring Valley Sales website, where details on vehicles like this Dodge Charger are quite sparse. 

Could an MGA be considered a collector car in the true sense of the word? I suppose, but even more so in twin cam form. The auction contains several MGAs in varying levels of condition, though all of them will need some work. This one stood out to me as the most complete, especially with what appears to be knock-off wheels. The body looks OK, but you can tell some attempt at rust repair has already been performed.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a collector vehicle, but only if it’s in mint condition. Otherwise, it is simply a once-expensive SUV that can be a bear to repair. This one looks reasonable solid, with its wood trim paneling still intact and four tires that hold air. The paint might be save-able, too, but the chrome bumper in front appears to have taken a hit. If it runs and drives, it could be worth a gamble.

I’ve come to love these little Datsun roadsters, but there’s a good supply of them still available – so no reason to buy the rattiest one out there. This example looks fairly tired, and the Ohio license plate would have me hunting for signs of massive rust. The body does look straight, but would require a full repaint if cosmetics keep you awake at night. The period luggage rack on the trunk is a nice touch.

A Bradley? A Kelmark? I can’t quite tell for sure, but these kit cars can appear quite trashed in even the best of hands. However, despite the hodge-podge nature of this collection, the vehicle appears reasonable sound with doors that still close and an interior that looks complete. This could be a car worth checking out, as I doubt many folks attending this auction are going to pay much attention to a VW-based kit car.

Oooh, an AMX! These always draw a crowd and this example looks very complete. The sun-baked paint on the roof and aged license plate indicates it’s been sitting for quite some time, but if it’s been stored somewhat carefully, that may not be a bad thing. I dig the crosshair grills on the headlights, though I’m not sure what purpose they serve. The seat covers are groovy, too.

Finally, this Corvette looks like it was running and driving fairly recently based on the fresh colors of the license tag and overall clean appearance. I’ve seen a few of these fetch a good price recently when equipped with a manual transmission and the performance suspension, so it could be worth breaking down the VIN to see if this one is worth bringing home. Which would you choose? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Kirk Schumacher for the find.


  1. D

    I think the crosshairs on the AMC were / are to protect from rocks. Minnesota vehicles are terrible for rust, soooooo ….

  2. Trent Poole

    The kit car is a Bradley GT2.

  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    The Vette looks promising (based on 1 picture) but the pair of early 60’s T-Birds are more interesting. The most interesting thing though is what appears to be a early German pump organ. There’s even a big bumper Z car in there.

    I’m through there ever few months, never heard of the auction house before.

  4. JD

    Looks like a bunch of undesirables. 80’s vette, yawn…. AMC, *yawn* 73 or so Charger *yawn*.

    • AMCFAN

      JD …..yawn!

      • Oil Slick

        I’ll second that….

      • JD

        You are an AMC fan. Obviously your tastes differ from the rest of the “collector” car crowd. So you opinion matters not to me!

    • Keith

      Mmmmmk. Cos nobody wants AMX’s.

      • JD

        Relatively speaking, nope. If by .005% of the collector population/fan base means somebody, then ok, you got me there.

    • Keith

      Bahwhaha that’s hilarious. So JD at what % of “fandom” does a car need to be at for it to be worthy of being collectible? Anyone can spew out numbers, watch: A 61 300G is only desirable by 0.0017% of the “collector population” cos I said so, therefore no one wants 300Gs so they should be crushed, right? I would recommend you take a look at prices of AMX’s on Ebay….yeah they seem VERY undesirable

      • AMCFAN

        Well put Keith,

        I am not exactly into Chrysler 300’s but have a mutual respect for them. They are a rare gentlemans muscle car. Add me to that percentage. I think every car listed here has potential.

        The Jeep Grand Wagoneer has a huge following and prices for near mint examples rival that in price to an SC/Rambler. In defense to the lowly AMX =JD. Finding one complete today that someone bought 20/30 years ago in a dry climate state that is not parted down and is restoreable is rare. Not your cup of tea and that’s OK.

        Depending on the engine and transmission combos the production numbers could net a car that is under 300 units built if that grabs you. I am sure It would be a turn off if it had the 390. A car that has the ability to lift the front wheels off the ground. Undesirable indeed! I wince at your thought of what a “collector” car is! Hopefully you have the balls to respond to us and let us know!

  5. Frank

    Can anyone identify the motor in the engine bay of the 1980 MGB? Looks like a straight (or maybe slant) 6?

    • Bruce Best

      That could be the healey six that they put into some of the MG’s. Not much more top speed but loads more torque but it made the factory ones very nose heavy. There are after market alterations that improve the car dramatically.

  6. SR

    Is there really a debate about an MGA being a collector car? Really? How about the TR4/TR250 and TR3 in the photos. Most would call those collector cars as well, even in the condition that they’re in. Especially if we now refer to 25 year old Miata’s as collector cars.

  7. norris olson

    Where in MN ???

  8. mike d

    most look pretty beat, , but, if they pique your interest, go for it! I think that 75 Cutlass is a 442, closer examination, that Charger looks like it’s seen better days a brief explaination would also help .. if I had the $$$ and the means to get them to where I live, would def give it a loo k

  9. jw454

    It looks like the black Triumph on the web page is sitting on an old Corvette frame. Yes/No… I’m not sure.

  10. Pappy2d

    The MGC had an inline 6. Handling suffered considerably.

  11. Rolf Poncho 455

    jd wtf is yawn!!! please tel us

    • JD

      Boring. Tired.

      “Collector” car, yeah, if your definition of collector car is a bunch of rusty hulks wasting away in a pasture, then every junk yard in the US is a “collector”.

      Any money put into those cars on this guys property is better left served burning in your ash tray. Almost everything in those pictures is undesirable. So yes, *yawn*. Do the environment a favor, collect them all up and send them to the scrap yard to be recycled. Earth first!

      • DrinkinGasoline

        JD…I partially agree with you but, here’s why I don’t totally agree : Desirability is subjective. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Maybe it would have been better served being titled “A Collection of Cars”.
        Most wrecking yards send anything over 10 years old to the crusher as they are not profitable for parts sales to the average DIY’er. Cash-for-Clunkers also took a lot of older vehicles off of the road and were crushed in an effort to promote new vehicle manufacturing and sales. Where you see rusty hulks, another may see a treasure trove of parts that may complete someone’s restoration or maybe just provide them with that one hard to find or not reproduced part. You are of course entitled to your opinion and I respect that but, like you, I don’t have to totally agree. :)

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Here’s a good example of what I mean….
        I recently owned a 2000 Windstar.
        Prone to bad rot in the N. East and it suffered badly from it as well as the well known rear axle issues. It was tired with over 175k on it so I decided to junk it. I pulled it out to the end of the driveway so the wrecking yard could come and get it. Before they arrived, a man stopped and asked if it was for sale and I told him it was going to the bone yard. He looked it over and asked if it ran and I told him it actually runs and shifts very well and the interior is in good shape. Turns out, he brought a 2001 up from the south for $600 with a blown engine with a good body but it suffered some interior sun damage. I stood to make about $500 by junking it but, I told him it’s yours for $300 if you can take it within 24 hours. He fell all over himself saying he would be back within 30 minutes with cash, and within 20 minutes he was back with cash in hand. Why did I sacrifice the $200 difference ? Simple…I helped someone trying to put a vehicle back together, regardless if I considered it “desirable” or not. It was a good feeling knowing that he towed it away knowing he got everything he needed to put his van back together for $300.
        That my friend is what our hobby is all about.

  12. Scott

    Nice looking Fiat roadster. If I had the time I would like to get the TR3. I have a soft spot for those.

  13. JD

    I can’t help but to continue to troll this thread.

    You guys are quoting rare, low mileage cars w/ “rare” options. Likely stuff that went across the block at BJ’s or some other high end auction. The stuff at this yard is worth no more than the scrapping cars for parts. Are you willing to pay a premium for a car, just to rip parts off and then send it to the scrap pile? If so, I know a bridge…..

  14. AMCFAN

    JD, Sorry to say. Know what you are commenting on. You don’t have a clue on what AMX parts are worth to someone that needs them. Why? There are no longer AMC dealerships. Chrysler doesn’t support them. Aftermarket very minimal support. Can’t blame them. A limited production car. Start up tooling costs etc. Then the number of survivors that will need said parts. An original AMX hood $1000-1500. Solid quarters or whole rear clip $2500. Steering wheel $500-$1000 and so on. I would gladly pay scrap price for it. From the looks though this car is very restorable and should bring a minimum of $4500. If it is nice and dry way up from there.

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