Beautiful California Survivor! 1973 Ford Bronco

This beautiful orange 1973 Ford Bronco can be found in Fair Oaks, California, and looks like an amazing survivor. It has un-cut quarter panels, original-style wheels, and tires, along with an amazing original upholstery. It can be found here… more»

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Custom Off-Roader: 1978 Ford Pinto 4×4

As I searched through the archives here at Barn Finds, I was able to confirm that this is not the first time we have seen this vehicle that manages to marry a 1978 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon with a… more»

50k Mile Survivor: 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT

If Ford ever had any doubts that it was making the right move by introducing a 2nd Generation Bronco in 1978, then they only needed to look at the sales figures to realize that they had backed a real… more»

Original Paint: 1977 Ford Bronco

It is pretty common to find 1st Generation Broncos where the steel has been cut to fit larger wheels and fender flares. That fate has not befallen this 1977 model, which is a clean and tidy example that is… more»

Solid Un-Cut Survivor! 1974 Ford Bronco

Early Broncos continue to be extremely popular and the prices remain steady and climbing. This 1974 appears to be very solid and a true un-cut survivor. Located in Alhambra, California, the ad doesn’t say whether it has spent its… more»

Worth Saving? 1973 Ford Bronco

I’m a big fan of early Broncos, but this one has me a little squeamish. Besides the snowplow, it appears to be a mostly original example from 1973, however, it’s pretty obvious there are some major issues. Once starting… more»

Miraculous Survivor: 1966 Ford Bronco

When I first looked at this 1966 Ford Bronco, I came to the conclusion that it really is a miraculous survivor. While they were built to be rugged and dependable, the early Broncos could also be prone to rust… more»

Solid Project: 1974 Ford Bronco Ranger

The 1st Generation Ford Bronco has become a highly-prized collectible, and clean and tidy examples can now command some very respectable prices. This particular 1974 model demonstrates the level of desirability simply by the fact that there are currently… more»

Ready to Run! Un-Cut 1969 Ford Bronco

This Boxwood Green Bronco from 1969 has been updated in all the right spots and is ready to take you on some adventures. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $20,100. Currently located in Tallahassee,… more»

Un-Cut Survivor! 1966 Ford Bronco

Apparently this Bronco spent its life on an old homestead in Wyoming but when the clutch went out, it was parked for about twenty-five years! It was rescued, given life again, and can be yours to enjoy. Found here… more»

No Reserve: 1969 Ford Bronco

This 1969 Ford Bronco is said to be a two-owner Montana vehicle until the current owner purchased it recently. Now located in Richmond, Utah, it can be found for sale here on eBay with no reserve. While it has… more»

Real Factory Half-Cab: 1969 Ford Bronco

First-generation Ford Broncos came in several cab configurations. Most of them had a full top while some were roadsters and some were half-cabs. There are a lot of half-cab Broncos that weren’t born that way from the factory, but… more»

21K Original Miles! 1967 Ford Bronco Sport

As you probably know, first-generation Broncos continue to be very popular. Finding one that has low mileage with uncut quarter panels is almost unheard of. This 1967 Sport model can be found here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking… more»

Worth Saving? 1966 Ford Bronco

This 1966 Ford Bronco is in a very sad state and might be on the verge of no return. 40 bids have been made on this badly bruised Bronco. All those bids have only increased the price to $2,000… more»

Found On Blocks: 1973 Ford Bronco

This 1973 Ford Bronco could be a potentially sound project if the seller’s description of it being a decent runner before storage holds true. It was apparently painted before being put into storage with the wheels and tires removed,… more»

Good To Be Green: 1975 Ford Bronco

It has been a bit like a Bronco extravaganza lately here on Barn Finds as many of the popular first-generation (‘66 through ’77) models have surfaced recently and they are very popular indeed. Continuing with that thread, here is… more»