Cabover Project: 1946 Ford Truck

After WWII, Ford was allowed to return to civilian production in time for model year 1946. Most manufacturers’ designs did not change much from their pre-war counterparts for a couple of years (anyone know what company was first to… more»

Unfinished Restomod: 1946 Chevrolet COE

The Chevrolet AK-Series COE (Cab-Over-Engine) trucks were workhorses back when this hauler was built after World War II. If you Google photos of these things, you’ll find more examples of modified customs as opposed to original trucks as most… more»

Gear Jammer: 1956 Diamond T Cab-Over

Do you know what a gearjammer is?  How about Red Sovine?  Ever seen the movie Convoy?  Who was the Snowman?  All of these are references to one of the most American professions ever: the truck driver.  During the sxties… more»

Ratty Rollback: Cummins-Swapped 1950 Ford COE

Making a road trip in a classic vehicle can be nerve-racking: there could be mechanical failures, inclement weather or roads, and of course, there’s always the general unpredictability of other drivers.  Towing a vehicle tends to be a good… more»

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