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Ratty Rollback: Cummins-Swapped 1950 Ford COE

Making a road trip in a classic vehicle can be nerve-racking: there could be mechanical failures, inclement weather or roads, and of course, there’s always the general unpredictability of other drivers.  Towing a vehicle tends to be a good call in cases like this, but if you desire a rig that combines classic looks and modern technology, check out this 1950 Ford COE that’s available here on eBay.

This unique hauler is available in Columbus, Ohio with a clean title. Though the ad could use more information, the important details are present, and the photos show a very cool cabover tow truck. The exterior of the truck has an older multi-colored cab with plenty of patina, but it uses the chassis from a Ford F450 heavy-duty truck. It also features a 17-foot Jerr-Dan aluminum flatbed, and all of the truck’s hydraulics are in working condition.

Though there are no photos of the engine swap, this Ford utilizes a 12-valve Cummins turbo diesel engine, which pairs to an automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. Additionally, the engine features upgraded injectors, and the truck features new brakes and good tires, making this ready for transport right off the bat.

At the time of this article being written, bidding for this rig is at $10,856 with the reserve not met. Is this Cummins-powered cabover the car hauler of your dreams?


  1. Avatar photo Billieg

    At least it doesn’t have Fords 6.0 Diesel engine which breaks down every other day.

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  2. Avatar photo TimS

    This better bid up to $50,000 since it’s done the way we’re “supposed to do” every heavy-duty vehicle built prior to about 1990.

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  3. Avatar photo Mike leyshon

    Imagine being the stranded motorist waiting anxiously for the tow truck to arrive…Then you see this pulling over toward you, LMAO ! Love it, great post. Would need better cab top lighting for safety/visibility though (wish it was in Columbus where I live but it’s listed in Cincinnati).

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    • Avatar photo BR

      It needs more cab top lighting to be LEGAL to be driven at night or restricted visibility conditions. There is no exemption for vintage vehicle nighttime / restricted visibility operation.

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  4. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    Assuming the drive train was handled correctly, fix and paint the body and add some chrome stacks and it would set a precedence hard to overlook.
    I’d love to have something like this but no space or money at this time.

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  5. Avatar photo Michael Member

    Sounds like it’s a good beast! would carry about anything one would want! A bit much for most I guess tho.

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  6. Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

    You know, you have to wonder who puts this stuff together. I mean, it is done the way we all want one, repurposed properly, and leaves it looking like a POS. I give up.

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  7. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I’m going to be the stick in the mud here. Another cab pulled and another chassis condemned to scrap; another rare artifact lost. The least the builder could have done was to fix up the body and paint it. If you’re going to go that far, for crissakes, FINISH the job! On the positive side, there is potential in this but that sure isn’t the way I would’ve done it. But that’s me…

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    • Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

      Hey pal, seeing the trend today, they probably felt they did finish it, which for guys like us, that’s hard to understand. I tell you one thing, if I spent $50g’s on ANYTHING, it better look nicer than this.

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      • Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

        My sentiments exactly. It ***IS*** cool, but unfortunately it doesn’t ***LOOK*** cool.

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  8. Avatar photo BR

    This just makes me sick to my stomach. Only about one-in-five does a good cab swap, and this is not the one. Poorly executed to say the least. The lazy jerk didn’t even take the time to radius the fender wheel openings. I’m working on my own ’50 Ford F6 COE. Sorry, can’t post pics.

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    • Avatar photo canadainmarkseh

      I noticed the fender wheel radius was wrong too. I’m kind of with Geomechs on this one I don’t have a problem with the engine but it could have been put in the old chassis. Improvements like front disc brakes and air ride rear suspension would help. Nicer air ride seats would be a must. I’d paint it too, pink would look better, not that I’d paint it pink. I can’t stand this rust bucket look, where there is rust there will be holes all you have to do is wait awhile.

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  9. Avatar photo V8MGB

    I’ll agree the concept is cool. But, there’s way more to consider than that before we can conclude it’s done the way we’d want it done. Aside from the obvious like the lack of pics, let alone actual information about the motor swap (year, condition, mileage, etc), there are clues to the quality of the build in the few “beauty” shots. Notice the fuel filler hole in the cab has a piece of sheet metal tack welded in behind it – not finished, not seam welded, etc. No idea where the fuel tank or filler is… hope it’s not under the tilt bed! Similarly, note the angle of the steering column & the boat seats from the local sporting goods store. I’m not seeing anything done the way I’d want it except the 50’s cab on a more modern chasis *concept*.

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  10. Avatar photo bigdoc

    A good paint job and some lighting fixes and I would love it

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  11. Avatar photo Eric_10cars Member

    Here’s one that was done the right way (IMHO) from the Raleigh, NC Goodguys Nationals in spring 2016

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  12. Avatar photo Lance

    ENOUGH of the ‘patina’ crap. How about spending a few bucks to complete the job? Jeeesh.

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  13. Avatar photo Ken

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in that POS. I don’t get why people like the “just out of the junkyard” look. The least you can do is bodywork and paint.

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  14. Avatar photo TimM

    Great looking truck but the only thing I can say is put a real truck seat in there or get the number for every chiropractor ever 500 or so miles on every trip you take!!! You’ll need it!!!! Cool truck just the same!!!

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