Cheap Rent: 1977 Chevrolet Chevette Scooter

Base model cars sometimes aren’t the most desirable, collector-wise, but when they’re as nice looking as this 1977 Chevrolet Chevette Scooter is, all bets are off. And, I know, “nice looking” is a very subjective term. This nice looking… more»

Painted Lady: 1976 Pontiac Acadian Woody

A rebadged Chevette wearing the Pontiac name and woodgrain sides in one of the world’s most beautiful cities? Oui, merci beaucoup! It all comes together in the form of this 1976 Pontiac Acadian found here on eBay in Quebec… more»

31K Miles: 1984 Chevrolet Chevette CS

According to AutoWeek, “Project 1865” was the code name for the new Chevette which was intended to be GM’s first world car. Both of those things are hard to wrap our heads around now. This 1984 Chevrolet Chevette CS… more»

1976 Chevrolet Chevette Survivor

While doing the preliminary rundown of a car before I write, I noticed that this 1976 Chevrolet Chevette was causing my brain quite a stir and making me question my view on automobiles. To start, the $1,525 is actually… more»