Something Different: 1983 Chevrolet Chevette

Some custom paint jobs can be more interesting than others, and the one applied to this 1983 Chevette, certainly qualifies as interesting…and probably a bit aspirational as well. Normally reserved for a 1969 Dodge Charger, the owner has decided to use paint and decals to make their Chevette truly stand out from the crowd. If that sounds like something that you want, you will find the car located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the BIN at $4,900, but the option is available to make an offer.

The word “striking” is the first one that pops into my head when looking at the Chevette. The paint itself is beginning to show its age, but I do wonder how it would respond to a bit of effort with a polishing cloth. The window tint is a great touch, and the single interior shot reveals that from the inside of the car, this is completely invisible. Just how legal it is would be an entirely different question, but it does give the car a great look. I can see some rust visible just behind the driver’s door, but the rest of the car seems to be solid.

The interior of the Chevette is nowhere near as radical as the exterior, and apart from the addition of a CD player and speakers, it’s all pretty standard. It is looking tired, but as with the exterior, I really wonder how well it would respond to a bit of plain old TLC. Given the value of the vehicle in standard form, I probably wouldn’t be inclined to spend a lot of money inside the car, so a dash cover to conceal the crack in the pad, and some aftermarket seat covers to cover the seam separation on the driver’s seat, would probably be as far as I would go with an interior refurbishment. We also don’t know what engine and transmission are fitted to the car, beyond it being a manual. The owner says that the car runs and drives really well. As an added bonus, and well within keeping with the car’s character, it is fitted with a working set of Dixie horns.

The owner claims that the Chevette is a show winner, and this is something that I actually find to be quite plausible. This is a car that also stirs some interesting memories for me. Back in the early 1980s, I owned a 1964 VW Beetle. I had every intention of doing the same thing to it as has been done to this car. The only difference was that I was going to call my creation “General Flea.” This isn’t a car that will appeal to everyone, but I can’t help but feel that the owner actually won’t have a lot of trouble selling their little creation.


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  1. J_Paul Member

    $4900 hahahahaha (gasps for breath) hahahahahahaha…hahahahehehehahahehe (passes out)

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  2. Clay Bryant

    If the sheriff would chase this one, it’s a 50/50 chance he’ll overrun it…………

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    • Superdessucke

      A meter maid on a Segway would give this General a good run.

      Like 8
  3. Jwinters

    i find this offensive lol

    Like 10
  4. Dean

    Instead of YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAWWW, we get a “squeek squeek”

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  5. rpol35

    Gotta lot of experience with one of these; I’d number it .0001

  6. glen

    I love this thing, …I don’t want it, but I love it!

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  7. Will Fox

    I think it took some powerful drugs to come up with this mess. Probably the same drugs that had the owner thinking he can get $4900. for this heap. (He/she is either trying to be funny with that price, or their diet consists of lead paint chips off of a window sill!!)

    Like 10
  8. Classic Steel

    Looks like a good field car to check on livestock 👀😜
    Hopefully the cows won’t be embarrassed of window graphics 🤔

    Maybe jump a three inch high by six inches wide ditch (and hopefully clear) while screaming yee hah…

    Like 6
    • Paul

      Ditch would be 3 inches deep. 3 inches high would be a dyke( or in America a levee).


    You want how much? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drop a zero pal.

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  10. Superdessucke

    If someone does buy this, please change the name to Private Lee. Thanks.

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  11. half cab

    The General Flea.

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  12. ace10

    Buy it. Park it in front of Starbucks. Enjoy all the triggering.

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  13. James Schwartz

    Not a 1983.
    82 or earlier.

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  14. Grandpa Lou

    I find this to be a great little car. The absurd glory heaped upon that other car like this is really making my outlook on human intelligence become dismal. These were far better cars then any Charger ever dreamed of being.

  15. tracy

    In the late 90s while on an Ocoee River rafting trip one of the summer river guides had a Honda accord of similar vintage painted up the same way except on the roof their’s said

  16. Comet

    Only $4900?

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  17. Steve

    Maybe we should call it the little general

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  18. Steve

    or General Least

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  19. angliagt angliagt Member

    “The Duke boys are still denying that that recession
    affected them,but their car said otherwise”.

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  20. P Wentzell

    Right, Classic Steel, try jumping over ravine in this.

  21. That Guy

    I can feel my IQ dropping as I look at the pictures.

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  22. davew833

    Back in the late 70s when Chevettes were fairly new, I remember Hot Rod magazine doing an article about someone cutting a hole in the hood, mounting a GMC 6-71 supercharger and dual carb assembly on the 4-banger (just for show, not connected to the engine), tubbing the rear wheelwells and putting Centerlines and drag slicks on it. It was the ultimate sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  23. Sal


    The interior has got to stay. The General Lee always had a tan interior. That’s part of what makes this thing so great.
    Well, except for the price…. That seems like a Boss Hogg type of scheme!

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  24. Lion

    Most reliable car ever made by GM

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    • Dan Mar


    • James Schwartz

      I kinda agree with Lion. They were fairly simple machines and incredibly reliable. If the average Chevette had been maintained like larger more expensive cars, they would outlast just about any other GM product. The problem was, they were cheap, so they weren’t maintained/cared for very well in most cases.
      The amount of abuse that a Chevette could take and keep coming back for more, would’ve killed many many far more expensive cars.

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    • Gene

      That honor would go to the Chevy/Geo Prism, a Toyota Corolla twin……

  25. OhU8one2


  26. Del

    This what the Dukes should have had instead of wrecking 100 Chargers

  27. Gene

    For $4900 it better come with a tow vehicle and a trailer!! lol

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