911-Powered: 1984 Cimbria SS Gullwing

Sometime in the 1970s – no one is exactly sure when – a guy named Joe Palumbo running Amore Cars Ltd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, introduced the “Super Star of Kit Cars“. He called it the Cimbria. Exactly which car… more»

Pinto Powered! 1983 Cimbria SS Kit Car

Don’t you miss the days when you could find an inexpensive VW donor, order a kit car to put on top, and without depleting your life savings or mental well-being put together a creation that turns heads everywhere you… more»

Gullwing Project: 1988 Sterling Cimbria SS

In the world of kit cars, it can be difficult to sift through the numerous varieties of exotic-looking creations that were seemingly as vast and varied as the imaginations behind their existence. We all know about the Kelmarks and… more»

Needs Tune Up: 1975 Cimbria Kit Car

Just after featuring the first Cimbria I can recall seeing in all my time writing for Barn Finds, another one in far better condition has appeared on craigslist. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Rocco for spotting this one, which does have… more»

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