Ready To Restore: 1966 Clark Cortez

Vintage motorhomes have a following all of their own, and the Clark Cortez is one of the more prolific models to emerge from the 1960s. With a face only a mother could love, it was certainly distinctive, but there’s… more»

Revolutionary RV: 1967 Clark Cortez

As American as Corn Flakes, this decidedly European-looking 1967 Clark Cortez shares its birthplace of Battle Creek, Michigan with that famous Kellogg’s breakfast cereal. Frosted Flakes might be a better comparison because this sweet home on wheels offers revolutionary… more»

One Of 3,211 Made: 1968 Clark Cortez

This 1968 Clark Cortez is one of a relatively small batch of motorhomes made by none other than a forklift company, featuring Chrysler-derived powerplants and clever packaging to make them one of the more desirable vintage coaches on the… more»