Sunbeam-Powered: 1967 Commer 2500 Camper

This 1967 Commer Camper brings back some vivid childhood memories for me. At one point, the “Clan Clarke” was using an 8-seat version as our family car. As children, we soon learned that you could get away with all… more»

Recent Refit: 1968 Commer Camper Van

One of the joys of writing for Barn Finds is that occasionally a vehicle will come across our desks which can revive long-forgotten childhood memories. This 1968 Commer Camper is one that does that for me. For a short… more»

Last One Remaining? 1959 Commer Wagon

Well, this review is going to be a bit like a, “Who done it?” as we review an unusual vehicle today. Real barn finds are always a hit, especially when it is a vaunted, valuable car, something well known,… more»

Cool Commer Project: 1967 Sunbeam Funwagon

If there’s a more interesting name for a vehicle I can’t think of it right now, can you? This is a 1967 Sunbeam Funwagon and as you can see it’s without the fun part, as in the camper on… more»

In The Shed For 30 Years! 1957 Commer Express Van

This rare Commer Express Delivery Van has been locked up in a shed for 30 years. Like so many other British barn finds, it looks like the shed is being overtaken by a garden, but thankfully, this particular find… more»

Not A Westfalia! 1970 Commer Van

After spending some years in the UK growing up, versions of these Commer vans were a regular sight for me. This particular version was originally a camper, and it needs some work, but it’s hard to argue with the… more»

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