27k Mile Survivor? 1979 Lincoln Continental

The Continental was one of Lincoln’s most popular automobiles, offered on and off between 1940 and 2020. It competed head-to-head with the Cadillac de Ville for much of that time. One of the slower-selling versions was the 2-door hardtop,… more»

Mark IV Survivor: 1976 Lincoln Continental

The 1970s Lincoln Continental Mark IV was a true land yacht. In production from 1972 to 1976, it was up to 228 inches in length by 1976 (a full 19 feet) and weighed more than 5,200 lbs. That automobile… more»

Barn Find Project: 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

To try and pick a favorite Lincoln Continental body style would be a daunting task for me, but a couple of features that stand out for the fourth-generation line-up make this one a strong contender, for my tastes anyway. … more»

Understated Luxury: 1956 Continental Mark II

In contrast to the fireworks emanating from the studios of Virgil Exner over at Chrysler and Harley Earl at GM, Ford organized its Continental division in 1952 to produce an understated but exclusive car for a well-heeled few. The… more»

58k Original Miles: 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

This 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car has graced our streets for forty-five years but has only accumulated 58,000 miles during that time. That equates to under 1,300 miles per year, and it spends its downtime safely squirreled away in… more»

Stored Since 1988: 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Until recently, this 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible had called this barn home since 1988. Its previous owner was an enthusiast who planned its restoration. However, with his passing, the seller is selling it to settle his estate. The restoration… more»

1955 Lincoln V-8 Powered: 1946 Lincoln Continental

Have you ever owned a great car with a lousy engine?  Did you ever wish that you could transplant a much better motor into the engine bay and chuck the old one off a bridge?  That seems to be… more»

Real Barn Find: 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible

A luxurious, pillarless sedan with suicide doors and a droptop.  For my tastes, the execution of a convertible design just didn’t get much cooler than this, at least not during the sixties decade.  The fourth-generation Lincoln Continental got another… more»

Big and Blue! 1967 Lincoln Continental

Throughout the 1960s, the Lincoln Continental would come in second in sales behind Cadillac. After a successful sales performance in 1966, the Continental was little changed for 1967. Three body styles would be offered, with just one out of… more»

17k Miles: 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

1976 was a fun time to visit your Lincoln dealership as four appearance package options were first introduced on the Mark IV during the bicentennial year, each named after a well-known fashion designer and featuring a specific exterior and… more»

Almost Perfect Williamsburg Edition: 1979 Lincoln Continental

Like a paleontologist studies the fossils of long-departed animals and plants, the folks here at Barn Finds are at work 24/7/365 studying the automotive relics of the past and sharing their groundbreaking work with our readers.  Reader and tip… more»

Unrestored Original: 1957 Continental Mk II

It’s so tempting to call this car a Lincoln Continental. But it’s not. In 1956, Ford – hoping to carve market share away from Packard and Cadillac – created a new luxury vehicle division: Continental. Its first car was… more»

50k-Mile 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car

In a period when downsizing was the norm and cars measuring over 19 feet long were fading fast, Lincoln proved there was still demand in the late seventies for a large sedan delivering 13 MPG, or 15 with the… more»

Open To Offers: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

One of the great challenges when buying a classic is deciding what a fair figure is when a seller says they are open to offers. It becomes a balancing act between not spending more than is necessary and suggesting… more»

Only 37k Miles! 1974 Lincoln Continental Mk IV

Built from 1972 to 1976, the Lincoln Continental Mk IV was one of the true luxury land yachts of the decade. At a full 19 feet in length and weighing more than 5,200 pounds, they didn’t get much bigger… more»

One Owner Survivor: 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedan

I’d love to know the full story behind this beautiful ’65 Lincoln Continental four-door sedan. The seller only gives the most basic of basic details in the ad: “Very clean, all original one-owner car. 55k original miles.”  The supplied photos… more»

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