34k Mile 1975 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

For some individuals, their ultimate motoring experiences will be lived from behind the wheel of a classic muscle car. For others, a sports car is all that will fill the bill. However, there are some individuals who want their… more»

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No Reserve: 1968 Lincoln Continental

In 1968 Lincoln claimed to be “America’s most distinguished motorcar.” Still distinguished 52 years later, the suicide door Continentals are instantly recognizable. Sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader, this 1968 Lincoln Continental sedan is being offered… more»

Parked For Decades: 1957 Lincoln Convertible

Update 4/30/20 – The seller of this Lincoln has dropped their asking price by $6,500! Will that be enough to find a buyer though? Find it here on eBay where it’s listed for $11,500 or best offer. Thanks go… more»

Owned 30 Years: 1956 Continental Mark II

This 1956 Continental Mark II is a car that I would love to own for the next 30 years, just as long as the current owner has had it. What a drop-dead gorgeous car. They have it posted for… more»

Rare Survivor: 1959 Continental Mark IV Convertible

When it was new, this 1959 Continental Mark IV Convertible was already a pretty rare vehicle. It isn’t clear just how many have survived over the past 61-years, but with rust issues being so prevalent, that makes finding an… more»

11k Original Miles: 1959 Continental Mark IV

If you were involved in a fender bender in a prestige vehicle, and the damage consisted of a dent in one fender, some minor damage to the front bumper, and the need to replace the grille and headlight surround,… more»

Triple Black Treat: 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

There’s nothing quite like living life in the lap of luxury, and that is an opportunity that this 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV offers to its next owner. This one-owner luxury vehicle has a genuine 31,000 miles on its… more»

Diamond Jubilee: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Storage locker auctions can be a real lucky dip. Sometimes a buyer can score big, while at other times, they can be left with a lot of worthless junk. The owner of this vehicle took possession of it through… more»

Rust-Free Project: 1956 Continental Mark II

With a slow-moving production process, materials of the highest quality, and an almost obsessional attention to quality, there was never any real chance that the Continental Mark II was going to create a profit for Ford. That was not… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark lV Survivor

If you are a fan of big luxury cruisers, this Lincoln could be the perfect find for you! Having covered just 29k miles since new it’s in amazing condition inside and out. Reader David G is its 3rd owner… more»

Rare Luxury: 1956 Continental Mark II

When Ford decided to produce a successor to Edsel Ford’s incredibly beautiful Lincoln Continental, they set their sights higher than even the Lincoln Division. Ford decided to create a Continental Division that would eventually have a whole range of… more»

Low Mile Luxury: 1979 Lincoln Continental Survivor

Why buy a $100,000 luxury car when you could own the epitome of style and comfort with this 1979 Lincoln Continental for only $11,800! It’s a Canadian export model, but is back in the States and is in amazing… more»

Rare and Solid: 1942 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe

With a history that was defined more by excellence than by high volumes, Lincoln was the perfect environment for Edsel Ford to develop and express his creativity outside the watchful eye of his father. The cars that resulted were… more»

Great Pictures: 1956 Continental Mark II

If you are thinking about selling a collector car any time soon, do yourself a favor and look over the listing for this great 1956 Continental Mark II. The ad can be found here on eBay as a great… more»

Parked in 1993: 1966 Lincoln Continental Hardtop

If you want to talk about value for money in a classic car, and consider it on a “dollars per pounds” basis, then this 1966 Lincoln Continental would look like a pretty good buy. With a weight of over… more»

Graceland Gift: 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Elvis Presley was renowned for a number of different characteristics. At the peak of his power, he was one of the greatest entertainers and singers that the world has ever seen. His sad and premature death resonated around the… more»