58k Original Miles: 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

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This 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car has graced our streets for forty-five years but has only accumulated 58,000 miles during that time. That equates to under 1,300 miles per year, and it spends its downtime safely squirreled away in a warm and dry garage. The seller emphasizes its originality and condition, with the photos confirming the first owner ordered the car with a few desirable factory options. Its overall presentation is impressive, making it ideal for someone seeking a luxurious turnkey classic. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for spotting this fantastic survivor.

Lincoln’s Fifth Generation Continental range hit showroom floors for the 1970 model year, remaining in production until 1979. Its styling was more modern than its predecessor, and the final vehicles produced between 1977 and 1979 were among the longest passenger cars produced by any Ford marque. Most manufacturers were downsizing their models during this period, but it appears Lincoln didn’t receive the memo. The first owner ordered this classic in striking Dark Red, and the paint shines beautifully. The vehicle spends its leisure time hidden away from harmful rain and UV rays, explaining why it presents so nicely. The paint retains a fantastic shine, and the panels are as straight as an arrow. The seller describes the car as a garage queen, and its sheltered existence means it is rust-free. I must emphasize that this Lincoln isn’t perfect because some images reveal the chips and marks the seller admits have accumulated on the front sheetmetal. This is common and is almost unavoidable. A reputable paint shop could eliminate the problem, but some potential buyers might opt for the preservation path, given this car’s originality. The trim is in good order, and there are no glass issues.

Buyers ordering a 1979 Continental Town Car could select the 400ci V8 or…that was it. Lincoln dropped its 460ci powerplant at the end of 1978, meaning the company adopted a “one size fits all” philosophy in 1979. The 400 produces 159hp and 315 ft/lbs of torque. A three-speed automatic transmission takes care of shifting duties, while power assistance for the steering and brakes guarantees an effortless driving experience. The Town Car tips the scales at 4,843 lbs, which isn’t exactly light. The mass impacts outright performance, but few owners were worried about that. Some of that weight comprised extensive sound-deadening material that isolated occupants from the outside world. Most buyers considered that a priority over how fast their Lincoln could cover the ¼-mile. The seller claims this classic has 58,000 original miles on the clock. They don’t mention verifying evidence, but the vehicle’s condition makes the claim plausible. It runs and drives perfectly, with the seller stating they wouldn’t hesitate to tackle a cross-country journey.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I viewed this Lincoln’s interior shots, because trim and upholstery from this era sometimes doesn’t age well. This is particularly true if the material is pale velour cloth, which is prone to wear and stains. This classic has avoided those problems, with the Gray trim in exceptional condition. There are no marks or imperfections, suggesting it has been treated respectfully. The carpet is spotless, as are the dash and pad. This interior doesn’t just look good because the seller states that everything works as it should. Its luxury credentials are cemented by the ice-cold air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power driver’s seat, cruise control, remote exterior mirrors, AM/FM radio, and factory CB radio.

This 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car is a gentle giant that presents exceptionally well for its age. It has no apparent needs beyond the identified paint imperfections. It is in sound mechanical health, meaning someone could fly out to Aurora, Colorado, hand the seller $16,000, and drive this survivor home. The Lincoln is listed here on Craigslist, and I won’t be shocked if one of our readers pursues it further.

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  1. Fox owner

    Down to fourteen large. I love me a Lincoln but the Town Coupe featured awhile back is more my style. Love the paint color on this beast but that cheesy cloth upholstery is disappointing. I have to smile about the CB radio too. Good luck.

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    • Stan

      Imagine dropping a Coyote 5L and a 6 speed stick in this Lincoln 😲 😎

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  2. Zen

    Gorgeous car, too bad only a 400 instead of the 460, these cars needed all the help they could get. I wish I could buy it, as it seems to be reasonably priced. If he’s negotiable, it’ll sell. I hope it finds a good home.

    Like 9
  3. RICK W

    This MONUMENT to OTT excessive size, luxury, and panache (LINCOLN style) deserves continued care! Obviously the owner loves it as much as I would love to have it in my garage. The 400 engine should still give enough power for cruising 🛳 in this glorious LAND YACHT. Once owned a 78 Town Coupe with 460. Carburetor proved difficult, but otherwise loved it. Health issues caused me to sell 😪. The price is more than reasonable, a true Bon Marche. Buying is tempting, but as a Vintage 47 Rolls Can ardly (Roll down one hill and Can ardly get up the next) I couldn’t give it the TLC it deserves. One thing is sure, It won’t be available for long! LINCOLN, what a Luxury car should be and ONCE was! 🏆

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  4. Citizen X.

    Stunning Land Yacht…..
    Somebody is getting a wonderful toy…

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  5. William Hassler

    Love the simple, but elegant styling of this Lincoln Town Car. It’s not often that you see a “slick top” example of one of these, being originally ordered without the vinyl top or opera windows. I also love the velour interior over the more common leather. The factory CB radio adds character to this stunning piece of automotive history. I’d love to make this Lincoln mine!

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  6. Mark

    Last of the land barges.these are very nice riding cars. A friend of mine had one in the late 1990s and was moving and wanted to give me his 1978. I had no room for it since I was living with my parents and I Al ready had 2 cars. His had the 460 engine. The paint was a faded gold color but ot had no body damage.

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  7. MoragaPulsar

    To no one’s surprise,
    U.S. EPA city/highway (combined): 12 / 17 (13) mpg (U.S.)

    Otherwise these were/are a great long distance cruiser.

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    • RICK W

      It’s HUGE! It guzzles gas! It pollutes the air! It scares the birds! Other cars part like the Red Sea to get out of the way! I LOVE it! 🏆

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  8. Greg G

    My dad owned a 77 Town Coupe and he’d jump on the turnpike in Tenn and be in Buffalo in sixteen hours. It was definitely a road cruiser and he had real cragers on it. I loved that Lincoln. The 1998 he had couldn’t compare.

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    • RICK W

      As posted earlier, I had a 78 Town Coupe. Also had 89 Town Car Signature Series 👌. Although my current 2007 Town Car Signature Limited is not as OTT as the others, It’s the last gasp of traditional American Luxury sedans. This one will NOT get away.

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  9. SteveMember

    I love the Slick Top on this car. Not many left the factory without a Vinyl Top!

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  10. Bamapoppy

    A win for the new owner. This one screams Roll Tide in color! Years ago, needing a set of wheels, my Mom & Dad loaned me their ‘79 that was baby blue with leather. Well built and a joy to drive.

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  11. K. R. V.

    My wonderful Dad owned many amazing American luxury cars. From Chrysler 300 coupe in 62, then a 64 Imperial Crown Coupe that was a stunning car, in metallic turquoise with black roof and matching leather interior. Then in 68 he was forced to trade that in for a Chrysler Town&Country Beach Wagon, when Mim said we had a 4th sibling coming. Then he bought himself a 69 Thunderbird Sedan off his mom. Then in 1971 he bought a new Lincoln Coupe, that was ordered for a guy to tow his Airstream, but that deal fell through so Dad grabbed the last premium gas 460/4V dual exhaust with tow hitch, factory air suspension in the rear with lower rear posi differential that helped that car be as much of a stock hot rod Lincoln as ever! I was clocked on radar one nigh, home in leave from Basic Training, going 129 mph! Where else but on Rt 295, in Lincoln, RI! The next two, a 73 an 75 were dogs compared with that one. Then he ended up with a beautiful all wedgewood blue 78 Town Car, that stayed in the family for 12 years and 121,000 trouble free miles. That I used for 3 years as my daily driver! That was the best most comfortable and dependable car I ever owned.

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  12. Rob

    Wow. I can’t believe this car doesn’t have a vinyl top, opera windows or opera lights. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Town Car without vinyl top. I thought it was standard. This one is a keeper!

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