No Reserve: 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Project

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There’s no fair answer for which year of the C1 generation Corvette is the finest, as many different factors plus accounting for personal tastes would need to be considered.  However, If I had to pick a favorite, the 1958 model would certainly rank way up there, as the addition of quad headlights, a louvered hood, and even the newly added trunk trim make this one especially visually appealing to my eyes.  This 1958 Chevrolet Corvette needs some work, but overall it seems like a decent project, so if you’ve been looking for a fifties example, this one might be worth considering.  The ‘Vette is located in Walker, Louisiana, and can be found here on eBay, where 24 bids have already taken the price to $37,300.

Looking around at the photos, this one seems fairly straightforward about what you’re getting here, at least when it comes to the body.  The seller tells us the Corvette was originally a Panama Yellow car, but it looks like decades have passed since it last wore that color.  However, most of the panels seem to still be in fairly good condition overall, with possibly the most serious issue being a split in the fiberglass on the driver’s side front fender.  There’s also a crack in the windshield on the same side, but for the most part, things outside appear to be at a pretty good starting point to begin taking this ’58 to a higher level.  Wonder what the story is on the other C1 in the picture?

The drivetrain is more mysterious than the exterior, as there’s no information as to why the block and transmission have such a fresh coat of red paint.  The only specifics we get about the origin here is the seller mentioning a CU code 283, which would be correct for a 1958-61 Corvette, but no information is given about whether or not it’s received a recent rebuild.  Some good news is the motor is said to be running, that is if you hook the external accessories back up, and don’t forget to secure those valve covers either.

Nothing at all is stated by the seller regarding the interior, plus no word about whether the loose radio is functioning or not.  However, if just a driver is all you’re after, things inside may be near satisfactory as-is.  It sounds maybe a little optimistic, but the owner states that with a weekend’s worth of work, the Corvette will be ready to put back on the road again.  On the other hand, if you start early on Saturday and already have the needed parts, perhaps by Sunday night you’ll be ready to hit the streets.  What are your thoughts on this one?

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  1. SummitrunnerMember

    Wow! Was Panama yellow and they went with…brown?

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  2. Judy and Lee Taylor

    Where are the trunk spears?

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    • Mike StephensAuthor

      I should have mentioned that they have been removed from this car. Here’s what a ’58 trunk lid looks like with the two trim pieces still intact:

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      • Judy and Lee Taylor

        Thanks, I’m thought I might of missed something in the pic, I am old, lol.

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    • Anthony Gaby

      Looked like the trunk spears were laying on the roof.

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  3. TinIndy

    Oh my goodness I would change it back to Panama Yellow if I had to do it myself with a spray can!

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  4. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    Panama yellow with white coves would look terrific on this Vette. It looks like it would take some work to get it back to its former glory , but I think it would be well worth the effort. A black interior would really set it off.

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    • Lee

      Lose a couple of headlight too!

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      • Michael

        What? Why would you do that?

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  5. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Here’s my choice of color

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  6. Marshall

    I noticed the drive shat is in the trunk on ebay pictures. Wonder if the convertible top is with it. Still worth buying an drive while working on it..

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  7. Al Garcia

    Agree! Had two 58 Vettes, both with 290 HP , FI engine+ 4 speed and positraction.
    C1 Vettes, best performance 4 $

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  8. bob

    those trunk spears cost a fortune

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  9. Judy and Lee Taylor

    Rebult a 57 and a 58 years ago, trunk spears were 2 to 3k for everything, the cove spears were not too bad, 150 for both sides. Got to watch out for knock offs, wrong material, etc. Those were the days….

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  10. conestoga17

    Wow, I didn’t realize the trunk chrome was so expensive…why?

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  11. panther1000

    For those asking about the trunk chrome, the pair are shown in one of the pics, off the car, on the roof.

    What’s more concerning, though, in the listing description, is ‘Born a hardtop only car with no sunvisors…”

    So, no soft top. 😟

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  12. John King

    Too much $$$ for this car.

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