Small Bargain: 1948 Crosley Convertible

Powell Crosley had the great idea of introducing economy cars to the American consumer on a large scale.  The only problem the appliance magnate had was that he was a few decades too early.  Despite an immediate postwar boost… more»

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Completely Original: 1951 Crosley Super Sport

What do Boy George, Art Linkletter, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Swanson, and Dwight D Eisenhower have in common? The answer is that they have all owned a Crosley at one time or another. If you would like to join this… more»

Huge Crosley Stash: Super Sport, Pickup, And Parts!

Barn Finder Ikey H must feel that there are some entrepreneurs within our ranks because he has sent this “cluster of Crosleys” for us to consider. Thanks so much for that Ikey. You will find this package deal listed… more»

Whalom Park Artifact: 1951 Crosley Fire Truck

Here in New England, the nostalgia effect is very real. Buildings that should be razed survive, artifacts to the past are celebrated, and amusement parks play a very big deal in residents’ perceptions of their past. Whalom Park in Massachusetts… more»

Lightweight Challenge: 1959 Californian Special

Recently we have seen the emergence of a number of one-off cars that have sprung from the fertile minds and workshops of enthusiasts from days gone by. This particular car is called a “Californian” by its owner as that… more»

The Reds, Radio’s and Rationing: 1951 Crosley Sport

What do the Cincinnati Reds, America’s favorite radio, and gas rationing have to do with each other? They are all part of the unique history of Industrialist Powel Crosley Jr and the quirky cars that his car company, Crosley… more»

Basement Storage: 1951 Crosley Station Wagon

What a shame: this 1951 Crosley station wagon was ready for restoration, with the body completely diassembled and acid dipped before the owner fell ill and lost the will to complete the project. It’s now seeminglty taking up space… more»

Pocket Sized Wagon: 1950 Crosley Woody

Small and simple, the Crosley brand automobiles offered unique styling in a compact package. This 1950 model wagon is a project in progress that is on the verge of being a runner. With fresh wheels and tires, this small… more»

Rare Brawny Bug: 1962 Crofton Bug

As we’ve learned several thousand times before, just because a vehicle is rare doesn’t automatically mean that it’s monetarily valuable. This may be one of those cases, but this 1962 Crofton Brawny Bug sure is unique, and rare.. and… more»

Big Shooter: 1950 Crosley Hotshot

If 30 horsepower is too much for you, this 1950 Crosley Hotshot might just be the ticket. This fun little sports car is listed on eBay with a buy it now price of $9,500 or you can make an… more»

Pocket Project: 1951 Crosley Hotshot

How many times have you wished that you had a cool classic car that you could squeeze into your garage?  With a little practice you could easily navigate this Crosley next to your lawn mower, bikes, and other stuff… more»

It’s no Frazer… 1947 Crosley Pickup

With lines very, very similar to the 1947 Frazer Manhattan pickup, this truck is several feet shorter and several thousand dollars cheaper than the Frazer pickup, but is just as cool and unusual as far as I’m concerned. This… more»

A Round About? 1947 Crosley Suni

Ok, well, just for fun, it’s titled as a Crosley but it looks nothing like a Crosley and I didn’t see any Crosley parts mentioned in its construction. It has a Mustang II front end and brakes from a Ford… more»

Miniature Project: 1950 Crosley Hot Shot

How can you not love a Crosley? From radios to cars, at one time Crosley made it all! While small cars may not be for everyone, they can certainly be a lot of fun. A friend of mine has… more»

Little Big Man: 1952 Crosley Hot Shot

Its a shame that more American enthusiasts don’t know the story of the Crosley Hot Shot.  Born from the parts and pieces of one of the smallest cars ever made in America, the Hot Shot was arguably our first… more»

Funky Farmer: 1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road

Most of us have seen Crosley cars of one variety or another and some of us have seen Crosley pickups, but have you seen one of these? This is a 1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road and it’s listed on eBay in Kent,… more»