Solid Interest: 1950 Crosley Devin

With a body by Devin Enterprises draped over a 1950 Crosley chassis and running gear, this 1950 Crosley Devin is an interesting looking car. It is a lightweight little vehicle that seems to promise the next owner plenty of… more»

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Crosley-Powered! 1974 Elcar Zagato

We have seen several of these unusual little battery-powered vehicles over the last few years including one that was powered by a Suzuki GSX-R600 gas motorcycle engine. This 1974 Elcar Zagato is another one that doesn’t have its original… more»

3,156 Miles: 1951 Crosley Super Sedan

Most of us think of wealthy people with estates as having fancy cars to drive around their property, but not the original owner of this 1951 Crosley Super Sedan. This unassuming estate car can be found here on craigslist… more»

Pontiac Parts Hauler: 1948 Crosley Pickup

I love a vehicle that proudly displays its history for all to see, and this 1948 Crosley Pickup is just such a vehicle. It appears to have spent part of its life as a delivery vehicle, but it has… more»

Family Collection Sell-Off: Classics in Florida

We recently received a tip about a collection clean-out in Florida, apparently listed by a private family that comes across as mildly cantankerous in the craigslist description. It’s too bad they won’t do silly things like “answer emails” or… more»

Falling From The Sky: 1939 Crosley Convertible

One of the best lines in the epic movie “The Three Amigos” was El Guapo’s exasperated cry, “Are gringos falling from the sky?”  Well, it certainly seems we have found an automotive equivalent.  The classic car market has been,… more»

Garage Find: 1948 Crosley Station Wagon

The seller has this 1948 Crosley Station Wagon listed as a “panel”, but there wouldn’t have been windows on the sides so I think it’s one of 23,489 Crosley wagons made in 1948. This small hauler can be found… more»

World War II Sacrifices: 1939 Crosley

The somber yet beautiful funeral for former President George Herbert Walker Bush reminds us that the number of World War II veterans is rapidly diminishing.  This generation of Americans made sacrifices both at home and overseas that are hard… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1949 Crosley Pickup

Few vehicle manufacturers are as intriguing as a Crosley. While most people will recognize them for their radios, car aficionados are more likely to think of their odd little cars. Today, there’s even an enthusiastic Crosley following, although most… more»

Small Bargain: 1948 Crosley Convertible

Powell Crosley had the great idea of introducing economy cars to the American consumer on a large scale.  The only problem the appliance magnate had was that he was a few decades too early.  Despite an immediate postwar boost… more»

Completely Original: 1951 Crosley Super Sport

What do Boy George, Art Linkletter, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Swanson, and Dwight D Eisenhower have in common? The answer is that they have all owned a Crosley at one time or another. If you would like to join this… more»

Huge Crosley Stash: Super Sport, Pickup, And Parts!

Barn Finder Ikey H must feel that there are some entrepreneurs within our ranks because he has sent this “cluster of Crosleys” for us to consider. Thanks so much for that Ikey. You will find this package deal listed… more»

Whalom Park Artifact: 1951 Crosley Fire Truck

Here in New England, the nostalgia effect is very real. Buildings that should be razed survive, artifacts to the past are celebrated, and amusement parks play a very big deal in residents’ perceptions of their past. Whalom Park in Massachusetts… more»

Lightweight Challenge: 1959 Californian Special

Recently we have seen the emergence of a number of one-off cars that have sprung from the fertile minds and workshops of enthusiasts from days gone by. This particular car is called a “Californian” by its owner as that… more»

The Reds, Radio’s and Rationing: 1951 Crosley Sport

What do the Cincinnati Reds, America’s favorite radio, and gas rationing have to do with each other? They are all part of the unique history of Industrialist Powel Crosley Jr and the quirky cars that his car company, Crosley… more»

Basement Storage: 1951 Crosley Station Wagon

What a shame: this 1951 Crosley station wagon was ready for restoration, with the body completely diassembled and acid dipped before the owner fell ill and lost the will to complete the project. It’s now seeminglty taking up space… more»