V8/5-Speed: 1950 Crosley Hotshot

The concept of slotting a V8 engine under the hood of a small roadster is hardly new, with the AC Shelby Cobra and the Sunbeam Tiger being two notable examples. However, when you apply the principle to one of… more»

Baby Corvette: 1948 Crosley Almquist

Based on a Crosley convertible, the Almquist was a customized roadster with a fiberglass body. This may be a one-of-a-kind car, although if you search on Google you run across at least two of these, including the seller’s car…. more»

Mini-Jeep Project: 1959 Crofton Bug

Crosley Corporation was ahead of its time, producing a variety of small-scale vehicles in the 1940s and 1950s. But post-war America would buy anything that moved, and independents like Crosley often got pushed to the side. Enter W.B. Crofton… more»

In A Barn 47 Years: 1950 Crosley Hot Shot

Quick, name an American “sports car” from 1950. Anything? I said 1950, not the early-1950s so the Corvette doesn’t count. Does anything at all come to mind? An American-made sports car from 1950. Nothing? The seller has this sports… more»

Collection of Crosley’s For Sale

You don’t see Crosley’s come up for sale very often. But rarer is a collection of five Crosley’s, all from 1948-52 and they appear to all be in excellent restored or original condition. They’re available in Stockton, California and… more»

1955 Crosley Powered Custom Racer

What exactly is this? Well, it appears to be an interesting mash-up in the form of a custom racer powered by a 1955 Crosley CIBA engine. It’s certainly an interesting sight but a bit difficult to pinpoint as to… more»

15K Miles? 1948 Crosley CC Sedan

Post-war America was a time when almost any car company could sell almost any car, people just wanted to get back to normal and they needed vehicles. Lots of them. Powell Crosley began making his small cars before the… more»

A Pair Of Crosley Specials!

A special thanks to reader Chuck F. for sending us this seriously cool find of two Crosley-based specials! They are listed for sale (incorrectly as Crosley-Bugattis) here on craigslist and are located in Bessemer, Pennsylvania. The price for the… more»

Displayed At 1953 Concours: 1948 Crosley Race Car

Crosley was a small, independent American car builder from 1939-52. Their products were all subcompacts, almost microcars in some cases. During World War II, their production was diverted to making Jeep-like vehicles for military use. This 1948 Crosley is… more»

Small Survivor: 1952 Crosley Super Sports

Don’t let the size of this 1952 Crosley Super Sports convertible fool you, it would have a crowd of people around it every time you stopped for gas or groceries. The seller has this fantastic little car listed here… more»

Homebuilt Offroader! 1948 Crosley on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai

Crosley was an American manufacturer in the first half of the twentieth century, specializing in subcompact affordable cars for the masses. The Suzuki Samurai was the North American version of the Suzuki Jimny and was basically a smaller, lighter… more»

America’s First Sports Car: 1950 Crosley Hot Shot

If you were asked what the first post-war American sports car built was, you might say the Chevy Corvette. And if you did, you’d be wrong. It was the Crosley Hotshot, although much smaller and less powerful than either… more»

Huge Collection Of Rare And Oddball Cars For Sale!

If you are looking for a seldom-seen car or project to add to your collection, there are a dozen of them assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, looking to find new homes due to an estate liquidation. Most of these are… more»

No Tops, No Doors: Pair of Crosley Hotshots

Crosley was a small, independent manufacturer of subcompact cars, often called microcars. One of their more interesting products was the Hotshot, a doorless open roadster that was made from 1949-52. You could consider this the first post-war, American-made sportscar… more»

Rare Oddball: 1950 Crosley Farm-O-Road

With SUVs making up about half of US vehicle sales in 2019 and a lot of them being gigantic seven-seat models, it’s fun to see a simple and tiny ancestor to those ubiquitous hulking luxury barges in this 1950… more»

Vintage Racer: 1951 Bandini Crosley Devin

We at BarnFinds enjoy all sorts of vintage wheeled machines, from Avanti to Zamboni, and everything in-between. Every so often, something truly fascinating comes along, and we just have to tell you about it! In this case, it’s a… more»