Real Deal AAR 340: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Every enthusiast dreams of finding a rare car hidden away in a garage or shed. You open the door, and as light hits the forgotten car for the first time in decades, you see distinctive cues of a one-year-only… more»

Fast Finds

No Reserve: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

If there’s anything better than finding an original and unmolested 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda, then it’s probably finding that car in a desirable color that is being offered for sale with No Reserve. That is what is on offer here,… more»

Hemi Clone? 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Hemi ‘Cudas are rare and expensive. This car started life as a yellow Plymouth Barracuda with a slant six-cylinder engine and 3-speed manual transmission. Somewhere along the way, an owner thought why not “go big” and installed a 528… more»

383/4-Speed: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Once upon a time a few, sadly, drivers sometimes ventured onto the streets cruising with monster tires out back and skinnies up front, with nothing to back it up besides a stock motor and raunchy exhaust. In contrast, this… more»

Worth Fixing? 1973 Plymouth Cuda

April 1 was an important date in the history of the Plymouth Barracuda. On that date in 1964, the first one rolled off the assembly line while the last one was built on April 1 10 years later. In… more»

440 Six-Pack: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Whenever I look at any Mopar classic, I have trouble walking past anything built on the early 1970s E-Body platform. The company as a whole was on a winner with these cars because they looked as tough and muscular… more»

Unrestored 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Billboard 383

One of the most respected muscle cars from the 1960/70s is the Plymouth ‘Cuda (short for Barracuda). These automobiles were all about getting somewhere fast and got the job done with a wide range of engines. ‘Cuda production was… more»

B5 Blue: 1970 Plymouth Cuda 340

This 1970 Plymouth Cuda has an interesting history. It was purchased new in Charleston, Illinois in 1970 and was originally equipped with a 340 cubic inch V8 engine and 4-speed manual transmission. Within the same year, the new owner… more»

Nash Bridges Car! 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda

UPDATE 1/25/2021 – This ‘Cuda was originally listed on Hemmings, but has since been listed here on eBay. Unfortunately, the asking price is still $500k. It’s definitely an interesting find and well worth another look! Did you tune into… more»

Cuda Clone: 1973 Plymouth Barracuda

This ‘70s pony car is in the midst of an interesting transition. What started out life as a rather ordinary 1973 Barracuda with a 318 V8 is well on its way to becoming a 1971 ‘Cuda with a 383… more»

E-Body Project: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is a roller located in Madison, Tennessee. The seller states that he car has traveled 118,057 miles with an engine under the hood but no word on how long it has sat without a drivetrain…. more»

Super Track Pak: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440-6

Some cars sell themselves. Rest assured that no “For Sale” sign need ever adorn this fabulous black ‘Cuda. The 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda in Wilmington, Delaware retains its original 440 cid (7.2L) V8, V-code-matching Six-Barrel induction, factory four-speed manual transmission,… more»

Clean 1971 Plymouth Cuda 383 4-Speed!

The ’70-’71 Plymouth Cuda is about as iconic a muscle car as you can get. It has the right look, came in bright colors, and could be optioned with a big block V8, you can’t get much more muscle… more»

1970 Plymouth Cuda 340 Barn Find!

When the 1970 models rolled into dealer showrooms, buyers could tell right away that the Barracuda was a vastly different car. Mainly because it lost its prior association to the compact Valiant, on which it had been based since… more»

Unrestored 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda 4-Speed!

Plymouth set the bar high in 1970, shoe-horning the 426 cid “Elephant” Hemi into its new E-body ‘Cuda. Gone were the economy-car roots of the original Barracuda, replaced with a svelte and sexy pony car designed to bury the… more»

No Reserve: 1970 Plymouth Cuda 340

The seller of this 1970 Plymouth Cuda says they purchased it in the 1980s from the second owner. There isn’t much information in the ad about how it has been kept for the past 35 years, but you can… more»