Real Barn Find: 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

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The Plymouth Barracuda was nearing the end of its lifespan by 1973, and while the car was declining in terms of performance compared to just a couple of years prior at least the design team let the basic third-generation body style soldier on until the car met its demise the following year, a shape that still turns heads and remains one of Plymouth’s most coveted muscle car offerings.  This 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda here on eBay has a history that can be traced back to when it was new along with a sad story to go along with it, but thankfully, the current owner is trying to find it a loving home, so if you’ve been seeking an E-Body project this one’s probably worth checking out.  The car is in Grand Junction, Colorado, with the opening bid of $35,000 yet to be placed.

The original owner was just 17 years old, which is why his father’s accompanying signature is also on the car’s order form, documents, and title.  Plenty of paperwork is included with the sale, including the build sheet, window sticker, and lots of maintenance receipts.  The ‘Cuda was parked in 1982 and the seller purchased it from the original owner just prior to his passing.

There’s no reason given as to why the car was taken off the road over 40 years ago, but everything is said to be all original including the paint, which is faded in a few areas but it does sort of give an unrestored patina to the outside.  The seller also states that extremely little rust will be found and that the vinyl top still looks amazing, but there are some door dings and paint chips along the sides.

Big blocks for the ‘Cuda had gone the way of the dinosaur by ’73, but the 340 was good for 240 horsepower, and I did find it a bit surprising that nothing at all is mentioned about the engine.  We do get to see some photos from under the hood and things look orderly in the bay, but it’s a mystery if any attempt has been made to start the motor or whether or not it still turns.  There’s no information given about the automatic transmission either.

We don’t get to see very many pictures from the inside, but they’re probably enough to give a good idea that a couple of things are going to need some attention, such as a cracked dash and an upholstery repair on the driver’s bucket.  However, the instrument panel and gauges are looking pretty good, with 46,240 miles showing on the odometer, and a nice bonus is lots of extra vintage parts are also included with the sale.  What are your thoughts on this next to last year Plymouth ‘Cuda, and its minimum bid of $35,000?

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  1. MGM

    Low miles, but more details would be needed for a serious buyer to plunk down 35k+ . They should’ve cleaned it up. It’s a nice one from what’s to look at. The 340 was a strong little contender. This one being a 240 hp. The earlier underrated 275 was a rocket right off the showroom floor. I believe 35 may be top dollar for this.

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  2. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Oh, why, WHY, is it always the right car at the wrong time, and on the wrong coast?! I’d love to have this one, even though I always thought that w/o the console shifter they looked odd. The transition between front and rear carpet being exposed looked unfinished. No mention given of its’ operating status oddly. GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Rw

      I’m not sure what coast Colorado is.

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      • RoadDog

        The Continental Divide, perhaps?

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      • Michael Berkemeier

        It’s just an excuse, commonly used by many (whom had no intention of buying the car anyway) but, just felt it necessary to give some explanation as to why. Perhaps, just to hear themselves talk?

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  3. Jay Martell

    Would like to own it.The car cover helped out the engine bay with the air cleaner and and battery looking clean.But does it atleast turn over.It should if it’s been in a garage for 40 years.Its a survivor and should be kept original as possible.IMO

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  4. Howie

    It has a $35k bid now, 8 days to go.

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  5. Marshall Belcher

    I love it when someone sits their car on a dusty road an then takes pictures an calls it a barn funny that people out there falls for it..

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Exactly! I’m fairly confident that they didn’t “find” anything…and, that they knew where it was the entire time, lol!

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  6. Michael Berkemeier

    Looking throught the pictures on eBay…those are some junk, incorrect “restoration” decals the guy wasted his money on. Those are horrible. This car is a survivor and needs NONE of those. Heck, the air cleaner instruction decal isn’t even correct, it’s for a 1972. Wow, toss those in the dumpster immediately.

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  7. Ted Cardin

    Strange optioned ‘Cuda…..Performance Axle but Column shifter? “Cuda Package but base single door mirror? “Chrome” Road wheels instead of the ‘Cuda standard Rallye wheels? I owned two 1972 ‘Cuda 340s, and they are great cars….hope this goes to a good home

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  8. Patrick

    We bought a 73 new that was equivalent to this cars equipment. Had the wide stripe but it was a late model year build. No console same wheels
    And same air cleaner top and vinyl roof.

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  9. jim

    column shifter no console was great girlfriend could get close

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  10. mr haney

    Big money, no way. I think half these cars have shill or family bids , never bring money like 68 to 71 The guy admits he suckered his friend telling him he would restore it, when he was only after the profit ! The smog ones are worth way less . like the GTX the other day $20K needs everything including rust repair They out there for around $40 k nice, You could not restore car for $20 k more, over priced ,but dealers try to get 2 times that !

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  11. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This is a treasure trove Mopar!! A true survivor with original mopar parts in the boxes. Unbelievable paperwork that comes with it. I just wish the seller wash it. If I had this car I would keep it as a survivor. Don’t paint it just wash it up detail wax it. The interior looks great except for that tear in the driver’s seat that always seems to happen on these models. It would be nice to know why the original owner didn’t order console shifter but left it as the standard on the column. I wouldn’t be surprised if this hits $40,000.. with the low mileage and the gauges look fantastic. This was well preserved. It’s just kind of weird how the paint faded in those places. I just hope the next owner appreciates what they have and keep it as a survivor. Good luck.. 🐻🇺🇸

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    • Purple sky

      YES! Do NOT turn this into some clone or whatever. One in a million find for a 1973. Not overly fond of any E body younger than a 1972 but being original with all it’s docs is totally awesome…

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  12. John

    Been living in Colorado since 86. Dry extremely dry state. It’s called high desert for a reason. Can’t see why paint on trunk in condition it’s in. Rust where did car come from. Cracked dash and ripped seat. Doesn’t seem like a car with 45k. But I can be wrong. But people are paying high prices these days. Back in 77 friends brother sold his 72 challenger with front end damage to it for $1500. Had a 383 magnum in it. Boy of we kept those cars.

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  13. Robert West

    This car got lucky. It wasn’t changed hands many times and those who did own it weren’t very motivated to work on it. The end result is that the original engine isn’t missing, or even removed! The seller is crazy opening at $35,000! When I see someone price a car out of reach it gives me the feeling that they *really* don’t want to let it go.

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  14. Howie

    Sold $39,600, 18 bids.

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