Cummins Turbo Diesel: 1991 Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge rocked the truck market in 1989, partnering with big rig engine maker Cummins to fit a long-haul trucker style turbo diesel engine in its Dodge Ram pickups. This 1991 Dodge Ram 2500 in Logan, Utah presents as a… more»

1 Of A Kind! 1975 Dodge Ram 3500 Mini Peterbilt

Customized cars and trucks sometimes fall into the same category as craft beers or aftermarket ringtones.  Every now and then, a brewer can figure out how to incorporate berries into the mix and it tastes OK, or some mom… more»

Like-New 1992 Dodge W250 Cummins 5-Speed

I’ll be honest: I’m not really into pickup trucks. Especially not the big American trucks; I like quirky little trucks. I do firmly believe, however, that there is a time and place for everything, and I know enough to… more»

Custom Cab: Cummins-Powered Volvo!

If you haven’t noticed, custom built trucks have become a thing. And I don’t mean a pickup truck with a lift kit and dually axle, I mean vehicles that were formerly reserved for commercial and/or industrial use now being… more»

Cummins-Swapped 1971 Scout 800B!

With the explosion in popularity (and price) of the first-generation Ford Bronco in the past few years, perhaps it is time that another similar classic gets some attention. The International Scout shares a lot of qualities that make the… more»

Cummins Turbo Diesel Equipped: 1989 Dodge Ram D250

This 1989 Dodge Ram D250 is equipped with a desirable Cummins turbo diesel powerplant, and the seller claims it runs well despite some lingering mechanical issues. The truck is located in Florida and in very solid condition, although the… more»

Cummins-Swapped Chevy: 1965 Chevrolet C-10

Regardless of generation, Chevrolet’s C-10 trucks are popular choices for customization by enthusiasts. However, it’s not every day that you see one with a turbocharged Cummins diesel engine under the hood, like this first-generation 1965 Chevrolet C-10 that’s available… more»

Serious School Bus: Cummins-Powered 1963 Dodge Power Wagon

For over 30 years, Dodge produced the Power Wagon, which was a series of four-wheel-drive trucks derived from the company’s military vehicles. Various companies offered conversions transforming the Power Wagon into stake body trucks, firetrucks, or even school buses…. more»

Ratty Rollback: Cummins-Swapped 1950 Ford COE

Making a road trip in a classic vehicle can be nerve-racking: there could be mechanical failures, inclement weather or roads, and of course, there’s always the general unpredictability of other drivers.  Towing a vehicle tends to be a good… more»

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