Massive Matchbox Collection For Sale!

We have featured a few diecast car collections over the years, but this could be the largest stash of Matchbox brand stuff we’ve ever seen! The owner has been collecting for over 30 years and everything appears to still… more»

Fast Finds

Happy 50th Birthday Hot Wheels!

If you like Barn Finds, then there’s a good chance you have owned a Hot Wheels or two. They are supposedly for kids, but I sure see a lot of old guys sifting through those blister packs at the supermarket!… more»

GIVEAWAY: Camaros From The Erickson Collection!

We are going to hold some giveaways over the next few weeks as a way to say thank you to our Supporting Members! This week we have three diecast Camaros that came from the amazing collection of the late… more»

Could This Hot Wheels Be Worth Six Figures?

The other day we featured a million dollar Hot Wheels collection and the star of the show was a rear loading Beach Bomb. That little diecast was worth more than a hundred grand, so you can imagine my excitement… more»

The Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection!

If you thought the stash of 30k model cars was insane, then you should take a look at this. Bruce Pascal estimates his collection to only number in the thousands (3,500), but that it’s worth over a million dollars!… more»

Diecast Barn: Fireball Roberts’ #22 1957 Chevrolet

With all the excitement generated by the story of the fellow who had over 30,000 diecast cars in his house, we decided to start offering a few miniatures of our own for sale here on Barn Finds. This 1:18… more»

Six Wheeled V-12 Gremlin With Original Paint!

Wow, look at this, six wheels, a V12 that’s half as long as the car, all wrapped up in a metallic candy blue AMC Gremlin! Must be some sort of prototype or something…what’s that? You say it’s only 2… more»