GIVEAWAY: Camaros From The Erickson Collection!

Jesse MortensenBy Jesse Mortensen

We are going to hold some giveaways over the next few weeks as a way to say thank you to our Supporting Members! This week we have three diecast Camaros that came from the amazing collection of the late Dennis Erickson. When Dennis passed away he left his home and its contents to his church. Just imagine the look on the Pastor’s face when he walked in and found over 30,000 little cars inside! A while after the story hit the news, the cars hit the market and we were lucky enough to win a few of them at auction. We are going to give away nine cars in total with each one going to a random member. There is no need to register for this giveaway, but you do need a membership to participate.

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  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I’m surprised this one didn’t receive any comments. Not even a single complaint?

  2. victor sanchez

    Well it could be an alternative fact LOL, love the cars as I am a proud owner of a 1969 Camaro Z/28 that me and a handfull of friends rebuilt here at home with the exception of paint, keep up the good work this is what starts my day. Victor

  3. RichS

    Not a Camaro fan, lol

    But very cool!

  4. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    I support the site that supports me! (and my illness…LOL)

  5. George

    I think I built a couple of those when I was a kid! Love it!

  6. Pete

    Go ahead and send me the black convertible. 🙂 I’ll send ya the 9 bucks after I get it. 🙂

  7. Kurt

    What I love about scale model cars is this: no oil changes, plate charges, salt covered roads (i.e. rust), accident insurance, storage costs and so forth.
    Nice to display, but the tiny parts like: mirrors and lights break off easily. So, that’s why display cases are made and sold.
    Love to have the real thing, but I can’t afford the warehouses or even the cars I really want (there are many).
    Not interested in Camaro’s.

  8. Rspcharger

    What scale are these? Perhaps a pic with a frame of reference.

  9. Bapid Member

    I have just recently started to collect camaro die cast cars they are great.


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