Restomod Ready? 1959 Divco Delivery Van

Every time I spy a Divco delivery van, I automatically think of the punk rock band, The Dead Milkmen. It’s a bit of an odd association but not entirely out of character – it’s hard to imagine a Divco… more»

1950? DIVCo Milk Truck Project

These old milk delivery trucks are super cool! DIVCo (Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company) are the folks behind a majority of these vintage rides. This particular one is a mystery year, so if you think you know what year it… more»

Milkman Special: 1965 Divco Delivery

These days the trucks used for household delivery are big and square and IMHO boring. This classic shorty multi-stop delivery truck built by the Detroit Industrial Vehicles Company (Divco) is the opposite. So much style and class, you can… more»

Milk Runner: 1956 Divco 374

If you haven’t been to a major car show lately, many people are now fixing up former commercial vehicles.  Milk trucks are especially hot right now.  What’s a milk truck you ask?  Well, if you are under 45 years… more»

Dairy Delivery: 1955 Divco Milk Truck

Imagine what it would have been like to be a milk man driving around in this Divco Milk Truck. It has obviously been many years since this truck delivered any milk, but this Divco is such a neat looking truck… more»

Got Milk? 1963 Divco Van

It’s doubtful that the milkmen or delivery boys who ran around in these ever though they would become collectible, but Divco vans have become “a thing” in the last five years or so. The styling is pleasing and they do… more»

Dare I Say The P-Word? 1951 Divco Milk Truck

This 1951 Divco milk truck is just begging to be put back on the road. It’s been stored in a warehouse for many years and still wears the livery of a long-closed Mount Forest, Ontario milk producer by the… more»

Pair Of Divco Trucks: Scrap Or Projects?

Those of us who are old enough remember the milkman delivering fresh dairy products right to your door early mornings surely remember trucks like these. This pair of old Divco milk trucks, years unknown, is sitting somewhere in a… more»

Delivery Duel: 1972 Divco VS 1954 Chevy

There’s a part of me that’s sad to hear Amazon is potentially making use of drones for faster package delivery. Sure, it’ll be great to get our orders almost instantly, but it pushes us further away from the days… more»

1967 Divco: Ice Cream Truck

Spring has come fast here in Boise, as I type this it is 75 degrees out. While it’s great for some top down driving, it has been a quick adjustment and my body apparently isn’t ready to acclimate to this… more»

Bolgos Farms Dairy Truck: 1960 Divco 134 Delivery

I keep coming across these old Divco Milk trucks and I just can’t get enough of them! They are unusual, yet iconic. Whether you grew up when these were still in service or have only seen them in movies… more»

1961 Divco Milk Truck Needs Rescuing

There was a time when men were men, milk was delivered to your door step, and people held the door for each other. Alright so not all those things are extinct, but chances are you can’t get your milk… more»