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Bolgos Farms Dairy Truck: 1960 Divco 134 Delivery

1960 Divco 134

I keep coming across these old Divco Milk trucks and I just can’t get enough of them! They are unusual, yet iconic. Whether you grew up when these were still in service or have only seen them in movies and old advertisements, you just can’t help but smile every time you see one! This one is rough, making it hard to fully appreciate its lines and curves, but at the same time the patina gives it incredible character. Whether you’ve been looking for a project or need parts for an ongoing one, this might be worth taking a look at. It can be found here on eBay out of Horton, Michigan with bidding at $2k.

Bolgos Farm Divco Truck

Divco or Detroit Industrial Vehicles Company has a long standing history of building delivery trucks, with many being used as milk trucks. This truck apparently spent its working years delivering dairy products for Bolgos Farms in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The seller claims it isn’t refrigerated, so either it was loaded with ice to keep all that milk and ice cream cold or the seller means it is no longer refrigerated. It’s a short wheelbase with the sit or stand feature, making it a rather rare truck. Sadly, it is extremely rusty and will need many of the body panels repaired or replaced. It would be sad to lose all that amazing patina, but unless the truck is more structurally sound than it looks, it will likely lose this rough and rugged look.

Divco Milk Truck

Most delivery trucks are boring boxes but somehow these old Divcos just grab your attention. This one’s patina and old logos are especially eye catching, so hopefully the next owner can find a way to preserve as much of the look and history as possible. I would hate to see it parted out or crushed, but if someone doesn’t save it soon, that is likely to be its fate. So would you attempt to save this Divco or is it just too far gone?


  1. Andrew Minney

    Forget the Volvo – buy this.
    I love these DIVCO vans!

    Andrew in England

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  2. Mike D

    my parents had home delivery back in the early/mid 60s by Henderson’s Dairy. It had the stand/sit feature. I don’t know if any of them were refrigerated , but, there was always water from the melting ice dripping out of the truck. seems like I remember it leaving in a puff of blue smoke. it was beat back then, faded paint, rust, small dings and dents. this one may be savable if you have deep pockets and a lot of ambition

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  3. Neil MacDonald

    I had the privilege of driving one of these for 6 years in the 1960’s for Grant’s Dairy in Bangor Maine. One of the ones I drove was very similar to the one in the pictures and had all the various controls that are pictured. Even today I can still feel all the controls on them. They were an awesome vehicle to deliver out of for home delivery.

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  4. Koolpenguin

    I love these things. This is my favorite reincarnation of a Divco truck–a beautiful ice cream truck that came up for sale in Michigan several years ago.

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  5. zero250 jeff steindler

    I believe this Divco milk truck is designed to be driven STANDING UP !!!!!!!

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  6. Neil MacDonald

    Most Divco’s could be driven either way, sitting down or standing up. I never saw any that were stand up only. I’ve driven several and was around many many more of them.

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  7. Rob

    I am sorry that I don’t have a photo of my friends Divco. (I don’t believe they were meant to be driven standing up as they didn’t have hand controls) In 1973 he bought one. We thought what are you going to do with THAT! Well he put in some beds bench seats a stove and sink. It had plenty of room left and (we) could stand up in the back. This was the “bus” that VW didn’t make. The four of us often headed out to Long Beach (Vancouver Island) and up to Kelowna, Ashcroft, Penticton with our tents for us as he slept in the “hotel”. While driving we took turns, (big change for me usually driving my GT6) someone would always say “hey look at that” we would all crowd to the front to see what was up. He decided that a bubble window was needed and quickly installed a plexiglass x-aircraft one…on the roof. It was great fun. The second summer a 390 V8 was installed. It would pass all the sports cars going up the hills. Lots of great memories.

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  8. gunningbar

    What a great truck…sad it needs so much work…I see this sort of truck at vintage motorcycle races…perfect for that.

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  9. Carlos in San Diego

    Here’s what someone did with one of these in Central California

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  10. Carlos in San Diego

    Hoping the photo posts…

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  11. Mike B.

    I just saw this. My wife’s father, Dean Bolgos & his brother, Zina, owned the dairy. They had their own herd of milkers but took in milk from other dairies and made many products, most notably, Dutch custard ice cream. Many who lived in Ann Arbor at the time remember Bolgos ice cream. My parents used to take us to the Bolgos Dairy Store for ice cream. It was all long gone by the time I met my wife although her brother, Bill, produced the ice cream again later for a while. If I had lots of spare cash I would buy the truck & have it restored. We like going to classic car shows & I don’t remember seeing a truck like that.

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