Dodge Dart

Custom Or Hotrod? 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer

This is a 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer! It doesn’t look much like one but that’s how it started life before someone with an imagination and some pretty stout skills got a hold of it. There’s a whole lot going… more»

Rare 273/4-Speed! 1967 Dodge Dart GT

Too bad this 1967 Dart GT is on the other side of the country, it’s one that I would like to see up close and personal! As I stated in this 1968 Dart write-up about a month ago, the… more»

Sweet Survivor: 1968 Dodge Dart GT

Were there always this many nice, original survivor cars out there? I guess, there probably were but we just see them more often now with the internet at our fingertips compared to two or three decades ago when we… more»

Showroom Find: 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340

In a sea of Road Runners, Chargers, and ‘Cudas, the Dodge Dart gets short shrift – how unfortunate! The 1967 redesign put the Dart on an entirely new plane and the ’68 GTS version with Mopar’s new 340 CI… more»

Rust-Free California Car: 1967 Dodge Dart

For those of you who aren’t into cars with four doors, this one isn’t for you. For the rest of us, we bring you this beautiful California car, a rust-free 1967 Dodge Dart with, gasp, four doors! The seller… more»

Rust-Free Survivor: 1976 Dodge Dart

The fourth and last generation Dodge Dart was made for a decade, ending with this 1976 Dodge Dart. Well, not this exact one but you know what I mean. The seller has this preserved beauty listed here on eBay… more»

BF Classified: 1962 Dodge Dart

Here is a first-year example of ChryCo’s “down-sized” Dodge B-platform offering in the form of a Dart. While it is not stated specifically, this car appears to be a 330 trim level but let’s take a close look at… more»

Low Mileage Time Capsule: 1974 Dodge Dart

It seems as if certain cars were destined to be collectible and their owners/caretakers knew it long ago. This applies to classics from the depression era but muscle cars from the ’60s figure heavily in this category too. Others… more»

Dirt Cheap Dart: 1974 Dodge Dart Custom

These days, finding classic vehicles for under $1000 is wishful thinking, and if you are lucky enough to find something that cheap, it often tends to be a gamble. However, Barn Finds reader Jack M. came across this 1974… more»

Cheap Swinger? 1970 Dodge Dart For $2,800

Looking like a very nice project car, this 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger has a few issues related to the dreaded rust scourge that so many of us have dealt with our whole lives. It sure looks good in the… more»

Clean 1973 Dodge Dart With V8 Power!

As the proud former owner of at least five Dodge Darts, I feel qualified to write about this one—even though mine all had the ultra-reliable 225-cubic-inch slant six and this splendid 1973 example is powered by Chrysler’s also-reliable 318-cubic-inch… more»

1 of 47 With 360 V8! 1974 Dodge Dart Hang 10

Dodge had several special editions for the Dart in the 1970s and this 1974 Dodge Dart Hang 10 edition is the nicest one that I have ever seen. It also has a rare engine option which gives it even… more»

1972 Dodge Dart Swinger Barn Find

Update 3/16/20 – This one got bid up to $2,325 but has been relisted here on eBay again for some reason. From 2/29/20 – This 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger is fairly similar to one that a friend of mine… more»

67k Original Miles? 1970 Dodge Dart

The seller of this 1970 Dodge Dart bought a Corvette and now one of them has to go. Sooooooo… you can find this Dart here on eBay in Camden-Wyoming, Delaware. The current bid price is $2,550 and there is… more»

Lots Of Potential? 1967 Dodge Dart

I was always a Chevy guy growing up but paid grudgingly admiration to Mopar because of their power and the select styling on some of their models. And one of my all-time favorite models is the ’67 to ’69… more»

No Reserve: 1972 Dodge Dart Garage Find

This 1972 Dodge Dart is a fantastic garage find at a great price. For a current bid price of $3,650, you can take this green Dart home. Only 9 bidders have tossed their money in and no reserve is… more»