Rust-Free California Car: 1967 Dodge Dart

For those of you who aren’t into cars with four doors, this one isn’t for you. For the rest of us, we bring you this beautiful California car, a rust-free 1967 Dodge Dart with, gasp, four doors! The seller has this one listed here on eBay in Santa Maria, California and there is a $7,200 buy-it-now price or you can make an offer. This is one sharp Dart!

By the beard of Zeus, this car is beautiful! The seller is only the second owner of this car which they describe as having no rust, no Bondo, and no accidents. It was bought locally there in California and they say that it has factory undercoating on it. Disclaimer: they say that it has new paint. That takes a bit of the wind out of my sails, but it looks like a nice job.

The fourth and last-generation Dodge Dart – at least before the Fiat era – was made from 1967 to 1976. I have a thing for these cars, especially in four-door sedan form as maybe my favorite job of all time was parking and washing cars in a four-level heated medical building parking garage and there were a few older folks who drove them. It seems like most of them were green. The cars, I mean.

The seats appear to have been reupholstered or at least have seat covers over the original seats? It’s unfortunate and actually, the seller doesn’t mention the seat covers being new but they list quite a few things that are new, such as the dash cap (shouldn’t it be tan?), carpet, headliner, armrests, package tray, stereo, etc. So, almost everything inside is new and it has new paint. My world is crushed, I assumed that it was all original.

In any case, it’s still one heck of a nice looking car and the engine compartment doesn’t disappoint. This is a 225 slant-six, leaning-tower-of-power which would have had around 145 horsepower and it’s backed up by a three-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. They say that it’s a strong runner and it sure is one sharp dart. Any thoughts about this Dart?


  1. alphasud Member

    That car is beautiful and I don’t care that it has 4 doors. The fact that most of the 4 doors were not saved makes this one more special in my book. I think the price is vary fair based on condition and I bet it doesn’t last long.

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  2. angliagt angliagt

    And it’s gone….

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Love it.

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  4. Mark

    I had a green one for a short while in 1985, as I was going through a financial reversal. Got mine for $700.

    The slant 6 is not bulletproof. The oil pump failed on mine and spun a bearing

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    • Skorzeny

      If this had a 318 I’d love it. I am NO fan of the slant.

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    • Chris M.

      That’s a rare event with a /6. They are pretty damn reliable.

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    • John W. Lattie

      That is very unusual for a slant 6.

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  5. Mark

    I had one in 1985. Green. I was having financial problems. Got it for $700.

    The slant 6 is usually bulletproof. Mine had an oil pump failure and spun a bearing.

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    • JonArd

      Buddy had one in high school in the late ’60s – he called it the “fart” …

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  6. Ken Carney

    Sure would’ve loved to have this one! With all that going for it,
    what more would you really want? Room for the family, dependability, and so much more. Someone just got the buy of
    a lifetime. Too bad you can’t find ’em that nice here in Florida
    though, as most all the really affordable care are long gone.

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  7. George Louis

    The interior of this car is disappointing at best. The 225 six cylinder engine appears to be a replacement engine as the proper engine color for 1967 is RED. Would have been nice if we could see pictures of the trunk and to know where this vehicle was built? Where is the windshield washer reservoir? Los Angeles or Hamtramck? Car probably sold new for $3100.00 in “67.

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  8. Major Thom

    Not that it matters now as car is sold, but that black dash cap looks like one of those cheap hard plastic ones (that come in any color as long as it’s black) which seller slapped over the probably well-cracked original padded dash.

    Had a ’67 Dart 2 door with same powertrain eons ago. Reliable but utterly underwhelming to drive.

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  9. William R McDonald

    I love that body style and the color is unusual. I haven’t seen many that color! I would have jumped all over that one!!!!!!!!

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    • Paul v

      Sold in Australia as a Chysler Valiant VE model… won car of the year in 1968

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  10. Howard A Member

    I know I’m in the minority here, but life should be so simple again, that we all drive ’67 Dodge Darts, I mean, look at it, a child could handle it. These cars got the worst neglect. They were generally the “2nd” car that mom drove, and maintenance was non-existent. While no motor is bulletproof ( my ex-wife proved that) the Slanty was about the toughest, and was used in everything until the late 90’s. 40 years is quite a run for any motor. This, I don’t think is unbelievably rare, I think there are still plenty that have yet to be found, but just a fantastic find, I’m impressed.

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  11. Cold340t

    Great parts donor for 273bbl 4sp/auto car. You know something actually rare @2800 combined. And worth preserving. That’s all it is.

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  12. Kevin

    Nice car,would be a miserly daily driver, but I can’t see paying that for a car I could get any day of the week for a few hundred bucks in the 80s.maybe I’m still a little stuck there…lol

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  13. Maestro1 Member

    I’m with Howard on this one. I have no room. Someone jump on this car.

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  14. Tort Member

    Not a fan of 4 doors on a car to build a hot rod, muscle car or one to drag race but for taking out for drives and enjoying the day I like it.

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  15. Claudio

    There are simply too many car choices in this price range to choose this one ! Boring drive , horrible handling , braking , no acceleration, am radio , nope not for me , i hate hyundai accents but would still be better that this 4 door horror

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    • S

      Oh please, you cannot possibly know what you’re talking about!!
      These are excellent cars! Have you even ever driven one??

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      • Claudio

        Actually i have
        And it was sooo boring

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    • Howard A Member

      See, that’s what we’ve become, a car like this is just too boring for younger generations. They’ve grown accustomed to living room interiors and never open the hood, and don’t realize, this was from a time when just rolling down the road in ANYTHING, with Wolfman Jack on the AM radio, believe it or not, it was good enough. Just as a side note, Claudio, I wouldn’t poo-poo these cars too much, one like it probably got your mom to the hospital.

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      • Claudio

        Well my dad was not a mopar man but we had a black and white tube tv on legs and rabbit ears and i wouldn’t want to trade it for my 55 inch , cinema like flatscreen and we wouldn’t be communicating through barn find if you still used your vic20 from tandy !
        If you love the old tv and old computers and stuff , well good for you but i have moved on to better things …and i had not joy with these ugly cars when they were new and certainly cant now

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    • bone

      Why did you even comment on a car like this ? Its not going to be anything like a newer car with over 50 years of technology added in , so why compare the two ? This was just basic transportation back then and it did its job , like Beetles, Falcons, Chevy IIs ,etc . You wanted more power or a better ride, you bought something better IF you could afford it ! As long as you’re hating on the Darts lack of refinements , compare it to a car built 50 years earlier – all the things you listed as bad on the Dart would be much worse , plus you wont have nice things like side windows, auto transmissions, radios and heaters. Compared to those cars, this car looks like a gem !

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      • Claudio

        My comment is my opinion , do i need to say more ?!now and then ; there were better options than this and if you read what i wrote , it said for that amount of money , i would ratter drive a hyundai wich is another boring car , i have always been a car lover but it needs to have something to love and enjoy !

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  16. Glenn C. Schwass Member

    My buddy had a tan one but the seats were different. His engine was red in his 67. His got stolen at the Exton Square Mall. It was trashed when they found it.
    He replaced it with a 71 Dart. This still brings back memories from 1980 or so. Mind blown.

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  17. George Louis

    I had purchased used in 1978 a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda 2 door coupe. I paid $1200.00 for this car It had a 225 six cylinder , automatic transmission, fold down center arm rest seat in black vinyl interior. Car had a vinyl top and a performance vacuum gauge. Vehicle had 29.000 miles on it and I drove it until 1982 and sold it when I had 70,000 miles. How I regret that I sold it to a friend who wanted it for his nephew. This kid did not know what he had and did his VERY BEST to tear up the car. He hit everything that could not get out off his way, it was heart breaking to see what this kid did to this beloved fish. Darts , Valiants , Barracudas, and Scamps from this era were GEMS!!!!!

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    • local_sheriff

      George; such a horrible story and a stupid kid – sadly I’ve heard of numerous similar cases before.
      Consequently I’ve always suggested any first time drivers PAY FOR THEIR OWN CAR, with their OWN MONEY!!! Same goes for tires, insurance and maintenance – so that they get a personal experience with the value of hard-earned cash

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  18. James Martin

    My first car. Me and my brother payed 50 dollars each. Drove it for 2 years. Until I got my 69 chevell concurs

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  19. Steve S.

    I’d drop in a healthy 340 and leave the rest of it looking stock.

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    • Kevin

      That would make it a real hoot to drive,or a 440,727,8.75,and make a sleeper 1/4 mile

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    • Robt

      For me I’d add a 4 spd to that 340, and suspension and brake upgrades.

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  20. Tom

    This year dart in 4 door was my first car bought it as a roller for 25.00. Two weeks later a wind storm rolled through norther pa and a hug tree fell on a 66 barracuda with a 226 slant 6. Bought for 35.00.

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  21. Greg

    I have a similar one except in dark blue with a manual column shift trans.Not nearly as nice but it’s a great runner.I bought it for parts for a couple other 67 Darts I have but it’s probably too good to part out and kinda cool with the standard trans.I’ll probably keep it together and use it for a questionalbe weather cruiser.

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  22. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this Dart sold for $7,200.

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