Rare Find: 1926 Durant Star 4 Coupster

You don’t see a nearly 100-year-old car every day – and when you do – you don’t likely see one named Durant. Durant Motors was a 1920s and 1930s automobile manufacturer started by William Durant, one of the founders… more»

1928 Durant Star M2 Coupe Survivor

They surely don’t make them like they used to. Sifting through the photos of this 1928 Durant M2 Coupe is like looking into a time machine. The starting bid price is $7,500 and it is located in Saline, Michigan…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1928 Durant M2 sedan

This Durant M2 has been with Gregg’s family since 1963, prior to that it was still with the original owner! Gregg’s father had planned to one day restore it, but unfortunately, he was never able to get to it…. more»

Tales From The Crypt: 1927 Durant Star

Most people have never heard of Billy Durant.  His influence in the automobile industry, however, is still with us today.  Durant was the man who founded General Motors, and designed the brand system that the company uses today.  Unfortunately,… more»

93 Year Old Survivor: 1923 Durant Star Touring

They just don’t build them the way they use to! I honestly can’t think of a single car being built today that will look as good as this Durant does after 93 years. I mean look at this thing!… more»

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