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93 Year Old Survivor: 1923 Durant Star Touring

1923 Durant Star

They just don’t build them the way they use to! I honestly can’t think of a single car being built today that will look as good as this Durant does after 93 years. I mean look at this thing! You wouldn’t think it’s 93 years old based solely on condition. The seller admits that they can’t confirm that everything is original, but even if some bits and pieces have been updated over the years, the fact that this car still runs and drives nicely is impressive. You can find this clean Durant here on eBay with an opening price of $12,500 in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.

1923 Durant

I imagine getting a prewar car like this running again is actually a pretty simple procedure, as long as the engine isn’t seized or damaged. They were pretty basic cars and gasoline back even just 20 years ago lacked all the additives that modern fuel does, so things are less likely to be gunked up or damaged. I’ll admit, I have my doubts as to how original this car is, but these were extremely well built cars, so it is possible. I would love to spend an afternoon going over this car, just to see how it is put together and how things have fared over the years! So, can you think of any modern cars that will still look this good in 90 year


  1. Avatar photo John Karlsson

    I remember as a kid in San Angelo, TX, in 1957 drooling over one of these at a used car lot. It was priced at $150.

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  2. Avatar photo grant

    Maybe I’m off base, but I would think that NEWER blends of fuel, WITH the detergents and additives would be less prone to gumming than the older blends.

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  3. Avatar photo Leroy

    My Dad used to talk about having a Star when he was young. Would it have been something like this or was there another car called a Star?

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    • Avatar photo Ed P

      Star was a brand name used by Durant Motors along with others. This company was founded by W C Durant who founded and nearly bankrupted General Motors. Durant Motors was in business during the 1920’s. I believe it finally died in 1931. After making several fortunes in the auto business, Durant died broke.

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    • Avatar photo Karl Foster Member

      In the ’20’s, there was only one Star and it was built by Durant. BTW, I am the owner of this one and it still runs great.

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  4. Avatar photo fred

    It’s the added ethanol that turns to jelly . Old gasoline was OK for a very long time, especially if the air seal was tight.

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  5. Avatar photo crazydave

    Older gas used to become varnish. Newer blends just seem to turn into something non-combustible.

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  6. Avatar photo Ed P

    Stabil is a gas preservative. I strongly recommend using it or the equivalent in any gas that is not going to be used quickly.

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  7. Avatar photo Charles

    Cool looking car. Even if the engine is seized, how difficult can it be to rebuild it? I like the side curtains. Surely many cars of this era had them, but how often does one see them?

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    • Avatar photo Karl Foster Member

      The side curtains and the top are original.

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