4X4 Wagon: 1984 AMC Eagle

You gotta give American Motors credit for trying. There were always cooking up something different than the competition. A case-in-point is the Eagle, the only 4-wheel-drive passenger car produced in the U.S. at the time. It was based on… more»

Cutting Loose a Rare Orphan: 1981 AMC Eagle Kammback

In the late 1970s, American Motors Corporation was clinging to life based on just a couple of brands. It had Jeep, of course, and the Hornet (Spirit, Concord) platform. But the oil crisis nearly killed Jeep. Gerald Meyers, then-CEO,… more»

Rare 4×4: 1981 AMC Eagle Kammback 4-Speed

With just over six thousand of them having been produced over a two-year period, AMC’s unusual Eagle Kammback is the rarest of their Eagle 4×4 models. Yes, they were based on the former Gremlin body, your eyes aren’t deceiving… more»

4WD Survivor: 1981 AMC Eagle SX4

American Motors was constantly trying to be different to stay relevant. They would conjure up cars that the competitors hadn’t yet figured out, like the Eagle. Based on the Hornet/Concord, the Eagle was a compact four-wheel-drive passenger car built… more»

Early “Crossover”: 1984 AMC Eagle

American Motors rolled the dice (once again) in the 1980s and came up with the Eagle, a 4X4 family car that would be considered a “crossover” 30 years later. The Eagle combined the comfort of an automobile with the… more»

4X4 Survivor: 1987 AMC Eagle

Always operating in the shadows of the Big 3 U.S. automakers, American Motors was willing to try things new and different. Case-in-point is the AMC Eagle, which was a four-wheel-drive vehicle built by the company from 1980 to 88… more»

No Reserve AWD: AMC Eagle SX/4 DL

Today, it is common to find manufacturers rolling passenger cars off their production lines with All-Wheel-Drive capabilities. Companies like Subaru and Mitsubishi have made such drivetrains legendary with their respective WRX and Evo models. However, vehicles like the Toyota… more»

56K-Mile 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 5-Speed

When was the last time that you saw a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 5-speed hatchback? A decade? Two decades? Never? I bet most folks are in the never category and it’s been at least two decades for me,… more»

Family 4×4: 1986 AMC Eagle Wagon Limited

Buyers seemed to have had many more choices in previous decades, especially car buyers. Today, you can basically get an SUV which is most likely your choice, or a pickup, usually with four doors, of course, or a regular… more»

Spotless Survivor: 1983 AMC Eagle SX/4

I’ve talked in previous articles about my admiration for AMC and how they could produce some great cars on a limited budget. As the 1970s rolled into the 1980s, the company’s financial position was a long way from healthy,… more»

Same Owner 30 Years: 1983 AMC Eagle SX/4

There are a lot of small cars being made today but there aren’t many small two-door cars. I can’t think of a small two-door car with 4WD being made today but I’m sure there will be a few folks… more»

4X4 Barn Find: 1982 AMC Eagle

Although American Motors didn’t have the financial resources as the “Big Three,” it could always be counted upon to produce something unusual from its existing parts bin. Case-in-point is the 1980s Eagle, the only four-wheel-drive passenger car built in… more»

American Motors Collection Up For Auction!

  Those of us who remember American Motors Corporation will recall names like Gremlin, Javelin, Matador, Pacer and Rambler… and even if you aren’t a fan of their work, you’ll appreciate the excellent condition of this collection, up for… more»

4X4 Project: 1983 AMC Eagle SX/4

You have to hand it to American Motors. They were always willing to take a chance on doing some different in hopes of it catching on. In the late 1970s, they took the aging Concord (aka Hornet) and added… more»

Simply Amazing: Low-Mile 1984 AMC Eagle 4×4 Wagon

Am I the only person who wishes that AMC still existed? I have always had a genuine soft spot for this manufacturer because while some of their cars were not the prettiest on the planet, they produced some exciting… more»

One Owner 4×4: 1986 AMC Eagle Sedan

We don’t see Eagle sedans as often as Eagle wagons here at Barn Finds, but we’ve seen two of them in the last year or so. It’s not as much of a novelty or luxury to have AWD in… more»