Cheap Longroof: 1981 AMC Eagle 4×4 Wagon

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The seller refers to this 1981 AMC Eagle Wagon as being in fair to good condition, and there is some interior work to do, but it looks pretty solid from what we can see in the photos. That being said, they are craigslist photos and they were all verticals in a small size, so it’s hard to tell. They have it posted here on craigslist in La Pine, Oregon and they’re asking $3,00o or best offer. Here is the original listing, and thanks to Pat L. for sending in this tip!

Less than three grand for a 4×4 Eagle Wagon that looks this nice?! How is this car still for sale? AMC offered the AMC Eagle wagon from late-1979 for the 1980 model year until 1987. Wait, wait, good catch! A lot of you know that Eagle offered the 4×4 wagon in the 1988 model year, too, but not under AMC as Chrysler had taken over so they were known as the Eagle Wagon.

I still don’t see any glaring issues with the exterior, do you? JC Whitney downturned chrome exhaust tip: check. Split tennis ball trailer hitch ball cover: check. I love the “Keep An Eye Out For Motorcycles” bumper sticker, which is actually on the top of the hatchback glass rather than the bumper. Nice touch, and yes, please do.

Here’s where things get a little sticky, the interior is in much worse condition than I ever would have guessed for a car that I’m presuming is from Oregon. We don’t get to see what the actual seats look like, and I’m not sure why anyone would show this otherwise nice-looking car with those ripped seat covers in place unless the vinyl under them is even worse. This is always my favorite area for vehicles because they typically don’t get sunburnt as they do in the Southwest, and they typically don’t rust (as much) as in the upper Midwest or Northeast. You can see from the somewhat limited interior photos that there are some needs here. But hey, this car has a four-speed manual, so there’s that!

The engine is reportedly a six-cylinder, which would make it an AMC 258 OHV inline-six with 110 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. That four-speed manual will help. It’s a classic early-1980s tangle of hoses and wires and the seller, who is apparently selling the car for a friend, says that it’s the owner’s daily driver so it must run well. This seems like a steal to me at $3,000 or offer, how about you?

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  1. Bob Wright

    I always like the Eagles. Seems to be a good buy

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    • TO

      There’s are reasons AMC isn’t around anymore. This is one of them.

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      • Peter Pasqualini

        Any station wagon with a 4 speed manual is pretty cool. It’s a shame it’s not a 2 door

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  2. Troy

    I always thought these cars were strange a 4X4 car who would have thought of such a thing. Fast forward to now Subaru took that ball and ran with it and have become successful with the all wheel drive system. Yes I know there is a big difference between 4wd and all wheel drive. With good tires this thing can get up in the hills and pull the stuck Subarus out. Wonder if Matt’s off road recovery needs another project.

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  3. Bill West

    See what #2 condition Eagles are commanding on Hemmings, this is a good buy!

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  4. CJM

    Super Rare Eagle having both the Sport package and the manual transmisison! worth buying if its not rotted out.

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  5. Robt

    Wish I was in the market. Would love to have this.

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  6. BA

    Beyond the engine compartment taken over by a bundle of snakes & the interior looking like a Freddy Kruger nightmare or worse how did the exterior of this car remain so nice?

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  7. chrlsful

    this is one of the few to have. Selection is thin but: best engine, not sure on the quadratrac or whatever is used. I think the late models were better engineered. Has the 4 speed. SW model, not much more to ask for in these. I’d go for it. (might swap in whatever OD auto is amc/chrysler’s for the i6 as it’d B my DD).

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  8. DJS

    These and the Pontiac Aztec, though they were then and since scoffed at for being ugly and weird, are the original and second prequel to the current craze of all-purpose crossovers. I had fun shuttling new ones among other stuff for Hertz as a side job when I was in the Air Force in a tourist area back in the day. I’m very tempted right now!

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