51k Mile Survivor: 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

I love nothing more than to slip behind the wheel of some classic high-performance car and be allowed to appreciate impressive levels of acceleration or handling. However, maybe I’m showing my age a bit because I feel some real… more»

Fresh Paint: 1967 Cadillac Eldorado

This 1967 Cadillac Eldorado has spent its entire life in California. This has allowed it to remain rust-free. It received a bit of a cosmetic refresh last year, and now it presents exceptionally well. If you like your classics… more»

The Lincoln Of RVs! 1987 Eldorado Starfire

Full of Glam Metal and Big Hair, the 1980s idolized excess. Right out of an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous comes this 1987 Eldorado Starfire RV in Anchorage, Alaska. From the Lincoln-esque grille to the disco-light… more»

Resting Ragtop: 1975 Cadillac Eldorado

This resting ragtop 1975 Cadillac Eldorado convertible has been sitting for years, according to the seller, but it runs and drives and the top works. It’s a big car so you’d better have a big garage to work on… more»

46K Miles: 1978 Cadillac Eldorado

At almost 19-feet in length and the height of American luxury cars at the time, this 1978 Cadillac Eldorado was and still is large and in charge and it’s one beautiful car. This amazing luxury car can be found… more»

53 Years In Storage: 1957 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible

Talk about a car we don’t see every day, this is truly a rare find among rare finds! Only about 1,800 of these were ever made, and this one can be yours if you make a deal through this… more»

BF AUCTION: 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Reader John O’s father bought this Eldorado Convertible to fix up. He got some work done to it but never had the time to finish it. As you can see, it’s going to need the front end put back… more»

1985 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe With 979 Miles!

Finding a classic car that is a low-mileage example is never a bad thing, but if you fancy the idea of owning a 1985 Cadillac Eldorado that is essentially brand new, then this is a car that is seriously… more»

Parked In 1971: 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Hidden away in this garage since 1971 is a car that has generated more than its fair share of interest since it has emerged into the light of day. It is an extremely solid, one-owner 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

UPDATE 7/25/2019 – James just sent over additional photos of his Cadillac, so take another look at this beautiful Eldorado! FROM 7/22/2019 – This big drop top Cadillac is one beautiful machine. After being parked for the past 10… more»

Super Rare 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Station Wagon

Update 7/24/19 – This rare Cadillac wagon has resurfaced here on eBay. We aren’t sure if it changed hands, but it’s still in New York. It’ll be interesting to see what it gets bid up to. From 1/1/19 –… more»

Project Land Yacht: 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

The owner of this 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz refers to this car as coming from the final year of the “land yacht” era, which when you consider that the car is over 18′ long and weighs in at 4,900lbs,… more»

Parked for 10 Years: 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

After sitting in a garage for around 10-years, this 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible has been dragged back out into the light of day. Barn Finder Ikey H spotted the Cadillac for us, so thank you so much for that… more»

19k Genuine Miles: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Having spent its life kept in a garage, and with a claimed 19,000 genuine miles on the odometer, this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible appears to be in very impressive condition. With Summer heading our way, this would represent a… more»

Movie Star: 1996 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

When the final cars rolled off the production line in 1985, it looked like the world had said goodbye to the Cadillac Eldorado Convertible for good. However, there were people with other ideas, and a few of them made… more»

World’s Longest Limo! 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

And I thought that my 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe was long at 18.5-feet, this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado limo, American Dream, is 100-feet long! That’s 5 1/2 Lincolns! This behemoth can be found here on eBay in Baldwin, New York… more»