Metal-Bodied Buggy: 1966 VW / Empi Sportster

A bit odd-looking by modern standards, this VW Empi Sportster was quite popular in its day. It still turns heads, and is listed for sale here on craigslist in Santa Paula, California, at an affordable $5500 asking price. Big… more»

Beach Cruiser: 1960 EMPI Sportster

Sometimes it is a case of from the smallest of seeds a mighty tree will grow. That was the case with EMPI, or European Motor Products, Incorporated (later, Engineered Motor Parts, Incorporated). The company’s history is quite complex, but… more»

On Road or Off: 1971 Empi Sportster

Dune buggy kits are not hard to find, but genuine Empi builds are generally more desired by purveyors of these VW-powered on- and off-roaders. This 1971 example is a Southern California survivor, with a dry chassis and only some… more»